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  1. Constructive, respectful feedback is encouraged. By unsubscribing your account, you are 100% not helping us resolve problems. Free account posting on the forums are a privilege. There is no obligation to maintain that when violating the TOS. All veteran accounts should already have a free play subscription, this extra step isn't necessary. The only tried and proven way to keep WWII Online operational for years to come, is to be a paid subscriber. We are 100% financially dependent on our community members maintaining an active subscription. CRS recognizes its role to solve game problems and ensure WWII Online's success. This takes time, patience, constructive feedback and a team oriented environment. We don't intend to infuriate or ignore what you say, it's simply not always possible to deliver on. Our team remains committed to doing what ever we can within our resources to improve the game and solve the concerns that matter to you and our subscriber base. We intend to maintain higher than ever transparency levels and communication. If we can maintain this understanding we can ensure quality communications and effective results are driven and delivered on. I would ask you to please reconsider your support and recognize just how valuable each and every subscription is here in 2019. Solutions are not driven by criticism alone, they require talent and time and we have operational costs necessary to continue World War II Online operations. Thank you for reading, and I hope this sinks in a bit.
  2. I think the general statement I can make here is, anything that we can consider at CRS to improve player fun, happiness, therefore retention and conversion, is worth consideration and discussion. Therefore I have asked our team internally to discuss and review this topic. By saying this, it's purely an acknowledgement, nothing more.
  3. We've done our best to consider how this can be gamed and not walk into this blindly. Have a little faith . When the Allied forces change ownership of their town, there will be a penalty, and that is a total delay of supply trickling in. It should only be done if absolutely necessary. We originally discussed adding in a system in place to manage supply percentages by country type, but we don't think it'll be making the first iteration. Remember our original design of the game had a significant barrier between supply (North vs South). So we want to be careful and evaluate how things go upon initial implementation. It should be very safe to assume that the Allied player base will encourage their HC officers to provide different country supplies throughout the game world not just for the sake of diversity, but for their effectiveness. 1.36 being implemented as soon as possible and as clean as possible is the key goal here. We anticipate some minor corrections needed throughout BETA and even when it reaches the Campaign server (which for the first week or two will still be considered an OPEN BETA).
  4. Blkhwk, glad you'll continue to be with us.
  5. How's that backseat quarter backing working out for ya?
  6. I have not ever seen any commentary regarding the head shaking as a problem until this post. It is the only tangible way that we currently have to let people know that what they're doing, is not an allowed action. So, I don't plan to rip it out. Solution: Don't spam an action you can't perform.
  7. PLEASE STAY ON TOPIC. Talking about STO's and other unrelated stuff, including personal attacks, doesn't make sense and it isn't helping getting across clear information.
  8. If we can stick to being civil and having a productive discourse in our communication, being respectful to all and with an intention to improve things... we can then have a much healthier game community and forum commentary. I'd like to also indicate, that on my exuberant off-time (Sarcasm alert ) I have been scanning some other game forums. No where, not even kinda close... can I see the same level of attention that CRS Staff pays to its community to discuss the game with enthusiasm and candidness on the internet. I'm not saying it doesn't exist anywhere else as a 100% bullet proof statement, but please don't lose sight of just how important these communications are. When you're wearing this Rat tag, you're under constant bombardment from all angles. We accept that we have lots of passionate members of our community around us. One thing you guys (the community) now have working in your favor is that most of us were in your shoes first. So we understand how valuable those comms are even more so. But it is discouraging as hell after some point and it wears you down. Addressing the community in general, your individual conduct and keeping your cool / not going off the deep end is going to help with maintaining CRS being here in the forums and in the game world to happily answer your questions. Or the alternative is you can push the guys away from wanting to say stuff. Because that's how it goes after awhile. I think it all boils down to everyone maintaining enthusiasm about the game and the potential. Can we please not forget, so easily, how far we have come, how close we got to things coming to an end, and how grateful we should all be (yeah even us at CRS) that we still have this opportunity to go forward? The negative rhetoric is much louder than the positive support. I wish it were the reverse. We have a lot to be positive about after all.
  9. To clarify... The Fortified Mobile Spawn (FMS) we thought would help sustain battles longer and the investment of deploying a mobile spawn. We've buffed it, added some Light ATG's and Light AA guns to be spawned from it so it could defend itself. We provided several fortifications for players to use to deploy around it to keep it alive. We made the roof top recently the same as the top fo the gun emplacement to further conceal it from aerial bombardment. The FRU was converted into the UMS, Urban Mobile Spawn, with the purpose of allowing it to be placed in urban environments because it was more nimble and easily deployable around the buildings / terrain objects within cities. What recently changed with the FMS was the angle tolerance because of the reported issues of clipping - this part is correct. It was made harder to deploy because it was really bad scenarios where clipping occurred unfortunately. I'll think about the UMS being able to be deployed in the field again, but it would only be truck deployed. I wouldn't go back to having Infantry walking them up. The HC Mobile Spawn is an exception but is in limited form.
  10. What we recently discussed was giving the option for Mission Leaders to place a special waypoint that shows up both on your game map, and on your Heads up Display (HUD) so you can see it like mission markers right now. But you could redeploy it as a mission leader as needed. We're hoping this will help those leaders better guide their soldiers. That would of course be able to be had in all branches.
  11. Recently the Community Management and Quality Assurance team conducted a series of important tests and found some bugs that need correction. Those have since been ticketed for our developers and they're now working on them. Recent ticketed items in progress include... Town ownership issue when restarting game cluster (flipped to the other side) Joining a Garrison mission from the Active Battles Tab not working Dots identifying units in a town (UI) reporting an extra Capturing a Garrison and creating a new mission from it would show enemy supply Pocket (Surrender mechanism) related rear Garrison issue These have been issued out for assignment and our developers are currently debugging. Then this will go back to our QA and CM team to confirm and make sure it's resolved. My goal here is to maintain transparency with you guys and re-affirm attention and considerable focus is being given to push 1.36 to completion. Will report more as we go along.
  12. This is no doubt achieved with the Bren and FM24/29 on the Allied side. Regardless of how you slice it, it's just not great for game play. It doesn't work to improve anyone's experience except for the person exploiting the keys in the fashion that they do. It's gamey across the board.
  13. Look, the LMG fix is coming because there's an obvious immersion killing issue at play. It's not because the Allies don't like the MG34, and it doesn't permit the initiation of a witch hunt of weaponry that you die from routinely. I have said it very clearly: We are not going out of our way to target weapons, as being described in the case of the Modello or other weaponry that may be receiving some thoughts on. So stop right there with this seeking to sway the development or production team to make intentional biased oriented tweaks that fit your goals and desires.
  14. This gave me a pretty good laugh LOL . It is during these times we find out just how close we are as a community and how hanging on, being patient and not assuming the worst can get us through. Let's not lose sight that we have a really excellent game and community, that is a family. And like all families, sometimes we disagree. It's getting through it and coming out stronger that makes us different.
  15. Sprinting with the LMG and firing indeed does not work. However because our standard W key really acts like a jog (not a walk, which is W+T), I think that may be what they're referring to.
  16. No other changes to these weapons other then that has been described by me here will accompany the LMG class. As I’ve said the small arms audit will see some modifications / enhancements but will be released in full and will cover all the infantry weapons. Some limited testing on this has made things better.
  17. It’s closing in on that time to offload the bs for sure. My team and I are doing everything we can to stay patient and realize the passion involved here. But the levels some guys are going is beyond reasonable. The side chat thing... definitely looking at removing that as a default channel.
  18. This means more than you can understand right now. I really appreciate your willingness to stay with us. To anyone who is feeling the same, please speak up. Come talk to me. I will make a point to communicate and hear you, and express my gratitude for your continued support. WWII Online's continuation is dependent on all of us. We cannot give up. If you do that, we'll lose . #staythecourse
  19. Well, instead of bailing... what do you recommend we do? I won't argue that there's no doubt some toxicity and it's eroding things (we really need to get that checked). We don't want to be too heavy handed of course, but we also can't have some folks stomping all over the place. We're damned if we do, damned if we don't in most cases. It can't all be on CRS's plate to ask for civility, that's just something that we do. And fwiw, this community is still far superior than any I can think of out there. We have some great people here and I am glad to have had the experience of being one of you all. It helps me understand and guide me. But surely we can do better, and I think that's what you're advocating for.
  20. Getting off track here fellas.
  21. The BAR is not going away. I am simply saying right now it is supplementing LMG numbers for US Forces due to their lack of a proper LMG (which is the reason of the 30 caliber) in the first place. So it is a very reasonable expectation to have that there would be some alterations made to undo the current work around to give US Forces some semblance of an LMG. That shouldn't be taken out of context any further and is very fair / reasonable.
  22. Hmm well it should've been done, I know thousands of users received access to it. We're more than happy to add that access accordingly if someone fits into that category.
  23. Yes - as long as your character is stationary (feet planted).
  24. Kind of what I was thinking as well.
  25. Those charges were some heavy mofos if I recall correctly.