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  1. Ice, get me on a boat. Can't see what's taken and what isn't, etc.
  2. Contact XoomXoom: E-mail: XoomXoom@3fjr.com Or private message via Playnet Forums Questions / Information / Direct Recruitment
  3. Join our team and become a great officer and leader in our community.
  4. Thanks delta, with that said, it's bump time
  5. This sounds great! We should definitely get a great naval response out of this one.
  6. Appreciate that Svedala ! Good to see you in these parts. *BUMP*
  7. Sailors and Marines still needed!
  8. Bump for your grandma
  9. Bump
  10. Sounds like an outstanding time . Cool to see people writing War Stories too!
  11. A poorer shot then Atlantis? . Indeed it was a good fight, after an hour of waiting the Soldaten got a bit dulled out of the original motivation, the loss of the Luftwaffe was bad as well, and, the constant turn overs of towns and such didn't help a bit either. AXIS players got demoralized, and it was unfortuanete. They did however do an outstanding job, great initial set up, but no real invasion? No TT's? Could've been due to original LW (which was insanely hard to control), but a lot of our defensive work was for nothing. And this, was in itself, unfortuanete. The fight on the ground was immensly fun hoewver. Good fight to all, and until next time , take care. A salute to the leaders who made it happen: 47th DIV XO: Toro15 49th CO: Atlantis 18th CO: Stall84 18th XO: Horble LW: Ryuujin And a MASSIVE SALUTE, to all of the outstanding players we had defending the lands.
  12. Sign me up for Axis Fallschirmjager. TY
  13. I have squaddies indicating that they're having issues getting onto teamspeak? Everything alright? -Xoom
  14. Apparently he signed up Pillbox please do what you can to get this arranged. He is my numero 1 man I need him!
  15. To that 3FJR list I wanted to add Hamrjock who is also a 3FJR member. Please add him to my units.
  16. Axis side: 5th squad: Requesting to be co: xoomxoom Roster: CO: xoomxoom knotking genobrst truckin1 toughone zhoboz sgtwalt bemo25 All are members of 3FJR
  17. WEBSITE: http://www.3fjr.com/ Joining the Elite Becoming a member of this unit will not be the "easiest" thing for you to do. In fact it may very well be one of the harder things you do in this game, and the unit itself. Our intention is to make daily operations fun and exciting for all who wish to conform to our ways. We will be respectful to you so long as you are respectful to us. We expect you to obedient to the Chain of Command at hand, for they would not be in leadership roles had they not shown on multiple occasions their worthiness to lead effectively. This unit is different from others because we will not allow just "anyone" to stay. You will have time to prove yourself called the "Trial Period." That doesn't mean that you're going to be a-ok throughout the duration of your career with us. It simply means you have proven yourself and showed the true potential within you. On a consistent basis, you must be with the unit during organized and non-organized events. Staying together is the foundation of any unit in the world of this game, so as any other we too follow by that simple rule. The trial period consists of two weeks of training. It may not all be training, however again it is for you to prove to the team you're willing to do what ever it takes to stay, earn their respect, and show that you're going to be a good asset to the team. Team members will give new team members the chance to prove themself, being un-truthful, rude, or being beligerant in anyway will hurt your ability to remain in the unit / pass trial period. You will be given chances to correct your mistakes however. Needless to say, we want the best possible team out there. We want to ensure success to the many battles ahead of us. Having such strong values and a system designed to create the best, will help us maintain our unit, and gain a number of goals whether it be personal or unit based. Check out the application page for more details on joining, check out the contact usfor ways to get ahold of us. !S Signed: Hauptfeldwebel XoomXoom Commanding 3rd Fallschirmjager Regiment
  18. Gonna have to go with Zweihund on that one.