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  1. Indeed. As we can see by this thread, there's no doubt a lot of value in it. Which we already knew, but the extra thread participation does add emphasis.
  2. And the FG42. They qualify as automatic rifleman.
  3. I agree, it would do devastating things for suppression and that is a welcome thing. However we need to approach the current focus originally posted and stay in scope of the discussion. Very good suggestion though.
  4. I forgot to add this part in my first post, I've updated it. Pretty sure we can make that happen as well, and we should because with all of them, it's a complex job to complete, especially given the weight of the machine guns.
  5. That is precisely what is being recommended, for all LMG classes above. Please read carefully.
  6. Bren and FM24 do not have animations to support any sort of aiming other than at a deployed stance at this stage. Bipods not being automatically opened will likely stay because it gives that user more options. It's very easy to deploy the bipod, just right click. Making the magazines see through... I think that's a little of scope / not too realistic imo.
  7. Hey all, Tonight I dove into the code and our data directory, and I'd like to discuss the following as a compromise for the light machine gun class, which covers the: MG34, Bren Gun and the French FM24/29. Proposed Changes: Disable firing while moving under ANY conditions Increase non-aimed (hip fire) dispersion Increase hip fire muzzle climb Make reloading a stationary task (only) Firing LMG will reduce stamina some (does recover) This would still enable some sort of firing, but you need to either be stationary, or otherwise deployed supporting your Squad. The BAR and FG42 are considered automatic rifleman which is why they're not included in these changes. The other option would be completely disabling firing of the LMG's unless you've deployed your bipod. We think the proposed change can help quell this option however. These really are the options at this stage other than to maintain the status quo, which we do not believe will be ideal. Okay, discuss, but be productive.
  8. Today we have learned that one of our long-time friends and fellow RAT, Geof "Docdoom" Evans, has been diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer). This news is difficult to bare and we want to do what ever is possible to help Doc in this trying time. If you know Doc, you know he's not the kind of guy who asks for help. CRS, both present and retired RATS, have all come together in recognition that we need to not only make sure people know about this, but are provided with an opportunity to help mitigate the burden now placed on our friend, and brother in arms, Doc. https://www.gofundme.com/help-doc-fight-lymphoma
  9. That's exactly correct. I can't help Mosizlak for having a moment, and I will not respond to it. We have bigger things to consider and being irrational reduces any influence on producing a positive outcome.
  10. So about that weather...
  11. @shagher Appreciate your support, CRS is consistently listening and watching the movement on the ground. We're pretty happy at the moment with how spawn delay is and capture timers, so I don't suspect changes to be made in the interim. Things do change as population adjusts however so we need to be ready to handle WWII Online's needs and respond accordingly. I want to respectfully address your Squad stuff, because I feel it is necessary to make sure Cornered Rat Software's position is clear on this. CRS wants Squads to grow. WHIPS is one of our most valued Squads, among many others. I would personally never, nor have I, encouraged any direct or indirect intent or attempt to manipulate the direction of a Squad, to include what side they play on. Maintaining neutrality and avoid at all costs being biased is very essential to our ability to succeed and support our community in totality. Please take my word for it, there's no conspiracy theory or intent to do harm. I was surprised by the decision for WHIPS to go Allied, but it has happened before, organically and naturally, as it appears this has as well. @Dwalinis probably one of the most unbiased guys within our organization and he is doing a damn fine job of supporting customers regardless of side. That's why I personally saw fit to make him our Support Team Lead, and trust him with the care of our customers. His response here above no doubt includes some frustration, but he is, as we all are, human and capable of having emotions, particularly when one's honor and reputation is being called into play. I'm not sure of WHIPS Squads politics nor do I wish to be made aware of or apart of them beyond what the community is already being exposed to as part of this post. What I can say is... you have a new CO, you guys have a reputation for being organized and doing good things, and you guys need to handle this internally and please realize CRS is in no way involved with your guys Squad dynamics. We have a lot of stuff going on and are far too busy, and we also realize the destructiveness of such a thing.
  12. Wonderful to hear! Glad to see you jump in and say hello,
  13. The purpose of reducing specialty classes across the board was to produce better battles and make these units more valuable. Good side affect is more free players can jump in and play as well, and the rank access for inf classes have been adjusted as well. All of those numbers were balanced out through a "currency based" spawn list, there's historical cost values associated with each weapon and such. This is all part of testing to see how we can make 1.36's eventual brigades a bit more historically precise. In terms of your attitude here in the forums, it's unbecoming and incredibly unproductive. If you want a response from me going forward, change your tune.
  14. A better person to ask would be @HATCH about the Small Arms audit.