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About Me

I am a Father and Husband. I'm also the President of Cornered Rat Software, which means I run around doing what ever is required to make sure WWII Online and CRS is healthy and moving forward. I started playing WWII Online when I was 14, picked up the original yellow jewel box in 2002 at Electronic Boutique. Was in High Command from 2002-2010, and in 2010 I joined CRS as a volunteer, working to recruit High Command Officers.

In early 2012 I became the Community Manager, and the company went through a serious change where most of the original team members had left because of the economy and investment team withdrawing support.

In 2015 I became the Executive Producer at Playnet and by 2017 the team I had been working to build from 2012-2017 had formed into CRS becoming its own entity, "Cornered Rat Software, LLC." the exclusive full service studio (development, administration, marketing and sales, community management, and everything inbetween) to keep WWII Online moving forward and healthy.

At present day we're working aggressively to take WWII Online's technologies into the future with a keen eye on a 2.0 path, to modernize much. 

I'm incredibly grateful and blessed to be doing what I'm doing here, and there's not a day that goes by that I don't recognize how awesome of a community and CRS team we have. 

If you're reading this, thank you for keeping the dream alive. I don't plan to fail you or the rest of the community. My (our) mission is clear: Do what ever is required to take WWII Online another 20+ years into the future.

With your help and continued subscription to keep the lights on, this will be possible.