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  1. I'm not sure if I can un-see that
  2. Just wanted to comment back and thank you all for your support not just in this thread, but in its entirety. I am honored by all that you are doing to support CRS and WWII Online. I will not let you down, and I will not give up. Onwards!
  3. Cornered Rat Software has been its own entity and is the exclusive developer of WWII Online, as agreed upon by a written contract with Playnet, Inc. Therefore we are in partnership working towards the very best WWIIOL possible. The entire team at CRS is part of that organization and the intent of creating that organization was to formalize our operations further. In 2012 when the company had crashed primarily due to the previous investors pulled out, I had to rebuild the company by hand. The folks who have joined me in this great endeavor are now part of this organization CRS, that I manage, and have managed for a couple of years now formally, but have really been managing for several more years as you should all know by now by my physical presence, everywhere. The reason I am telling you all of this, is because someone(s) has seen fit to attempt to tarnish our reputation as a credible team and company by insinuating that we are using recently obtained campaign funds in an attempt to do harm / take over certain things. This is grossly inaccurate and an extraordinary case of misinformation with intent to do harm. I will make myself personally available to answer questions that you may have (anyone), and what I can say is that you can be assured that the campaign contributions donated are going to good works for WWIIOL's benefit, as planned and scheduled. Specifically, I am from the state of Oregon so naturally this business is headquartered here, and the articles of incorporation / yearly renewal is $100 on each event, paid out of my own personal pocket. Please be sure not to step into the tin foil hat realm and assume the worst, We have been operating in this manner for a couple of years now, and we have gained momentum / worked even harder for WWIIOL. Thanks for your read and understanding. Matt "Xoom" Callahan President and CEO Cornered Rat Software
  4. I doubt that, but let's please try to remain productive. Differing opinions are acceptable and an important factor within all of this.
  5. Truly, this sort of stuff disappoints me. Anyways, in light of this post, I've created this thread: STAY ON TOPIC IN THIS THREAD - NO SIDEBARS PLEASE.
  6. I am looking for feedback on the FMS (Fortified Mobile Spawn), please check the following bullet points below as a guideline: Comparison to the Field Re-Supply Unit (as the main stay mobile spawn) Better, worse? Why for either? Have you seen a return of combined arms game play? Fixes required Are there issues hurting game play? If so, name each of them, and a rationale as to the why. Recommended solutions? Has the reduced truck EWS increased their survivability? Has the reduced FMS deployment timer: Increase survivability? Maximize the number of placements within the campaign? Gave the underpopulated side better defensive capability? Other feedback not outlined above, solutions required! PLEASE MAKE THIS DISCUSSION UNBIASED AND PRODUCTIVE.
  7. Paying attention to the discussion is something CRS has done quite well, and I am particularly proud of my team's continued interest and standing up for what you guys are saying within our internal communications. You may not always get a response (you or other community members), but do note that we're watching very closely, and incorporating feedback where applicable into the development side of things. Regarding Early Access, we were aware, but chose this course to give us necessary grace, knowing that there'd be a lot for us to focus on.
  8. When you're ready to address the question appropriately, with a genuine interest to learn, I will happily answer your question. This however, is disrespectful and inappropriate.
  9. I appreciate the thought you're putting into your posts, I am not offended or anything like that. Just continue to be productive and provide solutions and we'll be able to better understand one another, which is really nice to have . I am looking at the in-game ads. If we can implement, and it can generate critical revenue needed, you will see my tune change quite a bit. I want to have this figured out, and some better monetization method prior to our full steam release. Because if we can make that work, and make folks coming in via Steam happier, I think we have a lot of potential to succeed. Some people have criticized our "Early Access Steam Release," but I think it's one of the wisest decisions we've made in recent history. It enabled us to gain critical feedback about the game, to then incorporate actionable improvements into the game, that the majority of the vets / long-timers here became numb to. With this in mind, we can have a much better, and more successful full Steam release. It's pretty important for everyone to realize here in these forums, that CRS is open to feedback and also, being wrong at times. I am not admitting wrong in my postings here, but I am not convinced until we try some new stuff, that giving away more things is going to achieve what this game needs, players and resources. Trying new things is certainly on my priority list. I guess that was my original premise in my first statement. Back to feedback and comms... It's important to me that we maintain a healthy dialogue, where we can respect (not troll) each other, and work towards better solutions for everyone... this will be how we succeed. Anyone logging into our services has the potential to be a huge advocate for WWII Online. Undoubtedly, our paying veterans are very protective and caring of the game, as they should be. Free players maintaining thick skin and providing quality feedback and being willing to get past the initial reservations our veterans have (due to the trolls that have invaded and not helped in some cases) then you'll find we have a very helpful community that desires you to stick around. That definitely includes myself, and my whole team at CRS by the way.
  10. Nothing will be possible if a certain threshold of capital is not obtained, that's called we shut down. I think the notion that by giving free players more will result into a factor of 20 times the players online, is very optimistic and not realistic. I think it would certainly help increase the player population to some degree, but there has to be a way to pay the bills. By creating shorter instances of payable time to play with premium access, we would cut some of our paying subscriber base because those people who only have X amount of time to play (which in this case we'll assume may be one or two weekends) will end up paying a lesser amount overall. Convenient to them, but takes away from the necessary funds to operate this business and infrastructure. I have been kicking around the idea as of late to monetize off of free players via mandatory in-game advertisements after so many deaths and such. If we were able to monetize in anyway possible I'd be more amenable to this discussion, but as it stands, we don't have a way to entice them to a paying subscription from all that we have tried, with genuine results and data to back it up. Not conjecture, not optimistic thinking, facts. So my hesitation to do more without something truly new, such as that ad stuff in-game, stems from now several years of experience with this product and several different initiatives and attempts, resulting into a net negative. $14.99/mo is not a big deal, cheaper than a pack of beer. $7.99/mo is not even the cost of a movie ticket.
  11. This is correct. The more that we have done to try and give to the free play subscription, the more negative result it has generated for us. Proven time and again.
  12. Hello @trogdor204, As a couple of our guys have mentioned, you can go open your VOLUME MIXER at the bottom right (sound icon), and you can simply mute which ever WWIIOL application you prefer. Alternatively you can setup a hotkey to mute one computer or application (I'm pretty sure this exists, it does on Mac anyways). I don't see us developing a mute button... because the instances in which this occurs is not that much, and the ability for users to do this currently exists in a very easy manner. This hasn't been added because it's really just not an important thing, outside of the type of game play you're trying to achieve on a personal preference basis. My decisions to apply our resources stem from an ROI from that application of resource, and I just don't see the benefit, because I've never seen this mentioned in my 16 years of being here, nor have I ever seen it requested in my 8 years as a staff member.
  13. I understand players are interested, and deserve feedback from all of us at Cornered Rat Software. Therefore, I wanted to make mention of a powerful tool here that will help me personally ensure that you get my attention to a thread you find valuable, and are looking for feedback on. Simply, you type @XOOM. This will give me a notification to look at something directly and cut through all of the player communications.
  14. This was our first implementation which had limited effect. Overpopulation must have an increased capture timer to work properly.
  15. What do you mean? With some of the distraction in this forum I'm trying to better understand your comment.