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  1. @aismov The $49.99/mo Hero Builder + (Plus) plan is purely intended for those who wish and are capable of providing more resources. It's an optional plan as the e-mails indicated. It will also count towards +2 the Hero Builder goal that we have set. So yes there will continue to be the following Hero Builder plans: $29.99/mo Hero $49.99/mo Hero Plus $359.99/yr Hero Yearly In the future I'll see what I can do to bolster the Hero Plus to make it more advantageous. At present it's more for supporting the dev roadmap in lieu of the standard yearly indiegogo thing at present. (That may come at another time, but this takes precedence).
  2. Yes the more AB’s, the more supply there is. 1AB = 1:1 2AB = 1AB x 1.5 3AB = 1AB x 2 4AB = 1AB x 2.5
  3. Today marks my 9th year as a member of CRS. I'd like to thank you all for supporting me. During this time it has meant a tremendous amount, and it has given me great fulfillment. It has been an extraordinary opportunity to learn so much about what WWII Online is from within the core of the engine and our entire community. This year I learned how to implement completed art work, whether it be Infantry weapons, or vehicles, into the data structure. I also wrote my first bit of code, and got a little help on that one (thanks - you know who you are). I am proud of our team at CRS and how far they've grown. You can see the evidence of that growth when you look at the releases that were published this year, and the roadmap for the upcoming year. They're constantly sharing information and are gladly picking up each other when it gets tough. Being a RAT, while immensely fulfilling as a former community member, can be very challenging in the face of adversity. Anyone who wears the tag is a target for all the woes. I'd ask for the sake of our contributors at CRS that the community propels them forward. And finally, the part that I have to say because I see all of the moving parts... I would implore those of you who can, to subscribe, and maintain that subscription. If this is done, we will stand the test of time and add another almost 20 years to the possibilities of WWII Online. This is the most important thing that you can do, single handedly, to have a direct and sincere impact. Please don't mistake this as just another message to discard. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this great blessing and faith.
  4. All time favorite? Vlissingen, back in the old days when the forests had solid walls. Best infantry fights I have ever been apart of.
  5. You may want to connect with our support team so they can evaluate your settings, ISP, network card, etc. Make sure you jiggle net code 3 either on or off in your preferences. http://support.wwiionline.com
  6. D'awe
  7. Having spawn delay maxed at 30 seconds didn't really provide an improved result. It was thought more effective than my numbers show them to be. Since we've toned down spawn delay there has been less player frustration, more people staying for longer, and more sorties overall. These are healthy and encouraging signs. The balancing capture mechanism seems to be doing its job pretty effectively. At the end of the day, those who are side loyal will not switch. Their ability to cap pre-balancing capture era isn't possible to that degree. You say "it explains ______" as if it's absolutely certain but I am not so sure based on what I've seen. Spawn delay... has been part of all my time here over the last 9 years at CRS and it is one of the highest customer complained about topics. At one point it reached a terrible 4-5 minutes, an unbelievable number. Spawn delay works to frustrate and discourage players from staying online to play. It is left on primarily as a way to let people know that one side is imbalanced as it is the best tool we have to make that clear. If we reviewed the concurrent population logs, and analyzed for imbalance, most of the time you would see it balanced give or take 5 extra bodies - not enough to tilt the whole campaign. That's not to say, when there's a major strategic breakthrough there won't be a greater tilt. That just happens, for both sides, and interfering with their game play in such an intrusive manner isn't something I want to entertain further. We had years of data to review with spawn delay, and before the balanced capturing mechanism, it was the only one we had to work with. That is no longer the case and there shouldn't be an assumption of a major improvement if we upped spawn delay.
  8. When we do an update you'll know that we've checked in some code to support it. Our dev has indicated that she thinks she knows what's causing it but it's not a 100% bullet proof certainty as it is a bit hard to replicate it. But reviewing the logs gave her a lot of understanding of what was happening. That's all I can say for now that is accurate.
  9. It's the same mechanism (logic) that considers spawn delay. So that means it'd factor number of players spawned in to the game world. That one however is global.
  10. Quality WWIIOL
  11. Saw several today and pointed it out to our team. They’ve got some good leads and a potential fix coming. Apologies for the inconveniences it is causing, to you and others.
  12. Pretty sure it factors all players spawned in locally for balanced capture timers. Spawn delay max is 10 seconds now so it’s really negligible and not a concern.
  13. I think 5 minutes or so. There’s not too many variables in between that worth making the server check faster. More routines running can slow things down.
  14. Should all be based on those spawned into the game playing IIRC.
  15. If we provided the Allies with this ability, that means they could, after an attack, change their town from French to British, and get 100% British supply in 4 hours. Meanwhile what ever German supply was expended would continue to follow that 15 hour resupply rate. Let me make sure I am saying this properly... you can QUICKLY (5-10 minutes) replace a Country Owner of a Garrison at anytime, as long as it isn't linked to an AO'd town. It just takes 15 hours for that supply to come back together overall. That makes resupply consistent with what we have to work with on roll out between Allied and Axis forces. If you change a country after it's already established, you should really have a solid reason for it and understand the risks involved. If we can reduce those risks in the future cleverly, we will. I understand why the Allies are concerned with this as it is currently designed but it's really important to have this as an option because without an option, it'd be a lot worse.
  16. It's an option for you guys as Allies to modify your lines. If we didn't include that, you wouldn't have one and it'd be North vs South all over again. This was key to the design and while it's rudimentary now can be built upon later. We've said all along that in our design plans the Allies having three different countries to consider by default will increase its difficulty in management. It doesn't take 15 hours to get some supply, that's just the total rebuild of 0% to 100% supply. Flipping Garrisons around willy-nilly is not advisable for sure. We've tried to help mitigate that by having no penalty for newly captured towns because both Allied and Axis forces have the same initial trickle in timer which will keep the war progressing and supply available for players. Until we can implement something more robust for manually changing of supply, which we have a couple of options that have been discussed internally, this is what we have to give you the option to do what is needed. We have also determined that we'll have THREE (3) move-able ground divisions on the start of 1.36 so this should help with move-able supply and variety. Might be able to have French move-able units around British Garrisons, vice versa to help offset things a bit in that regard. We're almost to the point where the demand on HC should be dropping dramatically to manage and maneuver supply and players will have more supply to play and work with across the whole game world. Should be really great.
  17. No, it's a hard value set. I wouldn't advocate for any changes to that either.
  18. @victorhugoGreat to see you! I kid you not... I am listening to Nirvana's album right now. That is CRAZY coincidental (All Apologies). We can get your original game name back if you want btw. Very cool to see you here checking in.
  19. Their supply will be unusable, that's the definition of deactivated. Once you buffer the Air Field, that supply will become available again. Paratroopers are an exception however, you will still be able to use Paratroopers at an unbuffered Air Field to promote more usage of them.
  20. A newly captured town, will have a 10 minute delay before it becomes active. During that 10 minute period, Allied Officers can change the Garrison to the country ownership of their choosing, without penalty. From there, a trickle rate from 0% to 100% supply will take 60 minutes, or 1 hour. German supply acts the same in every respect, except they will only have one Garrison country owner. The 15 hour resupply penalty is for when Allied forces manually try to change an already determined owner and they decide to change it later. The reason it is set up this way is because it's the best option we could implement at the earliest opportunity to give you guys options without making it something gamed in a way that would provide an unfair supply replenish advantage. It is intentionally something you don't want to do without consideration. You will have the option to VETO a change within the first 5 minutes as it is in a proposal state, like AO and brigade movements today. This 15 hour resupply matches the global setting of when a unit is expended to the time the factories rebuild and deploy that unit to the frontline... or what people refer to as RDP today. Allied forces will be unable to change the ownership of a Garrison to a town which is connected to an active attack objective.
  21. Every Airfield, Docks and Deep Water Port will have an Army Persona Garrison.
  22. Guys please do a full reinstall of the game, www.wwiionline.com/join
  23. Overstocking with the brigade system has been quite painful for years, leading to the decay in this sort of thing happening. Happy to report we've been able to simplify overstocking by enabling users to simply create a mission from any garrison and be able to despawn and drop that supply into the garrison of your choosing.
  24. This is correct @dandare9, and there's no difference in how LW or Allied Air Force Garrisons work, exactly the same with the rules and frontlines vs not.
  25. I've decided to start a new post here and start fresh, as my last post caused quite a bit of a ruckus. That thread was closely monitored and we understand how important this is to you all. All subsequent LMG threads have been closed as of this writing so that we can stay focused here. These are considered WWII Online's light machine guns, and any changes will have an equal effect on them: Bren Gun (UK) FM24/29 (FR) MG34 (DE) .30 Caliber (Allied) - currently in development Solutions for the LMG class are to be: No reloading while in motion No firing while in motion WE WILL NOT BE TWEAKING OR TARGETING ANY WEAPONS PERFORMANCE NEGATIVELY (NERFING) IN ANY FASHION. The Small Arms audit is still planned and should add enhancements (improvements) to all of these weapons and other infantry based weapons. This means you will still be able to perform all other functions, including hip firing. However you cannot reload or shoot your LMG while jogging, walking, or any form of moving of any kind. One exception is being stationary, and looking left - right, and up-down. You can shoot and reload and provide stationary 360 degree hip fire cover or suppression, should you choose. DEMONSTRATION OF SOLUTION IN ACTION