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  1. If you could spawn directly into a para plane in flight and then jump your trooper out that would make a nice mobile fru. That would take a lot of the boredom out of para missions and put it back on par time to action wise with the ground frus.
  2. I would keep the steam to 1 server and offer these premium features- 1) go to the head of the server queue 2) double rank xp for missions 3) special tier equip like tier 0 have a 110c with 2 bombs or a h75 with 4 50's. For ground a truck that can deploy into a towed gun usable by your rank 4) the ability to play as the USA / Italy / Russia / Japan / China as the countries are added except for the above free to play would be able to enjoy the whole game experience additional revenue opportunities: squad formation $20 for a 40 person squad plus $20 more to bump the member limit to 80 camo uniforms/armor
  3. The main advantage the paying players would have is not having to wait in the queue to get into the game the gear is a second benefit. I am thinking the server would probly be okay with 400 total players so 200 axis 200 allies once you approach 200 for either side the FTP gets put into a queue where as the paying players would go right into the game. Of course if the allies have 190 and the axis have 150 the FTP could immediately join axis or wait in a queue to play allied.
  4. I would do it like the game Rust on steam. Release Battleground Europe 2 Alpha version for a $20 download. Basically a port of this current game over to steam. Decide how many people your current server can handle at once divide it in half and have an allied queue and a axis queue. That way at max server cap the sides would be balanced offer all the toys and a jump to the front of the queue line for all those paying the $15 month plans. The first thing I would redo is the AO system, make each AO be a town pair axis/allied and last 6 hours or until one side capped the other town completely. Then the winning HC would decide where the next AO pair would be announced or CPU if no HC online there would be a 5 min ish break to rtb and get ready on attack and defense in the next AO before the table went hot. I think that would be the best option for new players and vets to get the game going again. Free to play players after the intial $20 download would have to wait in queues and be capped at say level 3 gear but I would let them cap tables in the alpha. That is how I would immediately progress this game to steam.
  5. the point is 3 min side timer 30 sec spawn delay another 2-5 min did you know screen 5-15 sec for engine to start This is all fine a dandy but what happens if you change you game preferrences and get randomly booted or have to relog for any of the many reasons. Your looking at another 5-11 minutes to get back into the game. Heck mingus will have banged his wife 3 times and be passed out drunk before he even gets his wheels up.