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  1. 1.31 Is here and Officers are needed. Volunteers who want to help move their team tactically, strategically, and administratively welcome! E-mail me for questions / recruitment.
  2. Feel free to email me at any time. Referrals welcome
  3. Fantastic Lockdown, excited to see it
  4. If you know friends interested, send'em my way!
  5. Don't be shy, send me an e-mail for questions to be answered . joinhc@playnet.com Updated email- Xoom
  6. That's great hope to keep this interest rolling
  7. Little... delay?
  8. Kegs? Bring it On a serious note: TBA... still deciding what we're doing.
  9. Hmm... not sure about that Kr0nik . We want to keep this a clean event. Are you from Oregon or WA?
  10. Dan, That's awesome man! I live on the NW Side in the Cedar Hills area, when I went to the convention in 2006 I met a lot of awesome people. It brings a reality to the game man, I encourage you if it is possible and this actually does follow through, to go. In any event thanks for posting , starting to see Oregonians spring up left and right, and that is awesome. If you know anyone else from Oregon or S washington who plays this game, be sure to tell'em about this.
  11. That sounds really great guys, hope to see this get going soon.
  12. Ice, get me on a boat. Can't see what's taken and what isn't, etc.
  13. Contact XoomXoom: E-mail: XoomXoom@3fjr.com Or private message via Playnet Forums Questions / Information / Direct Recruitment
  14. Join our team and become a great officer and leader in our community.
  15. Thanks delta, with that said, it's bump time
  16. This sounds great! We should definitely get a great naval response out of this one.
  17. Appreciate that Svedala ! Good to see you in these parts. *BUMP*
  18. Sailors and Marines still needed!
  19. Bump for your grandma
  20. Bump