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  1. tried all the work arounds, same result...i give up after playing simce 2001 this great game can finally come off my pc. i dmire the team behind the game as its a unique idea but the teams technical skill is obviously lacking. unsubbed and out.
  2. tried full reinstall, same problem.
  3. ive downloaded patch twice, still got same error From KFS1: Please try this short-term workaround: - Open notepad, type in: - (don't hit return at the end) - Select File >> Save As - Change "Save as type" to "All files" - In "File name" type: manifest - Save to desktop. - Close notepad. - Drag file to your Battleground Europe folder. - Try playgate again.
  4. is it still possible to download the game info pack with banners etc, maybe a player or squad still has this somewhere.
  5. ty for that, ctrl+y did the trick
  6. managed somehow to move my chatbox at the bottom of the scree so i only see half of it. np i used alt dragged it back to original position and carried on, problem is i have to do this everytime i spawn as it moves back to its wrong position. what am i missing here