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  1. It is my highest priority, to advance WWII Online's graphics and take us into the modern era.
  2. Same scenario, animator required. We applied the other animator's efforts on the release of several of the new weapons which were deemed far more important than those RG's. That being said it's on the list of desirable things to do. Unfortunately, it has taken a lot longer than what we ever wanted. That's the nature of the beast, and why it is so important for us to choose the most important things and actively look to lift our resource capabilities up, as it enables us to buy the time for the talented folks who can do the job.
  3. This is the right, and appropriate time to make this adjustment. I don't think they'll be disappointed.
  4. I saw this actually last week after doing some investigation. While it does successfully transfer the model over, it breaks it up into hundreds of pieces, and loses all of the essential comments on DOF's that do not make it a 1:1 translation. CRS is actively investigating how to make that transfer process 1:1 but we'll probably have to build our own in-house converter. More to follow.
  5. The STG44 is in a release-able state helping us deliver on our Roadmap. No extra work has been done to it as of late, and our need for an animator to finish of the M1A1 Carbine and .30 Caliber remains an important priority I am trying to resolve. The STG44 will be a Tier 3 weapon, available in limited fashion (very limited), and the FG42 will be withdrawn from the German Army units / available only for the Fallschirmjager. To be clear, there is no mass-produced Allied equivalent to the STG44, it was in its own league.
  6. Have you guys seen this? What do you think?
  7. If it's easier, e-mail me as well (link on my signature). The "ping" command gives us clues on your connection (ping time) to our servers. So in the command prompt, you'd type: ping wwiionline.com [enter] and it would spit out some information, multiple lines. We'd just need a few of those lines (Copy and Paste).
  8. Gents, please do us a favor by conducting a trace route of your connection to WWII Online. Assuming you are windows users, type this in your command prompt terminal: tracert wwiionline.com If you are a Mac user, type this in terminal: traceroute WWIIOnline.com Send your results to me via private message here in the forums. Send me this to: ping WWIIOnline.com By having both of this I can go to our Operations Lead and review things. We can then work with our internet service provider to see if you've got some weird hops that are un-necessary which may be adding arbitrary road blocks. Thank you!
  9. The fishbowl is on our list, we're definitely not a fan and we are trying to phase it out.
  10. Newsflash: The German 251 HT can already deploy these. It's an equivalent to that. The UC variant which deploys the mobile spawn will not included the Vickers MG on it, just the front facing bren gun.
  11. But those same people want me to make their capture timers faster?... And this is why the balanced capture timers exist, among our other present mechanisms.
  12. With the upcoming (end of this month) Heads Up Display "Waypoints" being shared across all missions sharing the same target, I'm curious as to how you will use them?
  13. Good feedback and thank you for subscribing to support our game! I think our veterans are more than willing to help, but they're a bit disappointed with the lack of response when trying to reach out to players who need help. The ratio to effort vs response is staggering. How do we encourage new players to be more willing to reach out for that help and realize this game is hardcore / requires their investment? A question for the ages, another would be how do we at CRS make it easier for them to navigate and play without dumbing down the game? A subscription will take you a long way in-game as it's designed that way to make sure we garner support to fund our operations (hardware, bandwith, software, personnel etc). In fact, Free Players no longer receive any aircraft intentionally because it's not only complicated to fly (particularly without a flight stick), but because they can get more support and are more likely to succeed (retention) on the ground. The initial trial of course opens up to them a lot (rank restrictions enforced), and that's intentional to get their initial interest / let them have an opportunity to try what they most desire.
  14. I play on an LG Ultrawide (34"), it's not quite 49" which is massive difference but a lot of my screen shots I post show the wide-angle. It actually increases your peripheral quite a bit without removing the sense of immersion (not horribly stretched, just more camera room).
  15. Good work all around here on this effort. The forums is a place that deserves good communications and clarity and I believe these changes work in that direction. How is everyone else doing with this restructure?
  16. Our Production team is presently working on Aircraft damage models. We’ll have something to report on that here in the near future.
  17. It would take a lot of satchels, but you can blow up buildings. Destroyers too can rip buildings up good.
  18. Yes, you’ll need to drop the bigger bombs but it can be done. And they’ll stay down for quite awhile, including when we restart the server.
  19. If you're looking to build a NEW SQUAD we want to help you grow! We can infuse brand new player sign ups into your Squad which are players signing up organically and through Steam. We can also help you set up a new Squad forum here within the official WWIIOL game forums. This can also help you become eligible for the SQUADS IN HIGH COMMAND PROGRAM (click here) that is core to the WWII Online game play experience. If this is you, simply respond to this thread and let us know if you've created your new Squad yet or if you need help with that.
  20. Noooooooooooooooooooo
  21. Well, it makes a big difference. Usually one side is only massively over-populated for a little bit of time, and during this time if we can reduce the number of rolls and give the defenders a fighting chance, that will encourage underpopulated side players to stay online, buy them enough time to conduct some important initiatives like either holding depots, capturing forward bases, stealing towns out from underneath the attackers or what ever potential option may exist (blowing a bridge, interdicting incoming supply, I can keep going).
  22. Pretty much as soon as there is an imbalance. We do this very rapidly now whereas in the past there was a certain threshold you had to meet. @OHM and I agreed that it would be better to start the balancing act up front and as early as possible, not wait until it reached a critical level.
  23. And it's imperative to note that the number of AO's being read is relative to the underpopulated sides population, no longer is it focused on a global read - which is fundamentally improved.
  24. We'll back back to this to discuss. The word above was, "know." More to follow.
  25. WWII Online Community Members, I want to take this opportunity to address something heavy and related to the very core of our gaming community. It has been bothering me for a while, and it's now time to have a round table discussion. Hear me out for a moment. I hate to say it, but from my perspective, the forums are on the pathway to becoming obsolete. At one point this was the single greatest place for all of us to come together to discuss the game and its future, it was a primary communications hub and I just don't feel that anymore. It is disappointing, but it might be something we can correct. There are a few things that come to mind as to why that is, and it's going to be a bit blunt, but I think we need to be direct in trying to solve this problem - if there's still time to do so. The first major problem is: NEGATIVITY It seems like the forums have turned into a soapbox where all of the latest complaints go. While that is to be expected to some degree, it is not supposed to be that exclusively. Second major problem is: MINIMAL-NO PROACTIVE DIALOGUE While CRS is actively pursuing solutions to the known problems of the game and reporting on that through our home page announcements, we're not seeing a high degree of proactive dialogue underway. CRS has never been more transparent in communicating with folks, but there's an obvious disconnect from my position, and that my team is primarily responding to problems rather than talking with you about great things coming. We have a team full of problem solvers who want to do well, I'm not throwing them (or anyone) under the bus. But somehow, the normalcy of these forums has turned into a fire fighting job rather than creating a great out of game experience. I think everyone is responsible for that, and it happens when we realize that we're all here because we love the game and have the best intentions to see that go forward. The third major problem is: TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT TO PEERS I think everyone is guilty of losing their cool at some point (raises hand), but there is a massive lack of respect, followed by a total over-reaction if you step out of line (as in attack another community member, staff member, or some other TOS violation). The fourth major problem is: WE'VE ALL BEEN HERE AWHILE Kind of like in a marriage, it's important to be working at it with good intentions 110% of the time otherwise things can degrade. We are blessed to have so many people who have been part of our game stick around and actively contribute and stay subscribed ~ seriously, it's awesome. But in some cases, this has turned into a chip on the shoulder and a right of passage to go full-tilt on rage against fellow members of our community. And to further that, the software and rage against CRS. This makes community members less likely to participate in the forums because it creates a hostile environment, and removes the incentive for our Community Managers to engage because there's a bit of being gun-shy. Yes, they're people too and while they have signed up to help support the community, they didn't get signed up to be treated like trash and it makes them less likely to engage. So I ask you, how do we keep the forums from becoming obsolete? We're on that path now, I can see it. Our Facebook group has a whole different atmosphere to it and our fans are having a great time with it. The hostility doesn't exist and everyone is more engaged. Where do you stand, what can we do? I genuinely want for this place to be valuable, like it was for everyone, and I want the tone to go from hostile arguing and constant complaints to people having a safe place to be part of our community in a positive way (you know like discussing how to make the game better and helping each other). WWII Online is the best gaming community I've ever been apart of and I want our core to be preserved and improved. These forums are very much connected to that core and it pains me to see its current state.