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  1. I like that idea and thought of it many times. When a fms is way out of town for something and you spawn in. Then realize you have to despawn and respawn. I like that.
  2. Break through the lines, and enter Hells Gate!!! This will be the next CRS organized event. Lead by the High command from each side. Free Premium Access for the event Date: 3/30/19 Time: 11:00 AM Server time/ 12:00pm EST/ 1600 GMT
  3. If you have any questions about out TOS. Please click Here for TOS
  4. Scottman done sir, I want to make sure you get the proper permissions. Whats your discord name scottman#2749 ?
  5. yes nily500, most likly I was going to mash up players and squads. The obj was to make it fun and get people used to working with others.
  6. So far we have the 91st a d the whips for squads. And the player n8r. Looking for more. Don't be shy. This will be exciting.
  7. Are you using safari?
  8. a wave of my magic wand and poof.
  9. I am on it
  10. Let me say, what i have cooking you all are going to love!!!!!!
  11. Not really. Please feel free tor each out to me when ever. Discord has some limitation on mod permissions per channels. So no worries at all.
  12. It appears you have access to your text channel.
  13. Hi and good morning. I also noticed last night no one could hear me and I couldn't hear them. I restarted discord and no problems. Not sure what the problem is. This sounds like a problem with the Discord servers. I don't have access to them. Try this Link or if that gets you no where , Go to this Link. and Submit a support ticket there. Good luck Heavy265
  14. You are going to have to go to the discord help page and submit a support ticket.
  15. Very sorry you are having problems with the overlay. I will look in to any known problems and look for a fix .