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  1. 20 minutes ago, enabore03 said:

    I am tired of players taking lead then deleting my FMS. I will often set up a dfms in a flanking position before an attack starts. I usually spawn a atg and wait for the enemy to come. Sometimes I go AFK while I do a few chores then check back once in a while. However, other players make the decision that they don't like where my fms is so they take lead then delete my FMS. Why pay to play a game where someone has the ability to wipe out my efforts because they don't like how I play. I already cancelled my basic sub over this issue. 

    I am quite certain there's a temporary period where you can type: .takelead , and recover control of your mission. The .takelead command is not often used, when it is I've seen it used with purpose (such as the mission leader going away from keyboard / being unresponsive). That sounds like abuse in your case unfortunately.

    I would encourage you to reconsider and try the .takelead command to get your mission back, and use the .report system in-game for who ever took your mission and shut it down. Our Game Moderation team will not tolerate the abuse of that command.

    Stick with us @enabore03. S! 

  2. 1 minute ago, Capco said:

    I see. 

    My only counterpoint would be that the consistent premium subscribers will continue to be consistent.  It seems from the feedback in this thread that the people who want a downgrade option are those who can only pay the premium level at certain points of the year.  It does not seem to be from people who feel they have to pay full price despite not playing every aspect of the game.  

    I think you'd bring in more money and wouldn't pose much of a risk to your bread and butter subscribers by avoiding an all-or-nothing approach once premium level has been reached.  I don't have any data to support that of course.  It's just a hunch.  If you have data that says you will lose premium subscribers to basic level subscriptions then I'm wrong.  

    My experience with the Free Play deal has told me that this is the likely probability. These new plans are specifically designed to encourage new subscriptions and reactivations as a priority.

    As a consumer, of course you want to get the best deal for what you want, I don't wrong anyone for thinking that way. But as a business, my job is to make sure I can continue to provide the services to the best of its ability. You're not losing out on services, as a premium user you actually have a lot more than even career based subs (like premium forums, full tilt access, HC privileges, etc). I think it's important to say that because the general feel of this thread is almost saying as if premium subscribers are kind of losing something, and that's fundamentally incorrect.

    We are in fact creating a greater value of what it means to be a premium guy - you are the top dogs, you got it all! And we appreciate the heck out of you guys  for being ultimately responsible for keeping the game going smoothly, that chip on your shoulder is for you to wear. S! 

  3. 23 minutes ago, Capco said:

    I think it has something to do with vehicle/unit access and how that is tied to in-game rank.  There's an issue here that pops up when trying to downgrade after having "unlocked" certain units via rank increases.  

    I think, anyway.  Otherwise the lack of downgrade option really doesn't make sense to me.  Could you clarify @XOOM?

    The lack of the downgrade option stems from the need to develop the base before we can risk losing premium subscribers. We're trying to get the new subscriber rate increased, so that we can build up our base subscribers more so, then open the doors for our premium guys. The Premium subscriber level (those actively running it) is the bread and butter of our operation. If we open this up now (allowing premium users to downgrade their accounts), without first building our base, we risk too much with only best guesses and no rock solid certainties.

    So here's the things currently on my plate...

    • Part 1: Get the new activations going up
      • No perpetual free play
      • No full access free trial
        • Focused infantry trial
          • Most new user support potential (everyone knows the infantry game)
          • Offers increased value / upsell to newer tiers
        • 30 day timeline
        • Promotion periods to try other access
      • Provide step-up ladder rates
    • Part 2: Increase returning activation rate
      • Provide access to new career subscriptions (not starter)
    • Part 3: Retain subscribers
      • Maintain stability of operations, reduce loss potential
      • If we open this door, without filling up 1&2, we are risking too greatly
    • Part 4: Focus on community development
      • Get Gazette operational
        • Automated rewards and recognition
        • Reconsider landing page / front door experience
      • Assist development of High Commands and Squads in post-1.36 conditions
        • HC needs to refocus its efforts into building community and conducting operations
        • Squads need to set goals
          • Routine squad nights
          • Recruitment / training of new members
            • Set new user attainment goals (ex. Expand our Squad from 5 to 10 in 30 days)
          • Reporting back to official WWIIOL Discord's and work between squads
          • Support High Command calls to action
          • Work with other Squads & HC for operations
        • CRS needs to support both of these initiatives
      • Energize positivity and interest through the community to succeed
        • Players should be more vocal about supporting the game
        • Player-Player corrective action to nay-sayers is more fruitful than us
        • Be accepting of new members joining the game
          • They're not all spies
          • They need your help
        • Formation and development of training program
          • Pfmosquito is leading this and needs extra hands
        • Upholding TOS / soft-removal of trolling or unproductive commentary
          • We've been very light on moderation, it's gotten out of hand, we are changing that
          • The WWIIOL forums and game should be a drama free, no bs type of atmosphere
          • We should be having productive discussions that lead to best outcomes
    • Part 5: Stabilize campaign operations
      • Map state may be moving too fast
      • Managing morale swings 
      • Creating an agreeable approach to balanced and fair spawn lists
      • Making essential production related decisions that stick to history and carefully evaluate business priorities
    • Part 6: Collection of OS & ISP data
      • 64-bit threat for Mac users is coming, evaluating the number of current Mac users
      • Coordinating with dev team to strategize threat management
      • ISP data collection assisting our networking / operations team to better plan services
    • Part 7: Increase Staffing / coverage
      • There are many things for us to do, and with summer here, more assistance is needed
      • CRS is capable of producing more with additional hands, and we intend to do that
      • The Roadmap is our general guideline outside of other things that pop-up

    That's probably more detail than what you asked for, but that's what strikes my mind as significantly important and the things I am actively working. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, drkmouse said:

    I can  no longer afford the full monty do to outside game conderns.  I  refuse( yes i am being stuburn, but  for once have earned that rigth) to lose my 18+ year acount stats. and start over with a new acount.

    IF ever i can afford again  full sub, or i can convert my  acount to one i can afford( i never fly anyway) then i am in hiatus till then :( IT has been fun, And i have been honored to meet many great people. 

    I would also personally not be interested in restarting an account, that's a very natural position to take and I understand it fully. You've invested all of this time, energy, memories, relationships into this persona "Drkmouse."

    My primary duty is to make decisions that ensure not only the continuation of WWII Online and CRS, but increase the best odds possible for us to do better, grow, provide services, everything. Please understand that I am absolutely sympathetic to what ever challenges you may be experiencing and I hope financially things clear up for you. We are making the best decision for the game as a whole, after 7 years of experimenting and "giving." That has taken a toll on us and we have to shore things up at this stage and help reset the expectations for everyone about what our game service is.

    I don't doubt your interest or commitment to the game for a second Drkmouse, you've been here for a very long-time and I want to keep you, and as many of our community members together. That's why I have had to make these decisions and it's why we're in the initial phases of pressing through the understanding that we're serious about it and we have to be.

    Contact me by e-mail so we can expand on this a little bit further. You are a valued community member and your contributions are recognized by the team S!.

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  5. 12 hours ago, Quincannon said:

    I understand. I wasn't criticizing. I just wouldn't want to see the game lose potential customers because all they want to do is fly.

    Nah didn't take it as criticizing, all good there :).

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  6. How would we be able to keep the natives happy / at-bay by essentially removing their ability to counter-attack in a timely fashion (counter attacks are always time sensitive)? What are the unforeseen negative repercussions?

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  7. 4 hours ago, nc0gnet0 said:

    I have never gotten alt-tab to work in game. 

    Mac user? Try command + tab.

    Otherwise, try alt+escape ? 

    Worst case if you're a windows guy, CTLR+ALT+DEL then you should be able to cancel it out / switch apps.

  8. 7 hours ago, Quincannon said:

    I am going to make one point. While I understand everything that XOOM and CRS are doing in moving back to an all sub service, I worry about the fact that the Free Trial period is slated to be an all infantry ONLY trial.

    When i first tried out the game, it was with a free trial. Honestly, I was not really very interested in Infantry play. I wanted to play Navy, since almost no other WWII games have it, and to fly. My first day, after the basic infantry/armor training, was spent learning how to fly. I crashed countless planes in the flight training sim, but it was fun, and an achievement when I was able to take off and land again.

    The next day I moved to the Campaign server.  I was still trying to get into the air in game, and crashed a few fighters until someone came along and offered to help. It wasn't easy because the training didn't really cover comms well; so I couldn't communicate very well. Anyway, over the nest couple of weeks, The 23rd, the squad that took me in, helped teach me about flying, about sailing, about armor, and about infantry. It was fun and wild. I subbed before 30 days was up.

    But I would likely never have done so if the Free Trial was limited to ground Infantry only. In my opinion, a Free trial should let players try everything out to see what they are good at. I remember meeting another new player at the time who was subbing solely because he had had an amazing experience with a Flying Squad.

    This game is fantastic, but every player likes to play differently. Yes, I understand completely that there is a need to go back to subs only. But I know that I would likely not have subbed if I hadn't been able to try out everything; and experienced the full range of what the game could do. If I had only played infantry, it would have been a much different Free Trial experience, and I don't know that I would have been so eager to subscribe if I had not been allowed to try Navy and Air out. Not everyone subs to play ground pounders.

    Just my two cents worth.

    A fair consideration for the exception (you). I thought about this for a bit of time, and I realized that the landscape of our old free trial is no longer the same as it was, primarily because we have a series of upgrade options available. We'll be doing promotions and stuff in a temporary format, routinely, to help bolster activity and events, but still maintain the value of this extra access. I hope that much provides a better understanding of why we decided to do this.

    New users joining the game will not know any different from what was before (unless they're veterans, or told by veterans). But I think we can all agree on one primary thing: Most new users do play infantry predominately and if they do not have a joystick... good luck with the vehicle game because it's pretty rough on the PvP side of things (Tanks, Guns, Destroyers, Fighters / Bombers, etc). Can it by done by mouse? Yes.. but is that the experience we want new people to have upfront? Probably not because we cannot effectively support those users in those moments, it's like throwing them into the fire without a hand.

    On that note, I'd like to call for and suggest the entire WWIIOL player base focuses on new users coming in and give them a hand. Everyone knows enough of the infantry game to get by and we should be pushing them towards helping the cause (subscribing) so that they can benefit and get more. But create a welcoming environment that embraces noobies, squads should be excited to build them out - not yell at them and call them spies... that's something we really need to hone in on and remove because it's a nasty side of our truly outstanding gaming community.

  9. 2 hours ago, heilmittel said:

    Well i disagree with many CRS decision in the past, but i kept coming back to check the forum & login to see if there are any motivation for me to resub.

    TBH 4.99 is not expensive, and I am not leaving as some sort of protest (There are huge protest weekly in Hong Kong, I am exhausted, i don't have interest to protest for non-RL matter).

    The reason why i am not going to pay for 4.99 or more monthly is becuz I am tz3 player, and the game pop of tz3 is extremely low.
    Most of the time there are no action, so i just logout. The time i truly spawn in and enjoy playing is less than 1 hour per month nowaday.

    So paying monthly fee is not an opinion for me as i cannot enjoy the game.


    Bye hillstorm & axis, love u guys!

    Roger that. S! And thank you for playing, we’ll see you when you’re ready to get back in the fight.

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  10. 3 hours ago, enemytank said:

    Have f2p already been blocked?
    Unable to sign in..

    Tks all!!   very fun!!

    I hope to come back someday



    @enemytank Previous Premium subscribers, who are currently Free Play, have had Free Play access terminated. This isn't the qualification of a true free to play user, who is considered a non-premium user trying the game out.

    You can subscribe to one of our new career based subscriptions or premium plans at: https://account.wwiionline.com/login

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  11. 9 hours ago, hillstorm said:

    Noooo ... :(  

    Been a pleasure playing with you, squaddie 

    I'd encourage you to take action, instead of saying goodbye, spend the necessary time with a squaddie to talk them through it. We are here because of our subscriber base and community. While this is disheartening to those who have played on Free Play for sometime, it is a necessary thing to create the best conditions of keeping WWII Online healthy.

    @Community: CRS needs your help to create understanding. Talk with your squaddies who may be discouraged by this, answer their questions OR send them to me so I can try. I can't make a big change like this alone, but it is an important one. I need you guys to trust my judgement and trust that CRS has tried to make this work (unsuccessfully) for 7 years! Couldn't ask for much more than that.

  12. 10 hours ago, heilmittel said:

    I was waiting for DLC that available to non steam account

    With the cancellation of DLC & f2p, it is time for me to say goodbye

    I see you are a previous Premium subscriber with multiple months of doing so. If you care about this game, you'll understand quickly that DLC's nor Free Play has resulted into the success of WWII Online. If you want to continue to play this game, please consider subscribing. Protesting is not the solution. We tried for 7 years, it was a failed experiment despite our best intentions, efforts and implementations to try and make it work. If you haven't listened to my audio address, consider listening to it (on my signature).

    WWII Online is a game service, it needs to be understood as such. It is not just a regular game where server responsibilities are offloaded onto players who have to pay third parties for space. I hope you understand Heilmittel, but you are not going to change the opinion or decision by what you are saying you're going to do - nor is anyone else. This is how it has to be so WWII Online can go on for another 18 years.

    Please stick with us. $4.99/mo starter is an extremely reasonable price, and we have new career subscriptions. We've made it so that any budget can help support the game without breaking the bank.

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  13. Next Live Server Event

    Operation " SILENT INFERNO" is our next live server event is scheduled for Sunday, August 4, 2019 and will start at 12:00 PM server time.  This event is another one of our series of High Command led live server events.  These events have brought in large numbers of players and some very big combined arms battles.  Gather your squaddies and rally up for an afternoon of intense battles!

    Time zone breakdown:

    • 12:00PM Server (GMT -6)
    • 10AM Pacific
    • 1PM Eastern
    • 6PM England (GMT)


  14. 11 hours ago, bluelad said:

    My subscription is locked. I resubbed as all infantry ground classes type of sub a few days ago and as of today my subscription is locked.

    Unintended side effect of cleaning some stuff up. We are working on that right now, this was hidden until those corrections. Sorry man, hang in there!

  15. Hey guys, this looks like an unfortunate side affect with our changes announced yesterday that was hidden before we started to make some fixes. We are working right now to try and resolve this for Career Based subscribers and apologize for the temporary outage, shouldn't last long, and it's something we are going to get resolved asap. Thanks for your patience!

  16. We're looking to properly revive the World@War Gazette and need a solid PHP developer to help take some work forward. If you have some skills with PHP and are looking for some experience and to bring important home page news / recognition for individual players back to WWII Online, I'd like to hear from you! Submit an inquiry to jobs@corneredrats.com with some details about your experience. You will need at least 10+ hours per week to contribute to the team. The Gazette's current status can be found here: https://www.wwiionline.com/resources#gazette 

    If you guys know someone with these skills, please direct them our way. The World@War Gazette was an instrumental community building tool that we need to get rolling properly again.


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  17. It seems we're having a hard time with coming to some reasonable understanding of what we want to do. We made a series of changes to promote the improved possibility of mobile spawns being placed, through that we've seen more mobile spawn placements occur and more play options without downtime reduced.

    Why are we interested in reverting the changes that has produced this sort of result?

  18. 2 hours ago, tatonka said:

    Ok then the Hero is premium, and I see they no longer have the Builder account  for sale , so I will sign up for hero account .  Still wondering by having hero account you get a free account for towing etc. , and I was wanting my second account to be that free account with hero sub.

    Builders are still available. If you need a hand, submit a ticket here: https://playnet.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

  19. A series of changes are in progress to create a better onboarding experience for new users joining WWII Online and shaping an appropriate set of expectations for what our game service is all about. As of today, perpetual Free Play access will no longer be offered and has been replaced with a 30 day free trial account which gives you all infantry and a truck. We have 5 subscription options available and we will no longer be selling downloadable content. Continue reading this article to receive full details and an explanation for why CRS has made these necessary changes to our game service experience.

    Home page article


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  20. 6 minutes ago, odin67 said:

    Okay looks like my Steam DLC purchases (all but the para DLC) are still in effect. While I wanted to wait to purchase the DLC on my WWII Online account and not my Steam account I suspected it was going was never going to make it to the WWII Online account so went ahead and purchased it. Wanting to support the game I have signed up via Steam for the Starter account for the $4.99/mo. There is a bit of overlap but I wanted to support CRS but $15/mo is a much imo and the Starter account is good value. I hope that isn't going to be tinkered with. 

    All that said, I have a sinking suspicion the ship is starting to list with this announcement/decision. I hope I am wrong. 

    Starter recently received a little bit of a boost to make it more viable. It's going to remain as-is.

    We're doing okay in terms of the ship, but it's a necessary set of decisions to avoid it listing.

    Please read my announcement here: https://www.wwiionline.com/support-bulletins/accounts-billing/all-in-on-free-trial-subscriptions 

  21. 28 minutes ago, ojsimpson said:

    I'm a new player, just started in #165. Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents, FWIW. I've mostly enjoyed the game so far and was strongly considering purchasing a sub. I didn't feel it was necessary as I only intended to play as a rifleman either way, but figured it was the right thing to do to support the game. In the short time I've played here I've come to meet some great people and really enjoy the teamwork aspect of the game. I'm a long time CoD player and was looking for a break from the toxicity and mindless arcade action.

    With that being said, I was surprised to login today and find out I was no longer able to cap CPs. As of this post I am the #1 capper so far in this campaign, so F2Players clearly provide value to the community. I certainly understand from a business perspective the reasoning for limiting/removing F2P, but it's unfortunate. I've played at various times of the day, peak and dead time, and even during the peak hours the game didn't feel like a grand-scale war to me. In the dead times I've seen towns taken with only 1 or 2 EI trying to defend. I can count on 2 hands the number of Axis players I've consistently encountered during this campaign. I feel that this game has such immense potential, but hasn't reached the size of community necessary to achieve it. Removing F2P will obviously increase cashflow, but it will undoubtedly shrink the community further.

    The appeal of this game is the realism factor for me. WWIIO has no true competitors that I can see, and while it is a bit of a niche market..it should dominate it. While some aspects seem absurdly unrealistic and out-of-character for the game (roof jumping, wall clipping, only registering 'hit' to the chest/stomach from 10m with a rifle, the horrendous lag that causes you to die before the enemy shows/no gunshot audio, the entire team using autos when historically riflemen dominated the numbers) I understand on a basic level the technical difficulties behind fixing some of these things, and how some are simply consequences of design (looking at you, grey murder box depots). I also understand that resources are needed to improve, and while I haven't been here long it seems that CRS is dedicated to progress and continuing to provide a great experience for the community. It's very commendable that they listen to the community and not just pump out content blindly for financial gain (90% of AAA studios).

    With all things considered, I will stop playing for now. I know the value of the subs to the continued development of the game and community, however I would like to see the consistent in-game numbers increase before I see the value of a sub as a consumer. As @XOOM mentioned the slow season should be ending relatively soon so I'll check back in later and hopefully there is a more robust community to play with then. Good luck everyone and thanks for the fun experience!

    Thank you for writing this all out. I think it's a pretty balanced and fair position to take. I don't think closing the door and walking away is going to solve the concurrent player numbers. You are well within reason to do as you decide, my job is to keep the game running so that when you are ready to come back it'll be here for you to play again. 

    All of the experiences that you have had has been made possible due to subscribers shouldering the financial burden to keep WWII Online and CRS operational. It will continue to be made possible by those guys who are currently subscribers, and those who are realizing that subscribing for $4.99/mo is going to give them a lot more content to play with and provide resources towards a cause that they believe in and find value in.

    In case you did not know, WWII Online is 100% community funded. Without you, we are done. So instead of closing the door, consider that you can be part of the solution, and that each individual effort and decision you make has a greater or equal effect.


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