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  1. Fixes on the way, report here: https://www.wwiionline.com/game-news/development-notes/hud-waypoint-trench-fixes-inbound
  2. In fact, improvements are already being put on the shelf and we're looking at a rapid deployment of them.
  3. Zebbeee's polls are in-game, on the forums, on social media and deployed via e-mail.
  4. I am actively looking for an animator, made mention of that before. Nothing has changed in that regard, as Hatch outlined, it was sitting on the shelf for well over a year and I decided to push it forward because the remaining fine-tuning was minor and no longer merited dust collection. One step at a time , doing our best here.
  5. FG42 needs audited - weeks of back and fourth, closed. Same day: STG44 needs audited Welcome to CRS land Krazydog! hehehe
  6. Yes but presumably you pay attention to the department of transportation signs? - Glad you got it resolved, patching going forward should be fine. The 64-bit architecture updates was the primary catalyst for that issue - sorry about that.
  7. People do read the launcher, maybe not everyone. It's there for a reason, maybe time to start reading the headlines a little bit more. The patching system is fixed as of this patch, when we did some heavy lifting with 64bit it caused some issues requiring a repair. You good to go now?
  8. It is my highest priority, to advance WWII Online's graphics and take us into the modern era.
  9. Same scenario, animator required. We applied the other animator's efforts on the release of several of the new weapons which were deemed far more important than those RG's. That being said it's on the list of desirable things to do. Unfortunately, it has taken a lot longer than what we ever wanted. That's the nature of the beast, and why it is so important for us to choose the most important things and actively look to lift our resource capabilities up, as it enables us to buy the time for the talented folks who can do the job.
  10. This is the right, and appropriate time to make this adjustment. I don't think they'll be disappointed.
  11. I saw this actually last week after doing some investigation. While it does successfully transfer the model over, it breaks it up into hundreds of pieces, and loses all of the essential comments on DOF's that do not make it a 1:1 translation. CRS is actively investigating how to make that transfer process 1:1 but we'll probably have to build our own in-house converter. More to follow.
  12. The STG44 is in a release-able state helping us deliver on our Roadmap. No extra work has been done to it as of late, and our need for an animator to finish of the M1A1 Carbine and .30 Caliber remains an important priority I am trying to resolve. The STG44 will be a Tier 3 weapon, available in limited fashion (very limited), and the FG42 will be withdrawn from the German Army units / available only for the Fallschirmjager. To be clear, there is no mass-produced Allied equivalent to the STG44, it was in its own league.
  13. If it's easier, e-mail me as well (link on my signature). The "ping" command gives us clues on your connection (ping time) to our servers. So in the command prompt, you'd type: ping wwiionline.com [enter] and it would spit out some information, multiple lines. We'd just need a few of those lines (Copy and Paste).
  14. Gents, please do us a favor by conducting a trace route of your connection to WWII Online. Assuming you are windows users, type this in your command prompt terminal: tracert wwiionline.com If you are a Mac user, type this in terminal: traceroute WWIIOnline.com Send your results to me via private message here in the forums. Send me this to: ping WWIIOnline.com By having both of this I can go to our Operations Lead and review things. We can then work with our internet service provider to see if you've got some weird hops that are un-necessary which may be adding arbitrary road blocks. Thank you!