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  1. Yup, it's an issue. I know it, and so does all of CRS. Gotta fix it, I agree. We got a lot of irons in the fire and are making progress in several ways. This is one of them that we intend to hit hard as soon as 1.36 is delivered and/or likely in conjunction with integrated voice comms development. Not sure what more to say here at this stage other than nod - I get it.
  2. I can appreciate this. Our integrated voice comms plan definitely gets people to work together for sure, and it's role based / multi-layer driven. There is a new UI plan that did start to get some work but due to the Holidays had to get a back seat to see 1.36 be completed.
  3. Like I said, I am not comfortable with it either. But we have a plan to try some new product offerings. We gotta keep trying until we get it to work.
  4. Some commentary I understand the thought process and desire of wanting to give away more stuff. Fact is, it reduced our conversion rate to a paid anything and did not contribute to a massive increase in players being online. We will not be giving away all infantryman for free. We do have a plan for new products (subscriptions) that we'll be sharing with you soon. Watch closely for it. Reserve access was very much intended to ensure free players got to use automatic weapons without it being siphoned by subscribers. The reason for this was those players had highly requested access to an automatic, and it would likely improve their experience and conversion. If they didn't convert, at least they kept playing and enjoying themselves enough to populate the server. This whole forcing free players to the underpopulated side was mentioned by Lipton several times and is not a new concept. I think integrated voice communications and promoting squad incentives will do wonders to help with new player retention and improving existing customer experiences. I know we need to do more work here and I am not content with how things are currently - there is work going on behind the scenes.
  5. This is pretty cool btw, I think story telling like this is unique to our community and is a joy for others to read. Was a lot of fun, hard fought good Campaign for sure.
  6. The complexity stems from the UI, not the underlying layer per-se. We know this and have a design plan that we hope to start implementing after we complete some major things currently in the pipeline. Meanwhile, you can type .j gamename someone and see the active battles tab to try and mitigate the things that we're currently facing UI wise. We won't sit here and try to convince you that our UI is in tip top shape, but rather the opposite. It's what we inherited, it's been here for awhile, and it needs to change, quickly to salvage new customers coming in who are getting lost and frustrated.
  7. Arbitrary as in the timer. I'm not downing the idea just stating that the timer is a variable not yet determined. That's my way of not adding fuel onto the fire to debate something specific in a design that hasn't been approved or fully defined . Also known as... experience.
  8. Yes it has been discussed in the past that there was an option that the mission leader could set a MISSION SPAWN/LAUNCH timer that would halt spawning until the timer clicked over and your spawn button would activate. That would allow some time to rally up. I see value in that, as long as it's optional. The trouble with the other suggestion is that you have arbitrary rolling spawn in times. I've seen that done pretty well in Star Wars Battlefront.
  9. Well yeah if they're permanently disabled, there's no reason to use them. I've been able to successfully use them in almost every time that I've logged in. If you mean you don't get points, yeah you're right no incentive. But if you want to be a mission leader that directs users on your mission, this is the most effective way to do it, until we get integrated voice comms that is. And THAT, is going to be awesome-sauce. I've seen several good field leaders using .orders, I'd suggest reconsidering. It does work, but it has to be actively updated and managed. Start mission Setup mobile spawn Place objective waypoint Have orders supporting your goal Update 4&5 as they evolve
  10. Getting mission leaders to exercise that tool of directing users is also another issue. The lack of mission leaders using waypoints and directing their combatants with that .orders is pretty obvious, and unfortunate because although it takes a little time to get setup, is very very valuable. Avoiding the hijack? Good on ya . Also, let's see those pink toes, PROVE IT.
  11. That's essentially a full time spawn delay on everyone. 10 seconds is pretty negligible and I get the objective of getting people to group up together... but how would the rest of the community respond to this?
  12. Our database logs all points achieved by players and many other statistics, most of which can be found in the combat statistics and reporting pages.
  13. .net redirects to the wwiionline.com URL. Don't use the .net anymore