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  1. At the top of http://www.wwiionline.com I've added a video behind the text (in black and white) to show game footage and tell a bigger story, automatically about the game. I'll be monitoring website results carefully to see if we're seeing an increase in users signing up, and what sort of retention we'll be gaining in terms of using staying and watching it.

    My question is: what do you think?

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  2. Veterans assisting new players is not a new task, but it is ever vital. Especially with the return of Free Play, we've seen a 40% climb in players online, only further illustrating the need to hand down that knowledge and have structured training sessions which produce future long-term members of WWII Online.

    There are many players who come through WWIIOnline.com and our Steam channel who have a lot of questions and need support.

    If you'd like to share your knowledge and help create and train others on really important curriculum, @pfmosquito is your guy and I highly encourage you to step forward and give these new players a shot at being a successful member of the WWII Online community.

    Your participation and sharing of wisdom is a vital component to this.

  3. 1 hour ago, Mosizlak said:

    Where to hit, what range to start firing (or not), and angle. 

    Unfortunately people just open fire at anything they see, then whine on side chat about super tanks and how CRS hates our side by nerfing us lol. when he tried to kill a churchill7 from the front at 1000 yards with a pak36...

    Yeah that’s a pretty accurate statement. Sharing wisdom is going to be a key part of all this.

    I think it’s safe to say we’ve effectively given Free Players the ability to move troops and setup mobile spawns effectively. Since the topic is focused on towing guns, the only guns that free players have can be towed by this vehicles as well, so they do match up in terms of competency and usage needs.

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    2 hours ago, delems said:

    Not sure allies having this issue, but axis seem to be running out of bolt rifles before most other infantry types?

    That doesn't usually happen.  Might look into, maybe need some more bolt rifles?

    More players online? :) 

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  5. 14 hours ago, GrAnit said:

    Nice! Will they go in piecemeal with upcoming patches or all at once?

    There's a strong probability that this will go in all together on one patch, that will be our goal. As @OLDZEKE has rightly indicated, there may be some unforeseen issue preventing that, but it's our goal to achieve this in one swoop.

    Presently, we have a hotfix coming to correct a recent issue that crept up with the patch, as well as pushing rapidly for 64-bit refinement/deployment.


  6. 4 hours ago, stankyus said:

    This sounds very appealing and interesting... with one mmm not so sure.. 

    If you are removing the walls of the AB are you or have you placed buildings on the E side of the VEH?  Even with walls its difficult to spawn armor with 88s in the hills. There is very little manuevering room.  Likewise adding the buildings near the inf spawns adds the protection needed not just for the inf, but to the VEH when the Allies get tanks across to the RR station. TBH, the EAB should get a series of buildings on the E/W and S sides if we are looking for a more interesting E side fight then what we have already.

    We looked at the nearby bunkers in the area and we'll be positioning / moving items around to avoid camping and creating a situation where defenders will have a solid opportunity.

    We want Verdun to be a tough nut to crack, and we believe these changes will make that play environment quite challenging and memorable.

  7. On 10/9/2019 at 11:42 PM, poker said:

    Fully appreciate that you’re a volunteer Scking, so this post is not directed at you in any shape or form.

    @XOOM I, and others, contributed to a funding drive (one of many) when it was made clear that this drive would support the 64-bit upgrade. it is disappointing that this benchmark has not been met, and I certainly will not delay downloading an upgraded experience (which is needed to align my iPhone and iPad for work and family related activities).

    The funding drive was in spring 2018: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fundraiser-2018-wwii-online#/ and over £30,000 was raised. I find it very difficult to understand why you have failed to meet the 64-bit deadline when you essentially received cash some 18-months ago for this reason.

    We are almost ready as the guys have indicated to roll this out. I realize it is coming later than expected, even for us, and we are moving as quickly as we can to get this rolled out. 


    1 hour ago, fuzzycoco said:

    Yeah, You should not roll back if you have gone to Catalina.

    XOOM and team knew about this. They asked for special fund and didn’t deliver. With a year and a half lead time, they own this error.

    Apple DOES NOT recommend their users to hold off of updates. And service or software telling Apple users NOT to upgrade will be fined directly.

    get the update out TODAY

    No one is standing here to make excuses, we can only deal with the reality. Our current goal as mentioned is to haul ass and get this through to delivery. We're working on it as quickly as we can and we have not forgotten or created any intentional delay to stall this out.

    We're almost there.

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  8. Okay just got done with our chat with the Production team, and we've come up with an official list that we've now put into motion.

    Thanks for your participation and feedback, we incorporated that and some additional ideas. I don't normally share this amount of detail before something is implemented, but it does make for great discussion and gives you some insight in-advance for what's coming.

    New placements for Bunkers (Starting progress)

    1. Dinant: Pentagon bunker (Westside)
      1. Update WAB AI Zones of fire
    2. Schilde: City Bunker (Cement)
    3. Grobbendonk: Pentagon
    4. Leuven: Pentagon
      1. Face bunker entry to the NW
    5. Namur NAB: Pentagon Bunker
      1. Remove walls and non-military buildings
      2. Maneuver fortifications to better defensive positions
      3. Add in ruins or other militaristic (non-start) buildings nearby
    6. Verdun EAB: Pentagon bunker
      1. Remove walls
      2. Adjust positions of infantry spawns to avoid camping
      3. Adjust AI positions for maximum bunker coverage
      4. Add spawnable depot at Notre Dame to maximize fighting/hilltop command
        1. We want that hilltop to have more climactic battles
      5. Add ruins on the mouth of the east forest, 45* angle facing NW for defensive positions and/or offensive positions
        1. This will add a different flavor in the area here
    7. Longwy: Swap both bunkers to the concrete bunkers
    8. Ramet: Pentagon, facing east.
    9. Tielt: Pentagon, south bunker
    10. Vlissingen, cement bunker

  9. Just wanted to say thanks for being very understanding during a rather difficult month and a half. It was a bit tough with our billing system and I wanted to apologize for the inconveniences that may have caused. I'd also like to thank our team at CRS for responding in record time to a tremendously difficult circumstance that we had no control over, the guys rose up and handled it well.

    Particularly Gadget, Sniper62 and Pilotmc for direct technical billing implementation, Pittpete for providing excellent customer support, and the countless QA and Community / Marketing staff members who went above and beyond to communicate to our community members and assist them as best as they could've.

    As it stands now, we're back to accepting all types of cards, and now PayPal creates recurring agreements (first time ever).

    @SNIPER62 also made critical headway to automate the process of accounting for your billing time, automating a series of steps that were being manually simulated (like adding access, updating your next bill date, and giving you good feedback that important billing events have occurred).

    The good news is, as we're on this new system it will be 100% more sustainable as it's on an entirely new code base that is managed outside of CRS and Playnet, relieving our resources even more in terms of managing security, payments and overall upkeep to make sure things go smooth. That means more game development - WOOT!

    This is not the first time our team has faced adversity, nor will it be the last, but I am proud of how they all composed themselves and handled the situation as best they could have.

    I am also reminded of how blessed we are as a developer of how tremendous our game community is. You guys are truly outstanding - thanks all!

    Two final things to end on:

    1. Update your billing method - all subscribers. We need everyone to have confidence and update their billing method to use this new game server immediately to avoid losing game access.
      1. Update billing method: https://playnet.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213234338-How-do-I-update-my-billing-method-Updated-11-1-19
      2. The old processor is no longer in use.
      3. Your old setup/cards will not be billed.
      4. If you do not update, you will lose access.
    2. Today, we released version 1.36.3 and is now available for you to play.
      1. 1.36.3 Readme Notes: https://www.wwiionline.com/game-news/production-notes/version-1-36-3-readme
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  10. On 10/28/2019 at 11:25 AM, pshootr said:

    After 18 years of being able to pay wwii with no problems..  Now I can not seem to pay wwii...  Take my money?  I have followed all tutorials and have not figured problem out yet.

    After 18 years of routine business, our payment processor (Cybersource) decided to make our system obsolete without warning putting us into a terrible bind. Very bad business practice on their behalf and we were on the receiving end, along with several other companies. Needless to say, we are no longer doing business with them and had to implement a 6-month solution in 45 days.

    Fortunately, we're now recovering and we're improving the flow of things and stabilizing. Thanks for your patience and grace (everyone) throughout this process.

    What we need now is everyone to upgrade their billing method with the new system, immediately.

    The forums are not the best place for direct help with your account and subscription, for that, please submit a support ticket at http://support.wwiionline.com

    Thanks all, S! 

  11. 34 minutes ago, blkfalcon said:

    Do we still need to contact someone? Updated mine according to the latest instructions, which doesn't mention that.

    Seems to be a little conflicting info out there.

    I took care of your account already, should be good to go. All current requests are completed and up to date. Running tirelessly around reducing any downtime. Simultaneously working with the development team to provide an automated solution.

    Have confidence that we'll get you taken care of within 12 hours at this stage, it's actually much sooner than that, but I do need to step away on occasion managing the rest of the team's activities. Oh, and eat too :).

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  12. 10 minutes ago, dre21 said:

    So is the left colum the appreviations we are gonna see in game when we look for our units?

    If that's the case , I sure don't like it.

    No, that's for internal use only. The "Name" field is typically how they are named, but that data is within the game client itself. This is a print out from the toolset that @OHM uses to manage equipment in the game.

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