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  1. As I mentioned in another post here, we do have a persona screen delay which identifies which side is imbalanced / requesting reinforcements. By going down to a 5 second despawn delay, you increase the chance that someone might be able to despawn more rapidly before a death / kill can be made. I am certain that is the root cause reason of why that is there. To be fair, this isn't that unreasonable and hasn't been a point of concern in my 8.5 years of doing this as a Rat now. I appreciate your level headed state of mind and these sort of suggestions I will listen to and try to respond as good as I can. Even if it's not the outcome you want, please take note that I respect, and appreciate, players who are willing to communicate in a respectful and helpful manner. This means a lot to me. Thanks.
  2. The more folks we have supporting this effort across the community, talking up WWII Online, the better off everything is going to be. This is an absolutely great and proven way to help the game. Don't assume that one individual cannot have an impact to improve things around here. Initiative and desire to proceed will be the big take away.
  3. There is a persona select delay which indicates to people which side to choose upon logging in. This usually is the first step for people going to help them. We're currently content with the minimum number of AO's available. The defending forces trying to manage two AO's is just too much on them and would, more importantly has via observation / data / historically, generated massive TZ3 breakouts that devastate the campaign's status. This is really encouraging, good side affect.
  4. That is possible if it's a defensive FMS and there are no enemy facilities captured nearby, yes. PPOs typically review nearby terrain objects and have certain rules, and it also pertains to distance to an enemy facility.
  5. Easy there Capco. We did add it as one of the slides. I have updated the text: https://store.steampowered.com/app/936710/Recruit_Pack/ Stay positive man.
  6. Not in any attempt to be disrespectful or ruffle feathers, though anything I say is scrutinized substantially more so than my fellow colleagues... I think we need more time to assess. The current Campaign's status cannot be contributed singularly to the removal of spawn delay. I believe it is being used as a crutch or means to justify the current Campaign state. I'll say again, I mean that most respectfully and in the most matter of fact way possible, not intended to insinuate anything other than what was stated.
  7. I can't believe, after years of telling us to get rid of spawn delay, we're now seeing players demand it to come back. Herein lies the difficulty we have at CRS with managing WWII Online player expectations. Just thought I'd point this out as a good opportunity for a learning moment. Officially... We have no update to provide in terms of our go-forward plan with spawn delay. We also don't want to see a knee jerk reaction to something that has been long demanded by the majority of the player base. Not sure we have enough results to make any sort of conclusion just yet. The balancing capturing was fully intended to work towards removal of spawn delay to get players into the game faster.
  8. Agreed Capco, absolutely top shelf volunteers force multiplying the CRS / WWII Online mission.
  9. @norwikThanks for stopping by and checking in, . Hope you check in a little bit more.
  10. The way we manage our spawn lists would make that very difficult. The number of supply would be cut into halves, then eventually thirds. Historical statistics would likely get wiped. A bunch of code would need to be done to make a single allied persona, as opposed to three allied personas. RDP would be affected by this too. The number of vehicles being rendered by the client would put extreme stress on lower end computers and even mid-grade, because if you see 3 A13's driving for example, your client only has to work to render 1 and then re-use the others. If you had an A13, H39 and Stuart for example, you'd have to render each of them. Multiply that several times over and it adds up. We have thought about it before, there's a mountain of considerations that exceed my writings that suggest it being a huge investment, for little gain, and potential issues to crop up.
  11. We all really appreciate your commentary here @rotsechs,
  12. We're providing users with knowledge with what they can do and why what they're getting is valuable. Most of the new users don't understand the entirety of the game as it is and focusing our messaging on the negative(s) won't really produce a positive outcome. Best bargain and solution: Become a premium subscriber, problems solved.
  13. We have no plans to provide the Engineer unit for a non-subscription (DLC) package. It's too vital, and we never gave those away for free in the first place (other than the 2 week trial, but it is very unlikely they'd get the rank to use it in that time line).
  14. The big drop in a short amount of time indeed sucks, but it's recognition that our game is niche. I don't think anyone's arguing that. But the niche that we have is very hardcore, like simulation maximum. Our Roadmap is intended to help boost numbers up again, by stabilizing game play, getting integrated voice comms, etc. Big things to help the game as it is. Once this Roadmap is completed, we are going to take a big step back and evaluate everything we're working on, and deciding exactly our route forward. And I don't mean keep doing the same'ole same'ole. We need to figure out our bold step forward, as a team, and it's going to take sometime to do that. We've added fixes, we've added content. We're doing so now as a means to continue to deliver and stabilize / build up our population and subscriber base. But to go another 20 years, we need to look at the big picture and see what we can do with the resources we have. Or make a plan for what is needed to do something radical.
  15. It's a key item that is probably the safest of anything being discussed here. But as it relates to manipulating these spawn lists, and their years of entry, if you haven't seen by now is going to be a risky proposition across the board. Which is why we're talking about it in advance.