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  1. A percentage of ownership of available towns is something on the list. On day 1 release it won’t have that, but there’s a pretty good balance of officers and interested pilots to ensure multiple nations are well represented across the map.
  2. As of this very moment, the flags themselves look the same, but you can highlight your mouse over the town for details. Garrisons of course don’t move.
  3. Hellz yes @bondpaul! Outstanding
  4. Exactly. I am working on the Friday update right now about it.
  5. If we open up 2 AO minimum, that will equate to massive steam rolls across the map. I have seen it done repeatedly. The reason we have 1 AO hard-cap only, is to make sure there is the maximum opportunity for supply and engagement to take place. Once again, without it, we saw automatic AOs, or worse, HC driven decisions to exploiting and underpopulated situation. These things have happened for a reason. The consequence for reverting them, is contrary to stability. Are you sure this is something you'd want to advocate for?
  6. Yeah that one is pretty good. I'd just be prepared to ask them to turn it on, and also if they can provide you with the Windows key and such. Make sure it loads up without error.
  7. Tatonka, you need to figure out what sort of graphics card is in it, as well as determine if it can be upgraded going forward. If it's an onboard graphics card, stay away from it. Based on the size (to the right of the screen) it concerns me it will be very hard to upgrade.
  8. If you haven't seen, here's the fix:
  9. I like this UI design concept, it makes a lot of sense.
  10. @xanthus I miss a lot of those guys in your screen shots. Good friends in there, one of them, Ryanez, a personal RL close friend.
  11. The game is not exactly as it was 10, or even almost 17 years ago when it first launched, nor are the graphics. There have been several improvements made, new content added, different game play mechanisms introduced, etc. Why do I have the feeling that your intentions here are to bank on being critical to our weak points for the sake of some publicity? It is always easier to be the pessimist rather than the optimist. Am I reading your writings properly?
  12. Issuing Officer: Xoom Recipient Name: @spideruk Date of action: November 10th, 2018 Side: Allied Citation: Spideruk stood up when others did not, during crucial defense of Antwerp on November 10th, 2018, and voluntarily assumed command as a brigade officer in charge. During this time Spideruk displayed excellent leadership and provided guidance to Allied soldiers in the area. By his efforts he was able to stop several German advances and restore ownership of facilities to British command. Individual Citation Spideruk This Citation is to be issued by Country Command or higher to Individuals who display outstanding Leadership and Teamwork in the field along side their fellow Allies.
  13. Godvini, This is at the height of our priority list and a hot fix is coming out rapidly, not fast enough to be sure. I've added an extra week of time to make up for the difference, and yes, we are sorry you're experiencing this but we can't go any faster to get it to you. I'm not sure how to take your "old game review" YouTube video. I will say that CRS has a very close relationship with the WWII Online base and we maintain the highest level of integrity with good intentions to serve a loyal player base. Seeing that this is your first day with our community, I'd like to welcome you, and hope you'll be patient enough, with this level of interaction and care towards your inquiry, to demonstrate the awesomeness of our game and community.
  14. Everything that ends up in our game, must go through Creator, the program that you guys have helped us fund and maintain. That is the file type our game reads and allows us to work on previously created (in Creator) content that we otherwise could not work on.
  15. Because people who join the High Command should join for the right reasons, which pertain to the betterment of the games health. If we offered a path to people not having to pay a subscription, which is what all premium people do (a requirement to be part of HC btw) then who would we be attracting? People “volunteer” for the right reasons and recognize that there subscription directly goes into keeping the game going, in the most literal sense by paying for server upkeep and personnel to develop the game. That is why we are still here. There are other ways to incentivize HC participation, which I am working with the Community Management team on, but full blown free subscriptions is not the way. It has been discussed for many years now and the same conclusion is always drawn. Opening up the High Command to more subscription types, may be one alternative however. There is the potential for good leaders to exist as FREE PLAYERS or STARTER subscribers. But we wouldn’t give Premium access away for free.