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  1. Going to pickup my PC being upgraded with this gc. Anyone else has this card (or a 670) and what drivers works the best with it. Discuss...
  2. I did realize that this error only happened while in the big cities....hmmm
  3. I think I fixed it - what I haven't done since the last patch was, of all things, REBOOT my laptop...after the reboot, the CTDs stopped and I was able to play without any problems. Simple, yet it worked...
  4. ww2.exe used to load up at stick under 700-800k max no matter how long I play - I spawned in, it loaded and started at 700k, then after one spawn and despawn, it went to 1.1mb, then when I changed Brigades and tried to spawn in again, it was stuck loading - I checked the process and it was growing as it loaded - 1.3m, then 1.5m, then 1.8m, then crash.... Hope this helps...
  5. Same issue - booted every 5 min or so....doesn't make sense since I never had anything resembling this error since I started playing in 2001. I have no clue what the issue could be. No problem before the latest patch...
  6. Same here now since last patch....
  7. These are common and probably obvious changes, but this is NOT why FPS has deteriorated and does not solve the studders issue, which is a code problem. Many ppl online are complaining about studders as well as FPS.
  8. Be careful trying to stick a faster, hotter card in a tighter retail-bought PC, such as those found at Best Buy and Circuit City for example. Many times the power supply's are not enough to support upgrades in video cards, nor do the cases have enough SPACE or fans to ventilate/circulate the heat away from other components, including itself.
  9. I also noticed the chat lag also -- its fixed now. I also use Primary instead of Best for the network options in the WWIIOL settings. Before the Belkin process was removed, nothing worked. Now its perfect. Even though you are using that wireless router, is their a .exe file or some other object loaded into IE that is running with this router? Almost all wireless cards and routers install some service or whatever to manage the hardware, and I bet that alot of the people with these network issues have something running. I bet if you did a clean install without software (minimal driver only), it would fix this issue... When you installed the router, how did you set it up?
  10. Well, I tried a bunch of stuff, and I FIGURED IT OUT! Here's the story: I put on a Belkin Wireless G USB on my desktop in the basement, and my signal is great, but in-game it was horrible. Never seen that type of warping before. I made some changes to the MTU, did some research, and decided to try something -- I uninstalled the Belkin software that controlled the card, stuck the card in and installed the drivers only from the CD (one file), and then set Windows to manage my wireless. Went back in-game and BAAAM! Smooth as silk! I had a funny feeling the .exe file Belkin used was doing odd reboots and pauses on the wireless, so removing it did the trick. No more CTHLs, no more warping infantry, etc. Woot!
  11. I'm just curious... I'm testing my wireless connection (with cable modem) with the Primary and Secondary IP addresses to the server, and what I noticed is that if I set my MTU to 1500, I get fragmented pings, so I moved it down to 1454 (highest number without fragments). Is this an issue on MY side, or with those IP addresses? Just curious... The reason why I'm testing it is because the PvP lag is 3 to 10 seconds, to the point where I see enemy and friendly units literally going invisible and reappear many meters (up to 25m or more) away from their last position. This includes all data being sent, like rounds that hit me from nowhere or units warpin from point A to point B with no movement in-between. I don't know if this is a wireless issue, although I'm getting very fast speeds, and my PC is superfast and tweaked to the bone.
  12. I got the same problem... Players are warping to the point of invisibilty, then they reappear in other places. I see it with enemy and friendlies, and its impossible to guess where the enemy really is. I did the net-check.bat, and ran other programs to test the latency and packet losses, and everything is perfect -- UNTIL I get into game, and everything is crazy again, lol. I tested Best, Primary and Secondary, all with the same results. It seems really wierd.
  13. Don't need a manager, just DOWNLOAD it again, and make sure you uninstallyour previous installation, but make sure to back up your CFML files or you'll have to re-keymap all over again.
  14. Cable is alot more inconsistent than DSL, but you maybe need a different route into the servers. I think KFS1 has other options to connect you elsewhere. You maybe just one of those unlucky people in an unlucky spot with an unlucky carrier.