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  1. This gave me a pretty good laugh LOL . It is during these times we find out just how close we are as a community and how hanging on, being patient and not assuming the worst can get us through. Let's not lose sight that we have a really excellent game and community, that is a family. And like all families, sometimes we disagree. It's getting through it and coming out stronger that makes us different.
  2. Sprinting with the LMG and firing indeed does not work. However because our standard W key really acts like a jog (not a walk, which is W+T), I think that may be what they're referring to.
  3. No other changes to these weapons other then that has been described by me here will accompany the LMG class. As I’ve said the small arms audit will see some modifications / enhancements but will be released in full and will cover all the infantry weapons. Some limited testing on this has made things better.
  4. It’s closing in on that time to offload the bs for sure. My team and I are doing everything we can to stay patient and realize the passion involved here. But the levels some guys are going is beyond reasonable. The side chat thing... definitely looking at removing that as a default channel.
  5. This means more than you can understand right now. I really appreciate your willingness to stay with us. To anyone who is feeling the same, please speak up. Come talk to me. I will make a point to communicate and hear you, and express my gratitude for your continued support. WWII Online's continuation is dependent on all of us. We cannot give up. If you do that, we'll lose . #staythecourse
  6. Well, instead of bailing... what do you recommend we do? I won't argue that there's no doubt some toxicity and it's eroding things (we really need to get that checked). We don't want to be too heavy handed of course, but we also can't have some folks stomping all over the place. We're damned if we do, damned if we don't in most cases. It can't all be on CRS's plate to ask for civility, that's just something that we do. And fwiw, this community is still far superior than any I can think of out there. We have some great people here and I am glad to have had the experience of being one of you all. It helps me understand and guide me. But surely we can do better, and I think that's what you're advocating for.
  7. The BAR is not going away. I am simply saying right now it is supplementing LMG numbers for US Forces due to their lack of a proper LMG (which is the reason of the 30 caliber) in the first place. So it is a very reasonable expectation to have that there would be some alterations made to undo the current work around to give US Forces some semblance of an LMG. That shouldn't be taken out of context any further and is very fair / reasonable.
  8. Hmm well it should've been done, I know thousands of users received access to it. We're more than happy to add that access accordingly if someone fits into that category.
  9. Yes - as long as your character is stationary (feet planted).
  10. Kind of what I was thinking as well.
  11. Those charges were some heavy mofos if I recall correctly.
  12. Not sure on stamina off the top of my head. It had a high ROF. My favorite WWII weapon.
  13. Just to be sure here... the M1919A6 will fall into the same category as the LMG's we've already outlined and will not be possible to be rambo'd around. If that was already understood, great, just being painfully certain that the main message is being received by all readers properly.
  14. So I hopped on channel with @xcas and he asked me a great question: Xcas: "What about firing while prone / undeployed?" I went in and tested it... so I updated my main post to include the following: "One exception is being stationary, and looking left - right, and up-down. You can shoot and reload and provide stationary 360 degree hip fire cover or suppression, should you choose." And I am okay with that btw, so no intent to make a change there.