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  1. I think I've been pretty transparent about things, the news from the beginning of this month illustrating that. Everyone who is a veteran of this game by now should realize how significant their subscription is. We're 100% community funded, and that alone. The community is doing its part in resubscribing and keeping their accounts solid in our new billing system. As always, that is the #1 thing that we need done to keep everything healthy. We can get to the bugs, feature requests and iterating as long as that is taken care of, because things (colo / isp / power / security / people / technology) cost money. I will not be diving into the particular numbers, it's inappropriate to do so and it is truly not productive. We just had another great challenging moment in our history with this recent billing, by which many of us have had to once again sacrifice to our limits, that we're just now starting pull out of. I am happy to share more of what my plan is in due time but at this particular moment, the Roadmap 2019-20 serves as our primary guidepost, as well as keeping things healthy/operational. Just know that I and our team are committed to keeping WWIIOL operational, and advancing its technology within our resource capabilities. I am interested in doing more, and we can do more, but beyond our capacity of output truly does require increased subscription revenue so I can buy the time and talent of the individuals capable of making those things happen. Meanwhile, WWIIOL continues, and as I said earlier our longevity has been increased with the recent infrastructure relocation.
  2. The final RATS standing when stuff hit the fan in 2012 were: Doc Gophur Bloo Myself (Xoom) Maypole This is who it came down to, to make the decision of digging the trench and holding the line or retreating. As you know, we decided not to give up and we pressed into the challenges. Ohm was there too along with a handful of other volunteers, and that number grew quite a bit. It's a long story to put together those pieces, but it's something I'll write up one day. It is still very fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday, the whole series of events. What has brought us to this point is a no-give up mentality and optimism for our future. It could not have been possible without two things: 1) The RATS who were willing to do it, for very little. 2) The Community continuing to pay their subscription. Not surprisingly, this is what continues to this day. This working relationship is what will take us into the future, and now with CRS being responsible for the infrastructure, it solidifies our longevity even further. Stay the course, let's keep it up. #WEGOTTHIS
  3. Sniper is very much still an active contributing member with CRS, if this was intended as a joke, I don't find it funny. There was some work done very recently to get database replication established which was a key component to getting stats configured. I need you guys to be patient and recognize we are aware of this and how important it is to you. We are not intentionally delaying anything but it's not a simple matter of "Hey dude, turn my stats on." Takes a little bit of effort to get things properly configured.
  4. I spoke with the team briefly about this on Tuesday during our regular meeting and it's a known thing that needs to get done. I don't have an ETA for you at the moment. Best information would come from @SNIPER62.
  5. We’ll get an answer on that shortly, last night we were very focused on just getting the reset script functional which helps us transition the campaign server and all settings to either campaign or intermission, etc.
  6. The M1 Garand and BAR would not be in this intermission due to the special settings we have anyway. US forces had plenty of play during the campaign as well.
  7. Just about to go live...
  8. We're still working on it. Meanwhile, check out the intermission plan: https://www.wwiionline.com/community-notes/reports/allies-win-campaign-170-intermission-plan
  9. Billing is now back online and operational. http://account.wwiionline.com
  10. The same people who argue that 1.36 didn't yield their desired results would demand that we actually retract further and un-do what has been done to automate the majority of their function in their absence. I was hopeful that with the High Command demands being substantially removed that we'd see more veteran players stepping up to HC / volunteer because you're right, the last major thing they have to do is to manage Objectives and direct players to them. Players determining where the battles are and the strategic objectives being is something that will be very difficult to automate, but the best thing we can do is to give it to the hands of player leaders such as we have outlined in the "Proximity based AO" concept that we were looking at. Are we ready for that? Do the players no longer have faith in our High Command teams to even do that? Or could we see more players joining High Command to help with the AO management / player direction equation?
  11. Not a bad idea really, some sort of "feedback" I'm sure would be helpful.
  12. Well, I mean we could beef up the parameters but PPOs are not built to be persistent. We could give the "illusion" of it though like its lifetime could be 8 hours with a significant damage threshold as an arbitrary example. We'll have to balance that carefully, and this example does not reflect any intended development outcome / plan, only as a reference point.
  13. I was like, wait, where the hell did a decade just go ? LOL
  14. @blkfalcon You're back online/active. So here's what we're doing meanwhile, each morning @CHIMM is handling renewable transactions BY HAND to give them access. I asked him to start doing this a few days ago to proactively resolve things going forward. @PITTPETE meanwhile is doing a bang-up (albeit very frustrating) job of handling all of the incoming tickets. These will shore up soon with what Chimm is doing and we'll go back to normal operations. Then, automation going forward, we have our development team working on resolving the links that need to be established between our billing/account system and the processors API that is causing this fuss. All of these things are happening now and will get smoother. With the holidays officially completed, and us starting the New Year, most of our team is now back and back to a functional status.
  15. And they're back online, now in Portland. Lighten up, Francis .
  16. To be fair, while our plan has been to work on VOIP for a couple of years now, actual progress in that realm has not started due to change over with our crew. That being said, it's a blessing in disguise because newer technologies have been developed that may better suit our needs and desires for WWIIOL's integrated voice comms solution that we have planned. I am so ready to get started on it btw! It would totally change the game. Meanwhile, we're approaching the tail end of our migration, dealing with some billing stuff (almost resolved [insert prayer here]) and gotta get that 64-bit out.
  17. This is the biggest logistical move we've ever undertaken. And we've run into a series of unforeseen challenges, which we're getting through but takes a bit more time. Consider for a moment that today is Christmas and that the RATS are taken a much-needed breather. On Christmas eve most of us worked until about 4:50 PM Pacific time, and several more continued to test beyond that. We'll get right back to it first thing tomorrow morning, this breather is necessary and we're very close to getting things online. Meanwhile, we're testing server stability and the other teams are continuing to test several scenarios on the game cluster. Thanks for your understanding.
  18. Today we have learned that one of our long-time friends and fellow RAT, Geof "Docdoom" Evans, has been diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer). This news is difficult to bare and we want to do what ever is possible to help Doc in this trying time. If you know Doc, you know he's not the kind of guy who asks for help. CRS, both present and retired RATS, have all come together in recognition that we need to not only make sure people know about this, but are provided with an opportunity to help mitigate the burden now placed on our friend, and brother in arms, Doc. https://www.gofundme.com/help-doc-fight-lymphoma
  19. Thanks for your support guys! This is a BIG deal, and of course, there's a lot involved. We've done as much planning and prep as we could've to make this go smoothly. We're very excited to evaluate how our new router, switches, cabling, and servers are going to perform!
  20. That thrill you're referring to also resulted in the worst morale conditions possible on the receiving end, which also directly impacted business. Let's please also remember just how badly High Command was failing on both sides to field an appropriate level of officer coverage to manage the in-game operations. The same people who are criticizing 1.36 were the ones responsible predominately for the High Command at a COMMAND level. You know what their response was for the problem? CRS didn't do enough. Well, we answered that call and 1.36 removed the total reliance on too few. Not too long ago the game was crippled with no HC online. While it may have been fun for some veteran High Commander's, the game's operation was dependent on a pure volunteer force who always felt they did not have sufficient manpower or tools to succeed. Put any new guy into that scenario and it was a doomsday scenario, I saw people gain their officer rank and within a week be gone because it was too much pressure. What is High Command now? HC is a leadership organization which is now driven towards supporting the gameplay, specifically by rallying troops, moving supplemental supply, establishing attack objectives. Now the players don't have to beg for an HC officer to be online to spawn into the game world, and we're seeing new officers joining because they're learning it's not a big spooky set of responsibilities like it was. You know what they were? A select few officers moving flags in the background answering to themselves mostly, ripping AO's out from under players without saying a word, and complaining about how hard it was to find a Map OIC. Yes, this stuff actually happened, a lot. Fortunately not by everyone, but there's a clear history of repetition of that behavior. So let's please not pretend like these changes were without consideration or years of clear evidence that High Command was overtaxed with their responsibilities and with the game's operation being on their shoulders almost exclusively, was a game design failure. How do I know this? Because I spent the first half of my time at CRS working with High Command's via our Community Management / Game Management team(s) trying to solve these problems. So we had to get surgical guys, I'm sorry you may not like it as much, but we had to make the right call to stabilize the campaign. And I believe that we have done so.
  21. At today's RAT chat we unveiled the current progress of one of our Roadmap items, the "Mission Leader Waypoint" update. The objective here is to provide users of all skill level better guidance and direction of where the critical objectives / rally points are. This is in keeping with CRS's intent to improve the game experience for everyone. What other Mission Leader Tools can we develop? Do note: Radical ideas sound cool but may be too difficult to accomplish. So post with the thought of minimum viable product to the best of your ability. I realize it's our job to help you discern that difference, so post away and any sort of sketches or concepts will definitely help us better understand your idea. Here are the pictures from today's work in progress, Mission Leader Waypoints.
  22. 2002 & Ez Company Keep it goin!
  23. Do you (and other veterans who understand WWIIOL well) want to join High Command to help manage the AO's, and maintain a player-driven game, or do you want CRS to program a way to automatically remove stale AO's / find alternatives to HC managing AO's, because AO's are really all they have left to handle other than rallying troops / comms. I strongly recommend players join High Command to help manage AOs. HC is no longer burdened with crazy amounts of responsibility as it used to be, that's what 1.36 Hybrid Supply solved, and that in fact, has been solved - ask any HC officer who is currently there now, who has had pre-1.36 HC experience.
  24. Make sure you're not using Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer. You can even try to use your phone. Those two browsers mentioned are NOT supported for this new billing method management module. So you could have a perfectly fine card but you have to use a compatible browser.