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  1. I’ll just wait until the system works properly. p.s. sorry about all the threads, I had a meltdown when my payment wasn’t accepted and the forums were freezing combined with a [censored] mouse button.
  2. And really, how many guns are you going through every target that you think someone would constantly need to be trucking? Place about 10 guns out there when setting the initial 2 fms’, then replace a few when you need to set a new fms. They shouldn’t be dying every minute
  3. From what I remember they capped out at 4 small and 2 large guns. I could be mistaken. When hundreds of soldiers and dozens of guns can spawn from a single truck, yeah I think it’s some Star Trek technology, sorry if you disagree. If they were capped at like 15 troops and a handful of guns that would be a little more legit. How do you know what I do and don’t want to do? Are you using Vulcan mind melds too?
  4. Some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing this game was in support roles in what you might call “downtime”. Gliding in troops with para planes, loading TTs with trucks and guns or being a wingman for a better pilot. The more we don’t require that style of teamwork, the less of that teamwork will be done by choice. Ex. Why tow big guns out when you can spawn a small one at an fms and take out anything with the proper angle shot.
  5. I have never suggested going to a 1 gun 1 truck system. The previous system that allowed about 5 guns was fine with me. I’m ok with that because at least the truck was being used for a semi-realistic purpose. Now it’s used to create Star Trek like beaming pads. its not difficult to get guns into defensive positions. It’s difficult (or was) to get them into attacking positions.
  6. Why shouldn’t most units require teamwork? With exception of a few snipers, what in ww2 didn’t require teamwork? i really haven’t mentioned changes to atg’s by the way. But if any changes were to be made, they wouldn’t require 2 people to be used, only to be set up. They have tow hitches for a reason. the changes to require less buttons to shoot should be in another thread. I don’t care to debate that, and I’m losing ambition to debate anything left that this game has to offer. There may not be enough support players out there. We used to have lots. There’s still quite a few seemingly dedicated fb drivers and fms drivers. While they may not be 100% support players all the time, they help out for the sake of the team and I think many other players would do the same even if they don’t do it all day every day.
  7. I agree about the AI trucks. I think that’s a great idea. Why would a support style player want to join a game where support isn’t required for any particular facet. Every unit can used solo or by use of a free towing account where it once required teamwork. The towing guns is an example and the running your plane to AI is another, where once you needed your wingmen to help you get clear.
  8. I didn’t say it’s a bad thing that hey can’t spawn big guns at an fms. I thought you’d rather me camp an fb because you can pull out bigger ones. There’s a difference in there. Thanks for twisting my words though. why do you have to sit spawned in while asking for a tow? Text chat also works when you’re not spawned in. So does discord. It may not be “productive” to call everyone lazy but that’s the fact of the matter. Why sugar coat it?
  9. So stick to what you know.. why even bother with inaccurate input that you admittedly know nothing about?
  10. If this is really the way CRS and the community wants the game to be, I suggest CRS remove this wording from the homepage “brutally realistic gaming experience” and “every vehicle or weapon is controlled by a real person”.
  11. The old system may not have been perfect either but it was a better compromise. I can still easily camp an fms with a bomber. At least at an fb you can pull out a bofors to shoot down enemy campers. Send out a tank to distract then roll out bofors. I get it though. Lazy people want instant action and don’t want to work to get into position. God forbid we take any time to setup a proper attack these days instead of just running 2 fms’ out for instant action.
  12. I realize there is no absolutely realistic mechanism for getting guns to town that would also be fun for layers. But I felt like the old system was a decent compromise
  13. It takes 3- 500lb bombs to take an efms out. Thanks for your input though...
  14. Dude.. if you would actually read what I’ve been saying and maybe check my stats, you would see that this is easier mode. I don’t have to wonder where targets are. I know that they will be within 100m of the mud hole that sticks out like a sore thumb instead of being dropped off by a truck all around a target. I don’t need anything easier. I do just fine as is.. please comprehend that. This thread isn’t about air supply but it wouldn’t be a problem for me. I barely go through 2 hurricanes a day. For all I care, go ahead and make it harder for me, make me spawn a dive bomber from the back line.. I don’t give a crap. But then why would you continually make it harder and longer for air to get to target and continually make it easier for guns to get to target. Little bias? if you ever see the 190’s run to a river town AI when they lose the advantage over a hurricane, you’d know they’re already scared of death.
  15. Yes, I disagree. Trucks carry troops and a few guns, not 20-30 AT and AA guns. I realize that the gameplay design might be more fun for ground pounding steamers, but it’s not realistic and takes away from the hardcore game this once was. All I’m saying is IMO we shouldn’t keep catering to the lazy steam type of player in the designs. Cater to the hardcores that helped build this game and kept it from going under on multiple occasions