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  1. Sascha, This is the camera and clip that I use below. I suppose it is the TrackIR4 camera, but is supposed to work fine with the current software. The software fires up fine. It tracks properly in the window. That is what is odd, everything seems to work just fine but the game does not recognize it. The manual says that a green LED on the top is on when the software is loaded. The bottom blue LED illuminates when you start a game that is supported by TrackIR. The blue LED lights when I load the game. I have tried the below steps exactly as stated. I have tried starting TrackIR as administrator as well. 1. You have the TrackIR SW running, and you are in fact using a tracking clip. Then you start up WW2ONL and enter the keymapper. 2. You try and detect the device in the keymapper. 3. You enter the "views" section, double click on the function you want to re-map and when the "move input device to assign axis"-dialogue comes up, you move your head but the game doesn't recognize it and doesn't display "TrackIR X-axis" (or something like that) as the new axis mapped to that function. I will just use the joystick views for now. Hopefully someone stumbles across the post who was able to resolve the issue. Thanks for the help. S!
  2. Thanks all for help. Sascha, I have the application running in the background and the bottom blue LED lights when I enter the game and the yellow/green LED at the top is lit when the application is open. I have an older camera, but its supposed to work fine. I have detected controllers each time, when I click in the key mapper and move my head nothing happens. If I remember correctly I never had to do any of this when I ran it before, it just worked fine as soon as I fired it up. I installed an older version and the newest version with the same results.
  3. I cant seem to get it key mapped. I highlight the box and move my head but nothing happens.
  4. Hmm.. when I toggle free look with "n" my mouse can look around but tracker not.
  5. Free look is enabled and I have toggled the default key with no luck.
  6. Just back in game from a 2 year break. I got most of my key mapping done and fired up Trackir with the latest software. Everything seems to work great, but in game nothing happens. I don't remember having to do anything special. I refreshed joystick detect. Any Ideas? S!
  7. I am just glad you found a team to resolve a lot of the old problems for now!!! enough for me to stick around. S!
  8. How are your temps? The last time I had a similar issue it was my video card. Good luck bro!
  9. I want to purchase tickets and reserve a room this week. Has anyone decided on the seating and or where they are staying? I was thinking the Marriot, and getting the beer garden tickets. Lemme know. S!
  10. I plan on booking a room and purchasing tickets this week. Any make solid plans... Know where they are staying or know which tickets they are going to get? I was thinking on getting a room at the marriot and purchasing the Beer Garden tickets. Is anyone going Saturday and Sunday? Or hitting town Saturday night. I may hit the road saturday afternoon. Lemme know. Hope to see you there! S!
  11. Sounds awesome and probably something I can do. That VIP or Beer garden seating looks great. Anyone know the area and where we should probably stay? I would probably drive down Saturday and leave Monday. Count me in. I just need to check my calendar when I go into work Monday. S!
  12. Anyone? its annoying. I have changed setting in game, downloaded the latest drivers, still have the damn sound null.
  13. I have had this many times over the years and cant remember what the heck the fix was. I have a creative XFI and cannot hear anything in front of me in game. Anyone remember the fix for this?
  14. There are many "BEST" squads in game. I was a proud member of SG and 3Pzg when Axis. I miss so many of those people who I have met in person. 4wing IS the best squad in game right now. 4wing is a very flying oriented and 40mm oriented group, but they DO any job required and GET it done. You always see 4wing in the fight, on the ground and in the air. 4Wing is the best squad I have played in 11 years of WW2ol. Who is your Best? S! all