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  1. At today's RAT chat we unveiled the current progress of one of our Roadmap items, the "Mission Leader Waypoint" update. The objective here is to provide users of all skill level better guidance and direction of where the critical objectives / rally points are. This is in keeping with CRS's intent to improve the game experience for everyone. What other Mission Leader Tools can we develop? Do note: Radical ideas sound cool but may be too difficult to accomplish. So post with the thought of minimum viable product to the best of your ability. I realize it's our job to help you discern that difference, so post away and any sort of sketches or concepts will definitely help us better understand your idea. Here are the pictures from today's work in progress, Mission Leader Waypoints.
  2. Make sure you're not using Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer. You can even try to use your phone. Those two browsers mentioned are NOT supported for this new billing method management module. So you could have a perfectly fine card but you have to use a compatible browser.
  3. Instructions here: https://playnet.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213234338-Update-Billing-Method-to-Subscribe-Updated-12-8-19- Otherwise submit a support ticket here: https://playnet.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  4. Wait until this ML Waypoint thing goes live, I really hope people who are mission leaders take advantage of this as it will be the single greatest direction tool in the hands of our player-driven component we've created on the HUD.
  5. Hmm worth discussing, I like the idea but we gotta be careful not to clutter the HUD up too much. Join the discussion here --> http://forums.wwiionline.com/forums/topic/424515-mission-leader-tools/
  6. We'll cross that road when it's time that we have AI columns to work with. As I said in the Rat Chat, we are HUGE fans of AI columns for shipping as an example to simulate lend-lease/resupply / RDP efforts from USA to England. I think that would greatly promote naval warfare by having a real incentive.
  7. The system is working properly to update your billing method now, we fixed it this morning. Was a hoop with our processor that we had to jump through.
  8. It'll be Campaign 170 start in the morning as TMAN has indicated (9-10AM Pacific Time). Get your war face on and get ready for another great WWII Online Campaign!
  9. Today we have learned that one of our long-time friends and fellow RAT, Geof "Docdoom" Evans, has been diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer). This news is difficult to bare and we want to do what ever is possible to help Doc in this trying time. If you know Doc, you know he's not the kind of guy who asks for help. CRS, both present and retired RATS, have all come together in recognition that we need to not only make sure people know about this, but are provided with an opportunity to help mitigate the burden now placed on our friend, and brother in arms, Doc. https://www.gofundme.com/help-doc-fight-lymphoma
  10. Offline Billing is no longer a thing. I just checked your account and you should be due for payment, but your account status is in an active state, which is very concerning for me. It should've went to Grace mode after no monies were collected on the 20th, your routine billing date.
  11. At the top of http://www.wwiionline.com I've added a video behind the text (in black and white) to show game footage and tell a bigger story, automatically about the game. I'll be monitoring website results carefully to see if we're seeing an increase in users signing up, and what sort of retention we'll be gaining in terms of using staying and watching it. My question is: what do you think?
  12. Good feedback, we'll see what we can do to smooth it out some.
  13. Roger I am aware of the mobile issue, working on a solution. Thanks for reporting it! Yeah I was hoping that theme would resonate a bit, thanks! Thanks for feedback!
  14. Veterans assisting new players is not a new task, but it is ever vital. Especially with the return of Free Play, we've seen a 40% climb in players online, only further illustrating the need to hand down that knowledge and have structured training sessions which produce future long-term members of WWII Online. There are many players who come through WWIIOnline.com and our Steam channel who have a lot of questions and need support. If you'd like to share your knowledge and help create and train others on really important curriculum, @pfmosquito is your guy and I highly encourage you to step forward and give these new players a shot at being a successful member of the WWII Online community. Your participation and sharing of wisdom is a vital component to this.
  15. Yeah that’s a pretty accurate statement. Sharing wisdom is going to be a key part of all this. I think it’s safe to say we’ve effectively given Free Players the ability to move troops and setup mobile spawns effectively. Since the topic is focused on towing guns, the only guns that free players have can be towed by this vehicles as well, so they do match up in terms of competency and usage needs.
  16. Welcome back @dre21
  17. I know so. Things are looking up, gotta keep pressing into it.
  18. More players online?
  19. Cheers, and absolutely - Salute / thank you to all of our veterans who are part of the WWII Online family.
  20. Everyone is interested in the new Bunkers reporting to the starting lines / most played areas of WWII Online. We've asked the production team to begin examining what it would take and prepare resources to swap out the bunkers in 10 of the most played and uniquely strategic towns. Given that these are pretty high-poly at this stage, I'd recommend we start with 1 AB smaller towns (like Schilde, for example). If you were to create your TOP 10 list of where these new bunkers would have maximum return on investment for player fun and creating memorable game moments, where would they be? Remember: Only 1AB towns as a starting point for this discussion! Also identify whether it's the pentagon bunker with the outer perimeter, or the regular bunker (no outer walls). Here's the regular city bunker (good for AB Walls) Here's the pentagon bunker (shouldn't have AB walls)
  21. There's a strong probability that this will go in all together on one patch, that will be our goal. As @OLDZEKE has rightly indicated, there may be some unforeseen issue preventing that, but it's our goal to achieve this in one swoop. Presently, we have a hotfix coming to correct a recent issue that crept up with the patch, as well as pushing rapidly for 64-bit refinement/deployment.
  22. We looked at the nearby bunkers in the area and we'll be positioning / moving items around to avoid camping and creating a situation where defenders will have a solid opportunity. We want Verdun to be a tough nut to crack, and we believe these changes will make that play environment quite challenging and memorable.
  23. We are almost ready as the guys have indicated to roll this out. I realize it is coming later than expected, even for us, and we are moving as quickly as we can to get this rolled out. No one is standing here to make excuses, we can only deal with the reality. Our current goal as mentioned is to haul ass and get this through to delivery. We're working on it as quickly as we can and we have not forgotten or created any intentional delay to stall this out. We're almost there.
  24. Okay just got done with our chat with the Production team, and we've come up with an official list that we've now put into motion. Thanks for your participation and feedback, we incorporated that and some additional ideas. I don't normally share this amount of detail before something is implemented, but it does make for great discussion and gives you some insight in-advance for what's coming. New placements for Bunkers (Starting progress) Dinant: Pentagon bunker (Westside) Update WAB AI Zones of fire Schilde: City Bunker (Cement) Grobbendonk: Pentagon Leuven: Pentagon Face bunker entry to the NW Namur NAB: Pentagon Bunker Remove walls and non-military buildings Maneuver fortifications to better defensive positions Add in ruins or other militaristic (non-start) buildings nearby Verdun EAB: Pentagon bunker Remove walls Adjust positions of infantry spawns to avoid camping Adjust AI positions for maximum bunker coverage Add spawnable depot at Notre Dame to maximize fighting/hilltop command We want that hilltop to have more climactic battles Add ruins on the mouth of the east forest, 45* angle facing NW for defensive positions and/or offensive positions This will add a different flavor in the area here Longwy: Swap both bunkers to the concrete bunkers Ramet: Pentagon, facing east. Tielt: Pentagon, south bunker Vlissingen, cement bunker
  25. Put your list together!