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  1. well earned
  2. vondoosh420@hotmail panzers
  3. I see and hear a lot of people talk about medics... Just remember this in WWII the medic didn't have or carry a weapon
  4. ya then u found a burger king and haven't left since.... lol
  5. you want to feel the game for real and get a true understanding of it. Hop on the Allied or Axis Game server team speak. You see a squad room full or has players in it, ask to join and 99.9% will say "sure come on in" and then you'll get what this game is all about.
  6. jumping on ramsgate at 9.5k up. took 45 mins to land.... lol
  7. wheres new England
  8. Need more first class fighters here!
  9. Wish it was so. But its not excactly like any of those issurd we left over have in any way been adressed, and there is still far to much grief excisting for ppl to get anywhere near this game again :/ Ppl often ask though, and it would be really nice if it was possible. Mostly bebause it is yearlong friendships that have gone missing from your life. Perhaps one day when things have settled and game moved back towards squad orientated gamepleym, KGW will again form and have fun on the battlefied.
  10. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhey tempus needs training tools please. I asked afew days ago. scroll up. Thank you
  11. please add tempus.
  12. who ever has trainer tools can trade a noob. I mean thats how we r doing it.
  13. I love this tradeing a noob thing. LOL
  14. what the tools or just chat. I get that sometimes, it looks like u have no tools but you do. It just don't show on your chat bar
  15. xoom i need mbpig989 also if u can