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  1. Is anyone here using one? I'm having some strange issues. Web pages do not load fully. I'm using the suggested resolution. Game play looks fantastic on it and FPS are still good. Mine is the Samsung 28 inch UHD. Native resolution is 3840x2160. I have gone up and down with the resolution..same.. I did have to update my nvidia driver to take full advantage of it...but i dont know if it is a driver issue..
  2. I am bed, sorry.
  3. Oh..when you subscribe to the get a different fourm still loads the same...
  4. The hobby has come a heck of a long ways.. huh jet! thanks for sharing.
  5. Let me give you some tips. No particular order. Even if you see marks on map..never assume they are accurate. If you spawn in and die immediately r maybe within first 10-30 secs FRU is camped..move on. My rule..if i spawn in and and die..i have a 2 max policy..then im on to the next. Never shoot 3 times from the same place and expect to live very long...shoot and move. Unless you have a great field of view. When you spawn in. Immediately RUN! While running look for the nearest cover..hide..the get ur bearings on what is going on. Assume you're up against a squad and there will be more than one in any area at a given time (many squads in game) and they are good. This game is hard..its why i keep comeing back...we dont need any more "features" of knowing where the enemy is...the skulls are bad enough..and the radar if you like to fly.. My biggest thing I can tell you that will help is join a squad and get teamspeak..this is a MUST. Learn from an experienced player will greatly help.. i was a lost puppy when i first started playing this game....and count yourself lucky..I'm just now starting to see good numbers in game again....maybe its because the mericans are in...dunno..
  6. This isn't COD.
  7. Huy what do i win
  8. Another ? I've got a large HD atm that i still want to use...Its the one with my OS on it....I plan on putting the new OS on the SSD, can i disable that OS when i build new system?? can i delete that OS without messing up my current files on the HD?? thanks..
  9. I'm building for games... WW2online in the main game i play, but play alot of flight sims... Il2, lockon, A-10, Blackshark to name a few...also alot of the COD series..
  10. Its been awhile since i've built a new puter..I know there are some ppl on this board that know there stuff.. could you please review. thanks I will be using some items from my current pc.
  11. I'm still unable to get the game to see my joysticks...I have CH pedals and flight stick and I have the saitek 52 throttle.. I thought with the 1.29 this would not be a problem... Thanks for any help... I'm using XPpro 64 bit. If anyone needs anymore info, just let me know.
  12. Hey hog! lol still trying to get to that bunker LOL! what's KFS1? Guess I will just have to build it and see! One more ? is anyone useing this MB if so any problems out of it. Thxs.
  13. The only thing i want to know is, will this game work on Vista, if so any tuneing to get it to work, I dont want to build a new PC with XP then have to go to Vista later