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  1. Thanks for the response OHM. It turns out the problem was with the server at the hotel I was at. I'm not sure how or why but it was not allowing a connection. New day and different hotel in a different city and all is well. I've never encountered this prob before tho and I travel a lot.
  2. Error message: "An error occurred when logging in! Socket not connected" I have submitted a ticket but was wondering if anyone has dealt with before.
  3. What was the resolution to this issue? I'm getting it now.
  4. I had to turn off Norton "application blocking" in the firewall menu.
  5. Game will not complete log in. Dialogue box says "Error occurred while logging in! Operation not permitted". This occurs after a full download and reinstall. MacBook Pro running Sierra 10.12.4
  6. Thanks guys! An easy quick fix!
  7. I have the same result with the Mac patch
  8. I know trackIR is not Mac friendly - anyone know a similar device out there that is? Keeping eyes on a bogey is a beeyatch with just a mouse.
  9. Any mac guys know how to minimize or hide the game without logging off? Most programs use CMD/H and that doesn't work.
  10. Any one know how to set up incremantal flaps in OS 10.7. I can't find the folders, etc like the old OS. Got a new laptop. Thanks.
  11. It also crashes in offline mode. Winows 7 Pentium 2.1 duo 3GB RAM 64 Bit
  12. The game loads in both training and game sever up to the point of getting the active game area screen and crashes. I have confirmed all drivers up to date. And the WW2 log shows a "Runtime Error: out of memory at 755FB727." I'm a Mac guy playing on a borrowedDell laptop running Windows 7. Any help on a resolution would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I need to set up the intermediate flap position option - how do I do this? Especially - where do I find the file to paste the script into. Keep it simple geeks - I'm a nominally functional 'tard when it comes to tweeking things.