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  1. If you did a patch it did not work. Got a more than able laptop to play the game and am paying each month to play it and can not play it. The laptop has more ram in the video than the game need it has 8GB and 32GB memory and is running windows 10(64bit) and a 1TB HDD. It all so has a 8th Generation Intel(R) Core i7 Processor. I don't know why it will not load. It starts to load and the red bar loads but then it goes to the desktop again. I have talked to some people that have systems smaller than the one I have and they tell me that they did not have any trouble loading the game. Hope you can get this fixed very very soon so I can play this game. This computer is not a MAC. Thank You
  2. I am having the same trouble. Gray bar and stats to fill then it quits back to the desktop. hope that a fix is coming soon love to play the game on this laptop. this laptop has more than the game needs to load and run. The game will load and run offline.