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  1. I spoke with the team briefly about this on Tuesday during our regular meeting and it's a known thing that needs to get done. I don't have an ETA for you at the moment. Best information would come from @SNIPER62.
  2. We’ll get an answer on that shortly, last night we were very focused on just getting the reset script functional which helps us transition the campaign server and all settings to either campaign or intermission, etc.
  3. The M1 Garand and BAR would not be in this intermission due to the special settings we have anyway. US forces had plenty of play during the campaign as well.
  4. Just about to go live...
  5. We're still working on it. Meanwhile, check out the intermission plan: https://www.wwiionline.com/community-notes/reports/allies-win-campaign-170-intermission-plan
  6. Billing is now back online and operational. http://account.wwiionline.com
  7. The same people who argue that 1.36 didn't yield their desired results would demand that we actually retract further and un-do what has been done to automate the majority of their function in their absence. I was hopeful that with the High Command demands being substantially removed that we'd see more veteran players stepping up to HC / volunteer because you're right, the last major thing they have to do is to manage Objectives and direct players to them. Players determining where the battles are and the strategic objectives being is something that will be very difficult to automate, but the best thing we can do is to give it to the hands of player leaders such as we have outlined in the "Proximity based AO" concept that we were looking at. Are we ready for that? Do the players no longer have faith in our High Command teams to even do that? Or could we see more players joining High Command to help with the AO management / player direction equation?
  8. Not a bad idea really, some sort of "feedback" I'm sure would be helpful.
  9. Well, I mean we could beef up the parameters but PPOs are not built to be persistent. We could give the "illusion" of it though like its lifetime could be 8 hours with a significant damage threshold as an arbitrary example. We'll have to balance that carefully, and this example does not reflect any intended development outcome / plan, only as a reference point.
  10. I was like, wait, where the hell did a decade just go ? LOL
  11. @blkfalcon You're back online/active. So here's what we're doing meanwhile, each morning @CHIMM is handling renewable transactions BY HAND to give them access. I asked him to start doing this a few days ago to proactively resolve things going forward. @PITTPETE meanwhile is doing a bang-up (albeit very frustrating) job of handling all of the incoming tickets. These will shore up soon with what Chimm is doing and we'll go back to normal operations. Then, automation going forward, we have our development team working on resolving the links that need to be established between our billing/account system and the processors API that is causing this fuss. All of these things are happening now and will get smoother. With the holidays officially completed, and us starting the New Year, most of our team is now back and back to a functional status.
  12. And they're back online, now in Portland. Lighten up, Francis .
  13. To be fair, while our plan has been to work on VOIP for a couple of years now, actual progress in that realm has not started due to change over with our crew. That being said, it's a blessing in disguise because newer technologies have been developed that may better suit our needs and desires for WWIIOL's integrated voice comms solution that we have planned. I am so ready to get started on it btw! It would totally change the game. Meanwhile, we're approaching the tail end of our migration, dealing with some billing stuff (almost resolved [insert prayer here]) and gotta get that 64-bit out.
  14. This is the biggest logistical move we've ever undertaken. And we've run into a series of unforeseen challenges, which we're getting through but takes a bit more time. Consider for a moment that today is Christmas and that the RATS are taken a much-needed breather. On Christmas eve most of us worked until about 4:50 PM Pacific time, and several more continued to test beyond that. We'll get right back to it first thing tomorrow morning, this breather is necessary and we're very close to getting things online. Meanwhile, we're testing server stability and the other teams are continuing to test several scenarios on the game cluster. Thanks for your understanding.