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  1. 1 hour ago, undercova said:

    Why is there no auto kick option in squad management ?

    IF player X didn't log in for 365 days THEN remove him from squad.

    Many squads would kinda collapse because they are artificially bloated up because of 100s of ghost members. Those ppl didn't play the game for many years anymore ... or were just trial accounts. But it would be a way more honest system than it is right now.

    The remaining ppl would then start to form or join other squads a lot faster/easier.

    It would help your request too

    There's long-term loyalty to these squads, I don't think that'd go over very pleasantly. I get your point, and yes I would prefer Squads that we have to continue to develop and recruit / stay active, but I think it does remove a lot of incentive from guys returning who long for that old nostalgic experience from their Squad. Don't see this being too beneficial for that part is all I am saying.

  2. 1 hour ago, dre21 said:

    If area capture makes it ever into game , then I think Troopers could really shine .

    GL Xoom from a former 3FJR , I told myself if Feldjager ever disbands,  I'll go Squadless and play whatever side I feel like that day ( more or less be on the underpop side)


    Thanks for the support. That’s basically how I’ve been playing for quite sometime now. The lack of being part of a squad with true esprit de corps has been a missing part of my experience here since I’ve become a RAT. It’s great to have that hole being filled, and what better opportunity than the squad we were all apart of. Being a lone wolf is as it states a bit lonely, being a RAT without a squad is basically like being a punching bag / soap box minus all the genuine team building experiences in the game. Depends who you are, until recently I didn’t realize how important that part was for me.

    Regarding FeldJager, I’d say 30% of their squad mates are former 3FJR. Therefore in a way, they’re an extension of ours. Good guys over there, we should do some joint ops.

  3. 7 hours ago, Kilemall said:

    There are several Allied squads that specialized in precision spec ops which included the occasional para drop, such as Covert Ops.  But the signature para identity unit was 101st, I would check into their whereabouts and interest.

    I agree with this @odonovan1. I cannot force the behavior of a group, at best I can influence one. This is largely why I’ve taken up this baton personally. The alternative is we roll the clock back a week ago and no movement happens, and para ops go back to infrequent as they unfortunately have been for some time.

  4. We need updated information on the following regarding all squads in WWIIOL:

    • Side affiliation
      • Allied
      • Axis
      • Either
    • Squad name
      • Include squad logo if you have one
      • Include squad motto
      • Include formation date
    • Type of squad
      • Army
      • Air Force
      • Navy
    • Squad website
    • Squad night
      • Date, time, time zone
    • Discord voice comms
      • Y/N
      • Location
    • Squad commander
    • Squad active member count
    • Brief description on what sort of members you are seeking
    • Any other information pertinent

    This information will be used as part of a new user welcome packet to give them some ideas of what squads are available, and it will also put CRS in a position to better promote your squad on our platforms.

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  5. Been playing a bit the last few days, really enjoyable experiences, it's like real-time nostalgia. Same stuff works as before and it's quite awesome to see the new players and even some of the veterans jumping in and soaking it up. 

    Genobrst just got reconnected with the game, and he was last actively playing (until now) in 2009.

    Hans just resubscribed and reconnected with the game, first time since 2012.

    I am working on more, and have called / reconnected with other members of our community who were either once part of 3FJR or who are not but are inactive. In fact we have a couple of veteran members who were without a squad who have joined up with us in hopes to build something new and restore the paratrooping game / pursue more team oriented game play.

    We have several other part-time players who are now returning more frequently because of this increase in activity and interest to develop the squad - we are setting goals, like squad nights, and have created a Facebook group page to stay connected.

    We have new members stepping up and taking leadership roles, and more new players are joining / getting on voice comms because we are committed and dedicated to routinely showing up and providing guidance.

    We were working as a team today, doing the dirty work of guarding depots, bunkers and all of that fun stuff. Basic squad stuff, but the attention to detail and the commitment of representing the squad name, was really great.

    I am doing this because I asked every WWII Online squad leader and high command officer to do the same. I am explaining this because my position is under a constant state of scrutiny and it's important for a disclosure as to "why." 

    This has been important for me to retrain myself on what it means to be a squad leader, and get direct feedback from players in the game, new and vet so that I can make more informed, guided decisions to better those experiences while wearing my CRS hat.

    Thanks for your support. S! 

  6. 3FJR was one of the premier Paratrooper units of WWII Online, and I have initiated the reformation process of it. WWII Online needs a dedicated Paratrooper squad as it is one of the best experiences, and really the last stand for the game for not having mobile spawns and retaining that 'old school feel.' I will personally continue to play both sides, but I feel that it is necessary to develop paratrooper operations and will be applying my in-game energy to doing so because it is such a fantastic thing, and really a lost art.

    If you are interested in supporting this endeavor with me, private message me. New players and veterans are welcome.


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  7. 16 hours ago, dropbear said:

    I still have not read the reasoning behind CRSs decision to NOT allow premium subscribers to go "down" to starter subscriptions. 

    You are saying on one post that we need everyone to stay subbed , and by your own choice forgoing completely the players who want to be subbed by anyway they can..

    @XOOM I have subbed because I want to help, but the value for money at tz3 is nonexistant. Six players on allied side last night AND EIGHT SECOND spawn delay??? The spawn delay was swinging widely to both sides over a few hours, but the actual players in the aos were still able to be counted on one hand.

    The balancing mechanisms fail at extreme low pop but I don't see anything in your posts regarding possible fixes. 

    Please, what are your ideas on getting more numbers in game?

    Good morning from America Dropbear.

    • Not allowing Premium subscribers downgrade was explained, and it's to make sure we keep our base intact as we try to develop new customers to help make up the difference. It's the best thing for WWIIOL, we don't want to rock the boat.
    • We've made advancements to improve balancing mechanisms, like considering the underpopulated sides population to determine the number of available AO's, put the persona delay at 60 seconds to encourage balancing behavior, put a spawn delay at 30 seconds - and require balancing to start sooner than before, and of course balanced capture timers, increasing the time it takes for the underpopulated side to capture while increase the overpopulated side capture time a bit.
    • We're actively working the available channels we have, whether social media, newsletters, steam, twitch, reddit, and plenty of other outlets (which we're developing more). We're analyzing website behavior and expanding on good channels where sources of visitors and sign ups can be tracked by.

    Thanks for your questions, S! 

  8. 10 hours ago, zip said:

    I just renewed my subscription after approx. 7 - 8 years since last time. Will be interesting to see how I stack up with my flying but I guess I need quite a lot of practice. Used to be a member on SAFD flying allied, do not know if they still exists. 

    One question, I now have Mac and wonder if there is anything like force feedback available for Mac?

    See you in the skies, after I have done some training :-)



    Welcome back to WWII Online Zip, glad you're here S! 

  9. 2 hours ago, GrAnit said:

    Population is way down lately.  Nothing everyone doesn’t know.  I was going to ask @XOOM what are the mid- to long- term plans to significantly increase population?  That’s the crux of the matter.

    We are working on those things. Since my announcement as I mentioned we're seeing some new positive trends subscriber wise. I do not see a drop off in new customers signing up, nor should we expect to. We have implemented a very reasonable step-up ladder for subscriptions and are currently in-process for resetting the tone that we're a game service.

    We have events planned and will continue to do that to help stimulate growth and excitement. We'll probably look to do more of them just with a shorter timeline (not weeks, but rather weekends, more frequently, with specific focus and gear availability). We are also working with our CinC's to get HC moving in a direction that fosters more community development and creation of side based operations and squad unity. These are core to the value of WWIIOL and overtime through the brigade system, it eroded quality field leadership and that art of how to do this has been a bit lost - it seems. One great example of successfully getting squads together by a community member is actually @csm308 when he put together the Axis squad alliance. That was good stuff and really should come back, for both sides.

    We're going to need the WWII Online community's help with this too, that is encouraging our friends to come back to WWII Online and stick with the game / be apart of the solution. CRS is continuing to develop the game and we're now placing greater emphasis on bug resolution than we have in recent time.

    There's no golden bullet here, it's a series of important events, decisions and actions taken by us all that are going to make the difference.

    Our commitment remains ever high at CRS. This year for me personally will also see an increase in free time to dedicated to WWIIOL activities as my Son (xoomjr) is starting his first year of school - crazy to think. 

  10. 9 hours ago, bmw said:

    I havent had much time at all to play...maybe a few sorties the last two maps or so.  If there was an option to drop down to the starter sub from the premium I would do it until I had time to play.....but from I gather you cant do that so I may just pause my sub for the time being.  When I have popped in not much is happening.  seems the population is stagnant.  Still mulling it over.  Some $$ is better than no money but I guess thats not an option.

    Hang in there Bmw, we're going to see some population growth here over the next couple of months as we pull out of a "slower" season and we have some events in planning (one coming this Sunday) to help stimulate concurrent user population in the interim.

    I have gone into detail about why certain things are happening and it's all intended for the best health of the game. Now is not the time to get too worried or to bail, it is the time to come together. We're already starting to see some positive trends with new activations and reactivations underway. 


    There is a growing concern that perpetual free play is the end of new lifeblood coming to the game. I can't be anymore clear to say, that is not the case. Our 30 day trial and continuous stream of new folks coming into the game are going to remain, untouched, in terms of flow and consistency. The difference is, as we are intentionally maneuvering to do... is to say this will reach a point where you (the new consumer) is going to have to make a decision to back WWII Online up, or you won't have access.

    Just as it is with other services that I outlined in my primary article, perpetual free access for subscription based services (like ours) is very abnormal of a thing. It is imperative to change out the optics from WWII Online being just another game and needing to conform to all this micro-transaction stuff, and recognizing that we are a software/game as a service model.

  11. 8 hours ago, nc0gnet0 said:

    Windows guy, although I have never tried running two instances of the game at once. I just know I cannot alt-tab to say IE. Want to make sure it works before I commit to additional $$

    Go here and read some options, avoid downloading any abnormal programs to review your hardware (I got an ad for this on that site, which isn't good, but the information seems reasonable).


  12. 12 hours ago, Kilemall said:

    I would hope we would NOT do the squad-only one, the difference to my mind here is that the ML can use this for benefit of squaddies or for everyone, if he turns it loose it's game on without locking off non-squaddies.

    I'm definitely not in favor of Squad only missions (to come back exactly as they were) due to the inclusiveness referenced above. I am very interested in providing ways for mission leaders to better manage who is on their mission / accessibility. Key difference: Including non-Squaddies.

  13. 12 minutes ago, Randazzo said:

    Not saying this is the case with OP, but a derelict/unresponsive ML is precisely what the .takelead command is for.  I took lead from a nonresponsive ML during the WBS campaign - XOOM himself took a mission from me after I set up a bunch of nice waypoints for it but I think it's just because my mission was so awesome and he wanted the credit for it.  :D

    Randazzo knows how to setup a good mission, that's all I am saying. :P 

  14. Just now, Kilemall said:

    Missing Part 0- Voice Comms

    Everything else about conversion to sub/retention is made infinitely more difficult by lack of comms out of the box.

    That's on the list after the user interface is completed which is in progress. We decided to do this first because right now users are getting lost on-sight. 

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  15. 20 minutes ago, enabore03 said:

    I am tired of players taking lead then deleting my FMS. I will often set up a dfms in a flanking position before an attack starts. I usually spawn a atg and wait for the enemy to come. Sometimes I go AFK while I do a few chores then check back once in a while. However, other players make the decision that they don't like where my fms is so they take lead then delete my FMS. Why pay to play a game where someone has the ability to wipe out my efforts because they don't like how I play. I already cancelled my basic sub over this issue. 

    I am quite certain there's a temporary period where you can type: .takelead , and recover control of your mission. The .takelead command is not often used, when it is I've seen it used with purpose (such as the mission leader going away from keyboard / being unresponsive). That sounds like abuse in your case unfortunately.

    I would encourage you to reconsider and try the .takelead command to get your mission back, and use the .report system in-game for who ever took your mission and shut it down. Our Game Moderation team will not tolerate the abuse of that command.

    Stick with us @enabore03. S! 

  16. 1 minute ago, Capco said:

    I see. 

    My only counterpoint would be that the consistent premium subscribers will continue to be consistent.  It seems from the feedback in this thread that the people who want a downgrade option are those who can only pay the premium level at certain points of the year.  It does not seem to be from people who feel they have to pay full price despite not playing every aspect of the game.  

    I think you'd bring in more money and wouldn't pose much of a risk to your bread and butter subscribers by avoiding an all-or-nothing approach once premium level has been reached.  I don't have any data to support that of course.  It's just a hunch.  If you have data that says you will lose premium subscribers to basic level subscriptions then I'm wrong.  

    My experience with the Free Play deal has told me that this is the likely probability. These new plans are specifically designed to encourage new subscriptions and reactivations as a priority.

    As a consumer, of course you want to get the best deal for what you want, I don't wrong anyone for thinking that way. But as a business, my job is to make sure I can continue to provide the services to the best of its ability. You're not losing out on services, as a premium user you actually have a lot more than even career based subs (like premium forums, full tilt access, HC privileges, etc). I think it's important to say that because the general feel of this thread is almost saying as if premium subscribers are kind of losing something, and that's fundamentally incorrect.

    We are in fact creating a greater value of what it means to be a premium guy - you are the top dogs, you got it all! And we appreciate the heck out of you guys  for being ultimately responsible for keeping the game going smoothly, that chip on your shoulder is for you to wear. S! 

  17. 23 minutes ago, Capco said:

    I think it has something to do with vehicle/unit access and how that is tied to in-game rank.  There's an issue here that pops up when trying to downgrade after having "unlocked" certain units via rank increases.  

    I think, anyway.  Otherwise the lack of downgrade option really doesn't make sense to me.  Could you clarify @XOOM?

    The lack of the downgrade option stems from the need to develop the base before we can risk losing premium subscribers. We're trying to get the new subscriber rate increased, so that we can build up our base subscribers more so, then open the doors for our premium guys. The Premium subscriber level (those actively running it) is the bread and butter of our operation. If we open this up now (allowing premium users to downgrade their accounts), without first building our base, we risk too much with only best guesses and no rock solid certainties.

    So here's the things currently on my plate...

    • Part 1: Get the new activations going up
      • No perpetual free play
      • No full access free trial
        • Focused infantry trial
          • Most new user support potential (everyone knows the infantry game)
          • Offers increased value / upsell to newer tiers
        • 30 day timeline
        • Promotion periods to try other access
      • Provide step-up ladder rates
    • Part 2: Increase returning activation rate
      • Provide access to new career subscriptions (not starter)
    • Part 3: Retain subscribers
      • Maintain stability of operations, reduce loss potential
      • If we open this door, without filling up 1&2, we are risking too greatly
    • Part 4: Focus on community development
      • Get Gazette operational
        • Automated rewards and recognition
        • Reconsider landing page / front door experience
      • Assist development of High Commands and Squads in post-1.36 conditions
        • HC needs to refocus its efforts into building community and conducting operations
        • Squads need to set goals
          • Routine squad nights
          • Recruitment / training of new members
            • Set new user attainment goals (ex. Expand our Squad from 5 to 10 in 30 days)
          • Reporting back to official WWIIOL Discord's and work between squads
          • Support High Command calls to action
          • Work with other Squads & HC for operations
        • CRS needs to support both of these initiatives
      • Energize positivity and interest through the community to succeed
        • Players should be more vocal about supporting the game
        • Player-Player corrective action to nay-sayers is more fruitful than us
        • Be accepting of new members joining the game
          • They're not all spies
          • They need your help
        • Formation and development of training program
          • Pfmosquito is leading this and needs extra hands
        • Upholding TOS / soft-removal of trolling or unproductive commentary
          • We've been very light on moderation, it's gotten out of hand, we are changing that
          • The WWIIOL forums and game should be a drama free, no bs type of atmosphere
          • We should be having productive discussions that lead to best outcomes
    • Part 5: Stabilize campaign operations
      • Map state may be moving too fast
      • Managing morale swings 
      • Creating an agreeable approach to balanced and fair spawn lists
      • Making essential production related decisions that stick to history and carefully evaluate business priorities
    • Part 6: Collection of OS & ISP data
      • 64-bit threat for Mac users is coming, evaluating the number of current Mac users
      • Coordinating with dev team to strategize threat management
      • ISP data collection assisting our networking / operations team to better plan services
    • Part 7: Increase Staffing / coverage
      • There are many things for us to do, and with summer here, more assistance is needed
      • CRS is capable of producing more with additional hands, and we intend to do that
      • The Roadmap is our general guideline outside of other things that pop-up

    That's probably more detail than what you asked for, but that's what strikes my mind as significantly important and the things I am actively working. 

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  18. 2 hours ago, drkmouse said:

    I can  no longer afford the full monty do to outside game conderns.  I  refuse( yes i am being stuburn, but  for once have earned that rigth) to lose my 18+ year acount stats. and start over with a new acount.

    IF ever i can afford again  full sub, or i can convert my  acount to one i can afford( i never fly anyway) then i am in hiatus till then :( IT has been fun, And i have been honored to meet many great people. 

    I would also personally not be interested in restarting an account, that's a very natural position to take and I understand it fully. You've invested all of this time, energy, memories, relationships into this persona "Drkmouse."

    My primary duty is to make decisions that ensure not only the continuation of WWII Online and CRS, but increase the best odds possible for us to do better, grow, provide services, everything. Please understand that I am absolutely sympathetic to what ever challenges you may be experiencing and I hope financially things clear up for you. We are making the best decision for the game as a whole, after 7 years of experimenting and "giving." That has taken a toll on us and we have to shore things up at this stage and help reset the expectations for everyone about what our game service is.

    I don't doubt your interest or commitment to the game for a second Drkmouse, you've been here for a very long-time and I want to keep you, and as many of our community members together. That's why I have had to make these decisions and it's why we're in the initial phases of pressing through the understanding that we're serious about it and we have to be.

    Contact me by e-mail so we can expand on this a little bit further. You are a valued community member and your contributions are recognized by the team S!.

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