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  1. Nope, I am just coming back from taking a couple of much needed days off.
  2. Our intention of bringing the rebuild timers down for expended supply was to help improve the supply situation around the clock so that late night rolls wouldn't be such a bad thing. Particularly in TZ3 where supply would've been exhausted from a whole days worth of fighting. That suggestion derived from this very forum thread, and is now being stated as incomplete or half listening. Nothing like being blamed for trying to do the right thing. Ultimately, we are responsible for making game play change calls at the end of the day, and we will take that into consideration moving forward more carefully.
  3. Steam is the gateway to adding much needed population to the game. CRS recognizes this and is doing everything it can to make that a possibility. With more players in the game world, everyone will have more fun and folks to play with and shoot at. We're almost there, hang in there.
  4. They were definitely not very happy with us. The Campaign is this sacred thing, any changes to it, is like changing the Whopper or Big Mac, you just can't do it... without someone getting upset. CRS becomes the bad guy even though it tried to listen to the players in that case, and in others. It's all fine and dandy if things work out, but damn CRS if they made an alteration in something to try and it goes wrong... it's like the HC making a bad map move, best way I can explain it.
  5. I'll think on this some, we cannot make changes mid-Campaign however.
  6. Hello everyone, Seems like when I decide not to check the forums for a week things start to get out of control. I had to take a couple of real days off, with the stress of everything going on and particularly Steam deployment, it was much needed. I have indicated as much as I could have that 1.36 was very important to me and the rest of CRS, and that we recognize the value of working to improve our current conditions. We have been very open with communication and have taken direct suggestions to try and clamp the current issues we can reach. Some folks are impatiently throwing their hands up wanting immediate results, I understand it, I was there. There are also some folks who question the value over Steam, which comes as a bit of a surprise, especially considering we are already generating 4 times the amount of traffic there in an un-released state, than we are with all other initiatives combined. Please understand that we are listening to your feedback but we are trying to accomplish an integral mission that will bolster our player numbers and improve game play in such a way that many other things can not yet achieve. If you've read my other posts here in this thread talking about the decision process, the reluctancy and difficulty of putting a halt to 1.36 and the justifications for doing so, then I am not sure what more to say because those things still stand true. We have been fighting a very hard battle to get to this point, and we're at the 10 yard line to finally scoring our touch down. Why are you giving up now? We have not given up internally, quite the opposite. Hold the line. Continue to communicate, present solutions, stomping your feet doesn't achieve much and it isn't actionable. Stomping your feet louder in dismay doesn't change out comes, but do please know, we hear you. My plate is maxed out right now with stuff to do, I hope this acknowledgement helps a little.
  7. We don't have any functionality in place to support sorting the trickle, and don't have enough time available to invest in it at the moment. We'll see how these changes have an effect upcoming here as proposed for this Campaign and analyze what more we need to do. I'll mention it to the guys and see if there's anything that could be done.
  8. I'll mention it to the team and see what they say.
  9. What's all this civil productive discussion going on in here? Don't you all know this is the forums!? good job guys!
  10. On that note, the Automated Training Tutorials will very soon be a requirement, without the ability to bypass it. We firmly believe that little 15-20 minute investment of time will be a key solution to retention and new players coming into WWII Online's Campaign more prepared. Some tutorials have also been removed due to having some fairly unrealistic expectations for completing them. We're going to continue to review training tutorials and such as we move forward as well, we think this is pretty essential and what we're going to have them do is the first 5 basic training items. With regards to the Training Server itself, we do need to sit down and investigate how we want this configured. Time has not been our friend in this regard. I suspect like the changes for Campaign 139 inbound, we may be able to do some fairly trivial changes that work to help the situation. Investing a lot of time into it at this moment isn't really an option due to our resource spread at the moment. So what are some low hanging fruit items we can attack to improve the situation right away?
  11. Yes it can be, you use "N" for free look. It's best in Air Craft to be used, but can be used for other vehicles. Like your joystick, just make your X / Y axis the head movement of the Track IR. You'll want the Track IR application running before you launch the game, and keep it running the whole time. Some quick "Track IR" or "TrackIR" searches in the forums and I think you can find more detailed information.
  12. We have a couple of options on the table, one of which we're leaning towards and is being designed on paper / filtered prior to conducting work on it. We recognize that this remains one of the core issues.
  13. My faith in High Command's role in WWII Online has never changed, I have said all along HC will have a place in the game and that the people who are (or have been) inside of the HC program are some of our best. My faith in HC's ability to handle their insane work load is the only thing at question, and that is something that is not their fault that we have to fix. That is the entire purpose of this whole initiative, other than of course ensuring that the players do not suffer and there is a fighting chance even in the most tough strategic situations.
  14. Today I had a meeting with several team members to discuss how to clamp the situation and at a minimum, ease the burden a bit in the interim. I will have an announcement to provide this coming week about changes that are inbound for Campaign 139. Hang in there BMW