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  1. Wow @pbveteran, I think this is one of the first posts I've seen you make that I agree with right out the gate. More of this!
  2. If serious traction could be gained by an initiative like this, and participation seems to be there, I will put my personal stamp of approval on it. The question is, will they really go for it? Whynot just join one of our existing Welcome Back Soldier promos, en masse?
  3. I've done this on one of my machines, it's really straight forward, recommended!
  4. Much appreciated, our guys are doing the best they can all around.
  5. As a player during that time, if our HC (which was far more organized and better manned) made the mistake of getting the wrong equipment, they would pay gravely, and so would the entire side who would be the recipient of that bad call on equipment. In theory it was cool, but in practice it ended up being really bad. I do not think we'll be exploring this due to our previous experience with it.
  6. That's very encouraging. I don't regret any decision that we've made as it relates to Steam, I think we've done the very best we can, with the very best of intentions. We've had to make some alterations in the course, but you don't know what you don't know until you get boots on deck. Then you have to make important strategic decisions as you gain greater understanding about how that whole customer base will respond. WWII Online has benefited and will continue to benefit from Steam even in its current form. Our development roadmap will help to bolster the trajectory both organically and via Steam players.
  7. Malvoc, We don't plan to make adjustments to either of these, sorry. The spawn delay at 30 seconds (in worst case scenario imbalance conditions) is completely fine (down from 4 minutes in the past), and the notifications about imbalance is important feedback to make sure the game gets balanced. A balanced game is the best case scenario that we can ask for because it will provide as fair as possible of game play for all to enjoy.
  8. At this point in time I am not ready to open a demo account for free players to hop into WWII Online. We need to continue to make improvements to the game pending our full Steam release, at which point we'll be ready to bring on those folks more properly. Ultimately, we have lots of the important feedback we need to make the game better, we still continue to have higher than pre-Steam populations and since we're removed Free Play as an option from Steam, we've seen some improvements in the quality of player that we're attracting. It's not completely off the table, but during this time of not having "Free" Steam customers I'll be (as I have been) very focused on how it is affecting things both in-game and via the business. So far there's visible progress on both parts by comparison to what we had rolling. Which may come as a surprise to some people.
  9. So in some weird round about way, you can say, you participated in the development of WWII Online? Good minds think alike
  10. Wholeheartedly support special events! Get on the Community Managers arses to get one rolling!
  11. For 1.36 it would be the entire theatre of operations. (So yes, Zeelands)
  12. Recruit Private PVT2 PVT3 PFC PFC2 PFC3 You're not talking about something like this... are you? Should we get our prestige class going? hehe
  13. Switching sides is encouraged to help balance the game. Unfortunately sometimes there are those who do not understand that value and may openly criticize if they recognize you, just play on and get through it. They're just super loyalists and love the game . Welcome aboard to WWIIOL
  14. Yes... but DO expect us to be investigating how to make this happen as a priority goal relating to our Terrain work.
  15. This was also during the height of the Free To Play (micro-transaction) craze, and SWTOR's free to play approach is quite elegant. I've put several hours into that game and enjoyed it quite a bit before taking on the full weight of responsibility here at CRS. It's simple just not where we are right now and it's not within reach to achieve for sometime. They did it better than we can or have, undoubtedly. But the game is very very different as well in many respects, and that needs to be factored in. For example, it has (at your own speed - instanced / away from everyone else) character progression. It's designed around that, instead of just a straight up MMO FPS entirely intended to have thousands of users in real time together across a global war like we have fighting head on. So by design the game is incredibly different, and fun, for what it is. But it's not WWII Online... that is its own unique beast and needs to be treated as such. The decision to disable new free players via Steam from come in was not a quick decision but we were certainly able to review the results and we think (as we announced) that we'll attract a better demographic that will fit our game better in many respects. It will also give us some time (and revenue) to make the changes necessary to make it more playable for Steam users (better UI, integrated voice comms, 64-bit, etc). We got a lot to do. All of the Steam users who signed up as Free Play will remain and they're grandfathered in, therefore you shouldn't see a hit at our population that we've accumulated so far.