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  1. Game works on a low resolution (1024x768) on my Mac with an old HD3000 chipset. I suppose you can play on a slightly higher resolution but don't expect wonders, and support obviously as CRS states they do not offer support for Intel integrated chips (and rightfully so). Maybe lowering your resolution and put some effects of might make it workable (and damn ugly).
  2. I think the current F2P loadout is even worse than having no f2p programme. Tier 0 to 2 are alright, but at tier 3 it gets downright unplayable. Having only a low supply of rifles which gets depleted quickly , between that semi-auto and SMG violence makes it NOT fun at all for free players. Having no chance at all to compete, or even unable to spawn in at all leaves a very bad impression on players casually trying out the game. I suggest that atleast during tier 3, F2p should have SMGs. Having the reduced kit with less variety due to the 'loss' of the British and French is worse enough, and the current setup for the free players makes it even worse. I base this on my own experience of making a free player account and trying to play. And I am not a greentag who needs to learn everything, including how to shoot with a rifle. It is simply too harsh. Sorry for sounding blunt (I have this tendancy to do this ), I hero-ed back up even though I simply cannot play the game, but I needed to say this. I hope you take this under consideration. Denizzz out untill february (sub running out), back on hero when I have the cash.
  3. I did not have to do this on my Mac?
  4. Unfortunally, the officer tools require ActiveX which is an antique Internet Explorer only thing. I think the only solution is to use WINE and start Internet Explorer with it.
  5. Holy ****, that error has some bad timing with the weekend events O_o.
  6. Come join this great squad people!
  7. Is it playing in windowed mode by chance? Like do you see the normal border which you have around all windows programmes? If so, try press left-alt together with the enter button.
  8. Looks like both are making problems. In Vista compatibility mode I could 'play' for 5 seconds . I wont unsrib, I never do that even if I do not play for months. The Rats need the funds.
  9. Hey, I finally got a new computer. Eager to see how much FPS I got in BGE, I tried to play the game. However afther the game has loaded, the mouse and keyboard freezes. When I alt-tab, I can move the mouse again, but if I click on something the mouse reverts to the center of the screen again and does not want to move anymore. I got Win 7 64 bit with a ATi Radeon 5870 on Catalyst 9.11. The rest of the system is a Core i7 920 processor with 6gb DDR-3 1066mhz ram. I assume the problem is caused by the Radeon, but the 'crash' seems a bit different then those described in the thread of khrkmies, so if Win 7 is causing this and there is a fix, do let me know.
  10. Press the start button Enter 'services' in the search bar press enter find superfetch in the screen and turn it off I somehow cant find out how to stop it from automatically starting... Well I am going to check now if it fixes my out of memory error issues.
  11. Hmm, on my Apple laptop I am going XP as well (legally, I dont want that fuzzle with pirated windows), can I install it BOTH on the Mac and on this vista computer?
  12. Well as have already told I resigned because of the simple fact that I can't play the game because its broken down on both my computers. I was expecting to get a new computer next month but that has unfortunally been delayed to atleast the end of october I guess. That means I can't play the game till the 'out of memory' issues are fixed. I do have a new macbook which can run the game though but I do not think its comfortable enough to play the game with HC tasks on that thing . Well, hope to see you all and the blue letters back either when its fixed or I have a computer which plays the game . S!
  13. I will probably make it tonight. But Dover can hold the CO position because I am not 100% sure yet.