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  1. thats weird.
  2. nope I am playing it now. I reset my settings and I am back up to about 15 FPS. I dont feel like building a Win7 machine just for this game
  3. yah its shared ram video card. I installed a total of 9 gigs so I would have enough.
  4. yah I am on a mac mini only a couple of months old. Only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with the crappy video card. I went from 15 fps down to 10.
  5. anyone else take a fps hit with mountain lion?
  6. what you mean? the Computer itself is an INTEL based machine- I think you mean install WINBLOWS to run beta....
  7. Found out it was the acct was corrupted somehow. Made new account in windows all is well
  8. I cant get the game resoluton to work correcty. Its cutting part of the screen off almost like it thinks there are 2 screens. Help!! . Merry xmas
  9. Okay are the main 23rd people still here? been a while since I have been around. Engine2 Pecks you get the drift
  10. hmm I have no sound issues with my X-FI
  11. LOL that was great. yah man we just got done blowing the FB, I was waiting for a greentag to get on the plane. and heard you buzzing over. then the bombs came. I laughed I should have left the greentag behind. so did you like my park job on the FB? I was the c47
  12. Glad we could provide a target rich enviroment for you. (though we did cap the town) S!
  13. No I am sick again today and could not handle being ingame with this headache. Yes I was standing on top looking around to see what was going on. PRIME MEAT!!!!!!!