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  1. 10 minutes ago, dre21 said:

    So is the left colum the appreviations we are gonna see in game when we look for our units?

    If that's the case , I sure don't like it.

    No, that's for internal use only. The "Name" field is typically how they are named, but that data is within the game client itself. This is a print out from the toolset that @OHM uses to manage equipment in the game.

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  2. Hey everyone, we've been working hard to roll out the new billing system/way to accept payments. We've got some kinks to work out, but we can start to accept cards again. Once you add your card in here, please let us know so we can configure you. This is a work in progress but it is enough for us to roll it out, smooth things over and get you rolling again.


    The only hitch is at this point (as of today, 10/25/19) is once you add in your card data you have to let us know so we can process it accordingly. This will become automated as it always has been, but this is what we have to work with as of this hour.

    I added a quick video to let you know how easy it is to store that card data now:


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  3. 13 hours ago, delems said:

    Curious, how come?


    The goal of this is to provide more equipment into the hands of the player base more routinely and sooner than what has occurred since we rolled out the revised TOEs preparing for Hybrid Supply. This was able to be achieved without compromising that work, the balancing mechanism(s) we put in place, or the corrected timeline roll-outs. Essentially instead of half-tiers, we're returning to full tiers (years) of the war (1940, 1941, etc, compared to 1940-1, 1940-2).

    I'd like to thank @OHM for his transparency and willingness to provide you a briefing as the Game Manager. This was done to not only prepare you for the upcoming changes, but to act in good faith.

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  4. There was another thread that allowed for a period of time of this sort of discussion to take place and was given ample opportunity to implement feedback there. 

    I'm going to close this one now, and any other subsequent ones that par-lay that discussion.

    If you really want me to read something, my e-mail or forum PM is open for you. Send it there, where it counts.

  5. On 10/19/2019 at 11:08 PM, Kilemall said:

    I would want these in Maginot Line and Siegfried Line towns, maybe Atlantic Wall towns, signifying its a fortress town.

    Prepare your top 10 list for me :) 

    3 hours ago, pulfer said:

    All central towns would be awesome, except Diest and Leuven. Those two are unique and wonderful the way they are. 

    Appreciate your feedback but I am looking for a top 10 list. Need something less generic.

  6. As I mentioned a couple days ago, today I’d be closing the thread to review what feedback you found to be most valuable for us to take in. Thank you for your contributions everyone. I’ll be spending some time personally to comb over this stuff and figure out what we can do to make things a bit improved.

    In the interim, I would ask for you to have some faith that WWII Online development continues, we understand player numbers need to go up, and we have some changes coming to this next campaign (announced soon) to get you access to more equipment and remove an item currently impacting game play.

    I’ll get back to you soon with a more thorough write up after I’ve been able to absorb this feedback.

  7. Everyone is interested in the new Bunkers reporting to the starting lines / most played areas of WWII Online. We've asked the production team to begin examining what it would take and prepare resources to swap out the bunkers in 10 of the most played and uniquely strategic towns. Given that these are pretty high-poly at this stage, I'd recommend we start with 1 AB smaller towns (like Schilde, for example).

    If you were to create your TOP 10 list of where these new bunkers would have maximum return on investment for player fun and creating memorable game moments, where would they be?

    Remember: Only 1AB towns as a starting point for this discussion! Also identify whether it's the pentagon bunker with the outer perimeter, or the regular bunker (no outer walls).

    Here's the regular city bunker (good for AB Walls)


    Here's the pentagon bunker (shouldn't have AB walls)


  8. In an effort to help encourage the discussion in a direction that helps provide some more supplemental insights for my active thought processes and ideas... I'd like to request your feedback on this:

    The game needs more players. We are a massively multiplayer online game. We have the capability of holding up to 5,000 concurrent users.

    What can we do to get more players to join WWII Online, and then stay / keep on playing?

    How can we achieve that and balance the expectation(s) of avoiding perpetual free play with no monetary contribution, but still making it reasonable enough for people to opt-in to a plan should they choose?

    Price does matter, but it's not the only singular thing, and there's no way without serious volume we could seriously consider going to $4.99/mo. It's far too risky. But again I do understand the "paywall" being a non-starter for players who are not yet interested (that also includes things like graphics, some performance expectations not being met, etc).

    Everything else aside in terms of development and production (though both are very valuable - and we will continue, of course), if the only thing that occurred was more players joining, playing and staying, the entire state and health of the game would improve. And it doesn't take another Steam release necessarily to achieve that.

  9. Thank you, everyone, for providing your feedback. For the duration of this forum thread, I have been watching carefully and trying to maintain an observation-only position to allow for genuine, unfiltered feedback to come forth.  I am certainly listening and thinking about each of your points.

    The only line I will draw is the Terms of Service and/or stepping into the doom and gloom "the end is near" rhetoric.

    Please feel free to continue as long as the discussion stays within reason. 

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  10. 7 minutes ago, dre21 said:

    Well Xoom, you know I really like this game and it does look like I / we ( wife) have /had a pay pal account at one time , figured out the email last night , today it be the password reset or maybe we remember it. So I'll sign up cause I know the pain right now is deep with all that is going on.

    Appreciate that. I apologize that this happened in the first place, we had no warning :(. But we're working on that solution as quickly as we can.

  11. 1 hour ago, choad said:

    Why in the heck would Cybersource all of the sudden insist on pulling the plug on certain customers with very little notice? I mean - I don't think they are closing up shop so far as I could determine. Did they require  you to complete a PCI DSS audit or something? That can be a bear to get through - but still they allow you time to go through the paperwork and perform the audit. I know you said no cardholder data was stored on your servers - but even storing a token is enough to screw ya' on that front. Is that really what happened? 


    Or .... I guess if you start getting too many chargebacks and such, they can probably boot ya with short notice. Either way - it surely stinks.

    No Choad, it's not because of chargebacks. It's because our legacy billing system has become too archaic for them to support. We have had it on our list for sometime to transition from this, however they provided us zero notice, we actually had to call them in the middle of renewing our API key to find this out, and they basically said, "Yup, can't help you." After 20 years of doing business with them, it's the biggest slap in the face you could possibly imagine.

    So, CRS is having to do a 6 month project in a 2 month time window. Very difficult. That's why the PayPal thing is happening currently, and it's really important that people step up and make their payments instead of saying "I'll wait" because we're already dealing with enough pain from this uncontrollable event.

  12. On 10/13/2019 at 10:30 AM, dre21 said:

    I get it. But I rather do things once and not have to redo things. Also the less my card number is out there the happier I am . 

    Having it in your system Fine , worked since 2001, to just go that route for 1 month , I'll pass and wait , but as soon you guys have your system up I'm there again. 


    It wasn't in our system at any point, it was in Cybersource (Wells Fargo's) just to be clear which is highly secure. And when our cards can be accepted again (hoping very soon!) then it will be in another merchant's system. At no time does CRS / Playnet retain that data.

  13. Having customers having to do anything other than simply download, and press next --> next --> complete, is something we try to avoid at all costs. Substantial work was done on patches that required this. I'll say it again, it's not the first, second or third desired option, it's only done if absolutely necessary. I understand your point @ch0ad, believe me, we deal with the fall out for customers who either do not read or do not initially understand what to do. 

    But the installer was pretty much rebuilt along with the directories and that's pretty significant, and was done for good purposes.

    Thanks to everyone for your grace on this. S! 

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  14. On 9/10/2019 at 5:10 PM, Zeppelin said:

    I'd like to contribute via paypal


    Alas, it dont see that option

    "Interested in Other Payment Options?

    Indiegogo currently accepts payments only from direct credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. If you would like a payment option that is not currently supported (cash, check, PayPal etc.), we recommend getting in touch with the campaign owner directly."

    @Zeppelin Send me an e-mail at mcallahan@corneredrats.com and we can make it happen.

  15. Today we're happy to report that "Csm308" became this critical campaign's FIRST Field Marshall, contributing $3,000.00 to the WWII Online 2019 funding campaign, providing a much needed boost!

    We have also had contributions in the last 24 hours from: John Bailey, James Watson, Augern, Paul Carter and Wesley Kamerer. 

    With that, everyone who has assisted so far has made it possible for us to reach 10% funding in short order - thank you so much everyone! Your efforts are single handedly ensuring that WWII Online has a brighter future, with a better set of servers, bandwidth and long-term sustainability. 

    Let's keep the drive pressing forward to achieve these big objectives for our future!


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  16. On 9/3/2019 at 5:46 AM, gavalink said:

    But when each side's AO is the opposing town, from a side perspective it's 1 AO and 1 DO. No feigns or diversions, just straight up headbanging on a minute section of a "300,000 sq km battlefield".  It seems a waste of space not to have access to it (and maybe somewhat false advertising).

    While I can appreciate your concern, and recognize that there is a desire to utilize more of the vast game world that makes up WWII Online, the 1 AO comes up only in significant imbalance or low pop conditions. The available number of AO's are dependent on the under populated sides current population, which truly helps us do a good job at maintaining the AO balancing act. We all desire more AO's to be available, and that will happen as more population gets onboard and in. 

    We went to a 2 AO Minimum with the very best of intentions, realizing that the number of supply opportunities were extraordinarily larger, available at all towns by comparison to pre-1.36 which was the TOE system solely.

    What we found is that while Garrison supply is accessible everywhere, the number of people online did not match that supply boost. Therefore while it was not quite as exacerbated as pre-Garrisons, the rolling effect that plagued the entire Campaign experience during Time Zone 3 remained. That time zone while only 33% of the equation, has and had the potential to have a 100% effect for the outcome of a Campaign.

    This is a rock solid solution to eliminating massive rolls in time zone 3, and there is no intention of changing that because history has shown (more than twice) it would be appeasing the people with the hammer while laying waste to the receiving team. We have tried, and each time it has been reversed due to not being successful.

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  17. 21 hours ago, Quincannon said:

    I think Odolf was seeing it as that you don't get an avatar at all without a Hero subscription.
    @Odolf you can add an avatar in your profile. (Apologies if I misunderstood)


    That's not the case, you do get one, there's just a support contact requirement there, which is no biggie. I added what I could quickly so he could benefit in short order.

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