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  1. I covered up the background and now it's black and blue again. Sorcery.
  2. So what's your answer? I went from white and gold convinced it was an internet hoax, to suddenly black and blue, and now I'm white and gold again.
  3. As soon as possible, but likely not before the wedding. 2016, perhaps.
  4. ftfy I currently reside in FL, but don't get it twisted.
  5. You went to the 10th grade in FL? Not really something to brag about
  6. Got your thesaurus out, I see.
  7. I've done nothing today, spiteful or otherwise. I was probably either sleeping in, going to Wawa for lunch, or playing WoW (No, I haven't been playing this whole time, I just re-subbed for a month to see what's new).
  8. When are you going to open OT? We all know you're going to, and I really don't have time to keep checking. So maybe just get on with it? Thanks!
  9. Pump those breaks, homie. I figure Ive got at least another 5 good years if I stay child free
  10. I have no idea. My brain is getting old and mushy.