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  1. I know it is, no need to preach to the choir on the adverse effect. However the worser of the two evils is to not have it (it is defined balance of some sort, even if that means an imbalance in numbers but a balance in avoiding a roll against the under populated side). Freeing Rifleman from Spawn Delay would counter many who argue for Free Players (predominately Rifleman) from being forced to participate in the act of spawn delay. Some even suggest highly that they should be forced to the underpopulated side as a way for the game to balance itself without impacting paying users. Cause and effect.
  2. This is now resolved, thanks for reporting it @tinjo.
  3. So basically a farmer?
  4. As you know, the spawn Delay maximum has indeed gone up to 30 seconds. When you achieve 30 seconds, it is under worst possible conditions. The unwillingness for side balance to occur through other measures has resulted into this. It's a necessity. Majority of folks who seem opposed to it are predominately Axis players. Today, on our 18th anniversary we saw the Allies for about 4 hours have a 33% overpopulation. Guess what? They got nailed with spawn delay and felt the same thing. Now at hour 5, we're seeing 1:1 population, and no one has a spawn delay. This is when the game is at its best, when there's a balance. We need to incentivize this happening and we must stop massive rolls of the campaign. When side balance is prioritized more by the general player base we'll pull off this a bit and get those timers settled down. Until then, this'll have to happen. Remember... 30 seconds spawn delay means you have a WICKED overpopulation at this point. Our game is extraordinarily harder to balance in general because we do not fit the mold of a traditional FPS (in terms of scale). There's a lot of other considerations at play. I'll keep an eye on it but this seemed like a necessary move based on the trends we're seeing.
  5. Then, we'll hear that the defenders are unable to blow it up causing great distress for them. Every action has an equal reaction.
  6. I think it should be important to remind everyone that there is a limited number of High Command Officer playable units which have this capability to deploy the HCMS. Unlike the old days where any HC officer could spawn any infantryman and get their uniform, this is a very isolated case. Missions, as they are built currently, cannot deploy more than a single mobile spawn at a time. You cannot deploy multiple different spawn points, just as you cannot make normal missions which have more than one origin or more than one target. Just like depots, you can only spawn from them, or setup a mobile spawn to that mission, and you can elect to uncheck the mobile spawn option. That works the same now with mobile spawns. I cannot describe to you the complexity with changing this, because I do not fully know how, but in my discussions with Victarus about it in the past (being able to deploy multiple mobile spawns or even setting up a fallback mobile spawn position) was serious amounts of code. It's complicated. The notion that CRS is not considering player feedback is false. Want proof? We reduced the EWS range of trucks to make them less detectable and buy more life-time for the trucks We reduced the deployment time for trucks to place mobile spawns We made the redeployment (cool-down timer) 0 seconds so you can redeploy it again more rapidly as you see fit We increased the health of mobile spawns to increase their survivability We reduced the range of mobile spawns to reduce the travel time to town and increase action / time to contact This feedback was received by the players and we determined which values to manipulate and how to do it, but it was driven by the recognition that more needs to be done. Making the Fortified Mobile Spawn even stronger may be an option, but it's not the only thing to consider. At some point they'll become too strong as well, which could create more unforeseen issues with how battles play out. We'd really need to be careful with that and do some testing. Fortunately Air Forces can have a direct effect on blowing these up, so it's not regulated solely to the Army to do it all. Let's continue to see how this plays out in the live campaign before a mountain is made out of a mole hill. I continue to hope that High Command officers utilize this tool (HCMS) to continue the battles and keep players logged in to WWII Online. That is the primary objective.
  7. The decision to add Submachine Guns (Mas38, MP40, M1928 Thompson, M1A1 Thompson) were indeed to make the HC Mobile Spawn more viable. We intentionally did not expand the functionality of this spawn to maintain the value of the FMS (for example adding Anti-Tank would hurt the tank game, adding Engineers would cause Forward Bases to be destroyed faster), yet we also want to make sure HC officers are spawning their characters in and continuing the battle. One thing WWII Online has a very hard time with is sustaining a battle. The manual effort involved in setting up AOs > Missions > Rolling Trucks > Deploying Mobile Spawns > Aggregating Troops there > Directing Troops > And then bam, spawn goes down. When this happens, people log out of the game. The justification with the HC Mobile Spawn is that it takes a truck to initially deploy them, enough to continue the battle to some degree. This has mostly been my decision after reviewing data and after being in-game more and seeing how battles are playing out. I'd like to see how it goes and I don't think it's going to tilt things badly, I think it is just enough to create the value and reminder for HC Officers that this tool exists. Because it is deployed on a minor scale (only High Command & CRS Staff can deploy these units), a big fear of these tilting the battle or eliminating the value of Zones of Control is a bit out of context to my prediction. So I hope this explains a bit of the thought process that went into it, why the decision was made and implemented, and I hope that the High Command officers on both sides use this tool to sustain battles and help us continue the momentum of players joining the battle and enjoying themselves.
  8. Career Based Subscriptions are approaching completion, trying to get the user experience / account management site flow ironed out at this time. We're doing what we can gentleman. We truly appreciate your support by maintaining an active paid subscription to make sure WWII Online has a long future, and your moral support in believing in the project and our wonderful mostly volunteer team at Cornered Rat Software.
  9. I've spoke with their Project Lead on a couple of occasions. He's a good guy and cares about getting things right for the WWII experience.
  10. It's really not too bad, the trickle timers. Without them, you can expect instant armies to start rolling and causing havoc. It's a fine balance Sanchez.
  11. 1 or 2 short sentences / impressions of Hybrid Supply. What would you tell a returning player?
  12. Thanks for putting this together. to our fallen soldiers
  13. Very sorry to hear this @imded. You have been a longstanding valued member of the WWII Online community and we are all rooting for you to kick this things ass. I hate cancer. All the billions we spend on all sorts of stuff, by now we should have some sort of a cure for this. Way too many people are afflicted by this and it just sucks. Thank you for allowing the community to know of your situation and be here to support you. We stand with you.
  14. Fundamentally an untrue statement. We have invested lots of development time to help address and reduce these problems. When we have one game server where a world-wide audience connects to, there are prone to be some issues. We don't go to say we have it all solved, there's more to be done. But saying we have never done anything to address it isn't accurate. Of course, this is important to us. I'd like to say if you want more development attention on a variety of topics, please Hero up and help the subscription drive proceed. Otherwise I will have a pretty hard time to get dedicated effort. That's not a cop out of taking ownership of it, that's just fact. Our resources are tapped and there's a Roadmap we're trying to deliver on.
  15. So many of us are rooting for your success in kicking this thing's ass, Doc. Keep up the good fight. No doubt, you are one of the best at pressing through and fighting hard as needed.
  16. I've been watching those numbers carefully, we are not reaching the goal to where we need to be. Need your help as a community to increase and raise awareness to players of what needs doing. We need their help, please coordinate with them to get resubscribed. Our support team stands ready to help but players force multiplying this effort and reaching out to old and new is critical.
  17. Afraid we can't do that. Our goal in bringing folks back was to give them a taste. What we need now is them resubscribing and supporting our cause and making sure we can continue to develop and improve on WWII Online. Your assistance as a general community is hugely appreciated in raising that awareness and working to keep people here. Glad it has been fun! Good numbers and lots of folks have come back which is great.
  18. Tonight we will be restarting the game server at 10PM. Downtime will be minimal. It will resolve the Allies being unable to share a captured spawn point. Sorry about that guys, fix will be coming tonight before the big event tomorrow.
  19. @gagamel Good to see ya, definitely would encourage a full reinstall to get everything up to date / reduce error.
  20. S! And welcome back to all of our WWII Online veterans. Please feel free to check-in here to see some familiar faces. If you're up for it, share a little bit of your story: What year did you start playing? When was the last time you played? What squad were you in? What side did you primarily play on? We're glad you decided to come back and play the game, we're having quite a big turn around year and hope you stay. There's a special promotion offer for you all at http://wwiionline.com/account --> Special Offers.
  21. We've made some changes to help stabilize time zone 3 (lower population period) Campaign operations, and we've made some adjustments to how the number of available Attack & Bridge objectives are available. The Naval Garrisons have received some Rifleman to assist with base operations. We have also provided a quick fix to a random instant-capturing issue that popped up this morning. These changes are effective tonight. Please continue reading for more details. https://www.wwiionline.com/game-news/production-notes/attack-bridge-objective-changes
  22. CRS has done the following to assist: Provided more system driven supply to provide stable transitioning of the map Redeployed High Command's time to provide leadership to the community Returned back to a 1 AO minimum for TZ3 low pop period Adjusted AO's to be based off of the underpopulated sides population - not the total game population Enabled more AO's to be obtained faster than pre-1.36 standards Standard Attack Objectives Bridge Objectives Provided shared tanks and equipment around Allied forces Restructured our entire Tables of Equipment driven by a balanced budget across all countries Reduced penalties against the overpopulated side Spawn delay reduced to a 10 second maximum Persona delay reduced to a 60 second maximum Provided a balanced capture mechanism Scales accordingly based on the imbalance percentage This combination of maneuvers signal CRS listening, incorporating fair and reasonable changes in a timely manner and taking into context the lower and routine population periods to preserve the best experience for WWII Online possible. The continuing sentiment of the Allies being doomed, needs to come to a full stop. CRS cannot code leadership or morale. We can listen and incorporate changes that work to promote both sides, but it's going to be up to each side's community to cultivate enjoyable experiences. There are good leaders on the Allied side and great players and Squad reforming. This is an appropriate action and while it's much easier to be the skeptic, I implore optimism for the sake of progress. We stand ready to do our part and help - we need the same level of initiative and drive. We've provided tremendous solutions to support all of this, but if we are to have a semblance of a player driven game - players need to drive it and step up.
  23. Welcome back Ghost!
  24. I did not post a Friday update today pertaining to development because it's really important for people to push the "Welcome Back Soldier" awareness and also attend this Sunday's Rat Chat. Here's what we're looking at for this week that you should know about: Testing this weekend (happening now) which should take care of a couple of big issues with 1.36 presently Weapon list bug Forward Base swapping around bug We have a goal of deploying this update on this coming Monday, but our testers first need to approve it If that goes well, we will do start the first OFFICIAL Campaign using hybrid supply, on Tuesday Welcome Back Soldier will start on May 1st officially, however un-officially, we will activate it around the same time the Campaign goes live I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you ALL for your much appreciated patience during this 1.36 Open Beta phase. As you have seen it has been very valid and worth it to get us to this point. It was crucial, and without your help as a collective community, we could not have found several issues you reported. Our internal testing team is filled with amazing people who know our game. Their efforts helped us solve a lot of issues in advance, but when you get thousands of other people logging in to check it out and providing us feedback, that sure beats the work that about 10 guys could do. So please give those guys a hand because overall 1.36's deployment was stellar and their efforts are no short of awesome. We now need your help to get people ready for the Campaign and welcome back soldier, right away. So get out there and use all the comms you have in your disposal. If you want the in-game population numbers to rise, CRS needs your immediate support to get people motivated. EVERYONE COMING THROUGH THE DOOR, new - present - past, will have premium access. There's no reason not to get excited and get people engaged right away. Once again thank you guys,