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  1. your link is broken or the domain is expired
  2. Bump. Our CO is CinC and our website is up and running but slightly still under development, should be running within a week forum wise and with all the bells and whistles AFRIKA KORPS
  3. I'm pretty sure they are NVidia Settings people minimize to get better performance. No one kills as many processes or useless programs than me from the task manager. Hell, I used to be able to kill everything even the Explorer which usually would crash Windows during the great Windows 98 era to get peak performance out of my rig.
  4. Corsair Neutron Series GTX 2.5" 120GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive - It's an alright HD Just lack more storage room.
  5. I've got a pretty decent rig yet cannot break 40-50 FPS, yet my rig should be able to be way over 100+ FPS, how are some of you achieving this? MSI N770 Lightning GeForce GTX 770 i5 3570K - I do have an i7 3770K (not installed) but I doubt it's my processor causing my lower Frame Rate.
  6. Yea the 91st is a good choice, very strong
  7. You know your more than welcome in AK buddy. Let me now
  8. Buy a house on the beach. Retire young, Travel the world. Oh wait your talking about this game, lol. Two words, Game Engine
  9. The game is popping brother, join in the fun. There's always people to kill HC on both sides is still very much involved within the game as much as possible. Great leadership from the top, down to the playerbase. The HC Reserve program has brought tons of new HC officer's into the game recently. Battles and rolls have come from both sides recently and shows a nice healthy population. You have many people with multiple accounts so they can tow or do others things like run fru's and play defense with the other account. And the best part of it all, Squads and linking up with people to tear sh!t up. Have you enlisted back?
  10. I'm bored at work and was looking to change the saying "Junior Officer" from under my name to something else. How do you change this? I was told we need to email someone who had access to change it, yet I see brand new players already about to change their name.