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  1. Can we at least let it get into the game and enjoy the new vehicle before we thrash on it... please?
  2. CRS: New vehicle(s) being added to the first time in-game for years, with a completely new capability! - WOOT! Player: Yeah, not good enough. We want this one --> ________ CRS: Face palm... we're doing the best, we can...
  3. Nope, only generalizing that there's been some good topics brought up.
  4. Some great ideas are brewing here, keep it up!
  5. If you had only 1 Feature, and 1 Fix for the game, what would they be and why? Keep it simple, understandable, productive and not game breaking. Illustrations and presentations welcome.
  6. You're asking for something I cannot deliver on (specifics and timetable), though I do understand your frustration. Of course these issues (it's not just a single point of failure) are concerning. One thing we have been considering is, if someones connection gets so bad and goes into some vicious compounding cycle, perhaps we can despawn that individual so it recalibrate's the player individually and reduces the negative effects on everyone else. By going onto Steam we opened up a big can of new variables as it relates to many different use-cases (connection types, hardware types, etc). This month we're very focused on production because we have a back log of items that need completing, you can find out more in our Friday update I posted last week here: https://www.wwiionline.com/game-news/development-notes/production-incoming-fixes-and-features All I can say is stay patient, we're still a small team with limited resources, those factors haven't changed, and we are still doing the best we can with the tough set of cards we have. That's really all I can say right now.
  7. Hey everyone, We're running server wide operations more routinely and each time we've done it, it has resulted into REALLY huge battles and the most amazing organization of players I have seen in quite some time. Operation Plunder is this Sunday, and it requires you to sign up to a position. That's part of the deal, players sign up in advance to fall into an organized situation. [ALLIED SIGN UP] Operation PLUNDER (Official Campaign Event): Simply let us know where you want to be in the orbat. [AXIS SIGN UP] Operation PLUNDER (Official Campaign Event): Again, let us know where you'd like to be placed. Signing up in advance is really important so we can be really organized and people show up knowing what they're going to do. Participation is really needed, so let's pick it up!
  8. Added Added Placed you as third in command. If you'd like another position let us know, the Infantry Brigade CO was already taken. Added Added you as the Paratrooper unit XO. We can make that CO if you're interested. All of you guys, it would be very appreciated for you to help get some more sign ups please! Let the teams know.
  9. Medium ATGs could easily devastate the battlefield, so it is a balance concern. We only allowed for minimum defense against armored cars and light tanks or aircraft, quite intentionally. My advice was for veterans to step up and lead the way, during all circumstances, not just related to your specific inquiry.
  10. I'm in favor of this for sure. Let'em decide how they want to do it. Just know squads... it'll be on you all to clean your rosters if you select that .
  11. This is the way to do it, and is a way that you as a squad can manage this situation at present.
  12. One of the best Campaigns we have had in quite awhile, very impressive outcome. Tomorrow is the beginning of the new one, will it be as awesome? Your efforts will decide! I'll be there tomorrow in the field with you guys. See you there!
  13. Everyone here who has been here before Steam is a LEADER and considered a veteran. Use your knowledge to help force multiply the mission. You do not need High Command tags to step up and lead the way. Your efforts are needed. The advice already provided in this forum speaks for itself, well done guys.
  14. Let us know the status asap! Added as requested. Let us know where you want to sign up and where. Need names please. You've been added, congratulations N8r! Lead the way! Recruit some more soldiers, pm them in game to come here. Pro-tip: www.wwiionline.com/events will take them straight to this forum.
  15. This thread has major potential, keep it up!