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  1. As I mentioned to you in private message, we can configure your squad channel to be allowed for voice activation. Tell us which squad (channel) to update and we'll make it so. The whole server by default will be PTT unless otherwise requested by individual squads only.
  2. Just letting everyone know, the server will come down in the morning and we'll prepare for the Campaign. Good luck!
  3. Download the full installer to overwrite your old one. http://battlegroundeurope.net/getting-started
  4. I'm not sure of the fixation on this outside of curiosity. How is this helpful? Should I continue to play this game based on X amount of people or not? In terms of Discord (or TS) showing player numbers, it's entirely inaccurate. Because players either do not join them (they prefer the quiet) or have otherwise elected to be on their own server. And yes, "million of users," is certainly something we do not have. But we have had quite a few people come through and by our doors for sure.
  5. What? No. Submit a proper ticket please, http://support.playnet.com.
  6. Glad you got it all figured out @vasduten1, hope it's all smooth sailing from here.
  7. We know this has been going on for a bit, but this is the last push to be had. Requesting reinforcements, http://wwiionline.com/fund. If you can help, RIGHT NOW is the time, THIS IS IT!
  8. Change is feared @Pittpete, especially when a comfort zone has been built. It's okay we expect there to be some growing pains, but growing we are and adapting to newer technologies that the "gamer of today" is going to anticipate. We're not doing this just for the sake of change to be sure. Hopefully anyone who has been wondering about this has read my moving to discord justifications article (here).
  9. Under "General Discussions," GAME IDEAS / SUGGESTIONS
  10. Growing pains. Not everything is perfect but we're making some headway, people are getting used to it, more people are engaged with our game and with each other as community members. Progress.
  11. Switch to @mentions only notifications. Instructions: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/215253258-Notifications-Settings-101
  12. We have not planned (yet) to increase the visual player limit. The 64-bit application(s) will greatly improve client side performance by tapping into much needed modern hardware. We have done some bare bones estimations, and we will very shortly be testing multiclient, which will do stress testing to help us better prepare behind the scenes. The spawn list numbers will always be subject to change depending on the total amount of users. This will be an ongoing priority to ensure we have the most people, running as smoothly as possible, in a single campaign. AO's will also be a big factor, players will be far distributed among a number of AO's depending on the total population ingame.
  13. I think someone stepped on the wrong chord. Let me go digging for it and return it asap.