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  1. lol The playerbase wants to be entertained, when they are having fun they stay when they don't they leave. Winners keep rolling the map while the losers simply rage quit. What you have now is MoiC's who many times don't even have a clue on how to run the map yet alone give entertainment value to the playerbase. They don't work with players or squads in new AO's they lay AO's without FRU's up hell I've seen alot of times AO's left up for HOURS on END with no FB to it and you expect people to be entertained? The simple solution is to give what players want when they log in and that is entertainment. This game goes against all traditional games mostly where you have to sacrifice your time and be patient to be rewarded and in the gaming industry currently people are not patient nor do they want to put in the hard work doing the dirty jobs that need to be done to win. If pop is a problem it's easily solved with savvy players knowing how to stop the overpop sides momentum. Go blow the FB to their P1, guard multiple caps at once by running to each one checking it and clearing them out, do a mole op on a town to pull attackers back on defense. There are many solutions to the problem but people need to put in the effort. G.
  2. my question wasn't answered, can you mess with RDP timers to make them longer to repair? if we can test it out in a campaign that would be nice so we can give feedback on it
  3. Its the same as the fg42 and reason why i placed the fg under tier3 but i feel if this was tier3 i would rather see the panzerfaust, the GG/P 40 would be tier1 but to paras only. Isn't the VB ingame for the french right now? i wouldnt mind seeing two type of french grenadiers if thats the case im choosing performance because i picked the Gew.Pz.Gr.Grosse or panzerfaust
  4. scout planes can trigger special mission when finding certain facility's, one mission i can think up with is "attacking radar stations" you find one place a attack mission on it blow it up take out aws in a general area for a few hours im sure people here can think of a dozen more type of missions
  5. i would like to see this
  6. wasn't bashing it, i loved it lol
  7. greatest feature ever!!
  8. The cost CRS will have with AWS will be astronomical for this game. There is a reason Amazon is releasing this for free, because they will make all their money on the backend services they provide. So think this everytime you log into the game Amazon makes money, everytime you download data from their servers Amazon makes money. I will say this, Amazon knows exactly what they are doing as a business and they are no joke. Lumberyard + Twitch API = No Brainer
  9. use to be get the best performance outta your system play infantry, now for me it's airplanes... the new inf skins made playing infantry the most resource hogging personal ingame now (don't forget the ****ton of bugs that came with it) pretty funny imo
  10. found a lil fix if your drivers keep crashing ww2 online when playing i keep getting an open gl error recovers graphic driver which crash the game just go in nvidia driver folder and erase will stop the crashes and replace it with a real bad freeze lag for a few second then everything back to normal much better than crashing every mission
  11. yeah i think the nvidia 7series can't play this game anymore, i'm going to do a very cheap 40 dollar upgrade to a 8800gt see if it will stop the crashing every other mission thingy...
  12. same thing as all audigy2 64 disabled alerts on music off truthfully i don't think im hearing even 64 sounds right now.
  13. shait same card reinstallin old drivers then..thx