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  1. A) Has been mentioned a few times, there's nothing we can do to prevent this. Wait 3 days, and .remove them.

    B) This has to be a strong "work-ethic" if you will, a consistent means of pushing. Teach them how to respond back or respond on squad chat. If there's no response at all over 3 days, you are welcome to remove them from your squad.

    We cannot have dev time "yet" to assist us, so we gotta make do with what we have and try to refine it. Results will happen, they have happened, it's a process but it's significantly better then the Weasels.

    Thanks for the feedback, keep me posted. S!

  2. XOOM we have none that play Axis....been getting players joining who are logged in as Axis and perfer Axis personas...any chance we can get more axis squads in this so whenever you flip switches so those who perfer Axis can join them ?


    • Tracking results of progress (player count, how many on TS, etc)

    • Remove players who do not play your side after 3-5 days of initial entry

    • Remove inactive players from roster after 3-5 days of initial entry

    • Retention of existing / newly added personnel

    • Provide notes / strategy to improve Host Squad system

    Follow that procedure. As it stands we do not have a way to funnel Axis vs Allied, it is all or nothing. Let me know if 7th AST is okay with this. When you remove them from your squad they will have the opportunity to join new ones on the Axis side (opposite side) by seeing recruiter flags.

  3. Community Manager Perspective:

    The Host Squad concept is a great opportunity to build our community, not just as a whole but to give back to the squads. It is of the highest significance and the single greatest impact our existing community members can have on improving the atmosphere to our game.

    We are entrusting you Host Squads in providing our new customer potentials the highest level of positive experiences that you can. We would like you to provide some results so we can measure the effectiveness of this project, and how we can assist you in fine tuning higher retention results.

    Thank you for taking part in this great opportunity to support WWIIOL:BE.


    Host Squad Manual

    Stay in the loop

    • Review the host squad forums minimum 1 time per day
    • Review your inbox minimum 1 time per day
    • Provide / review valued input by other members
    • Monitor trainer channel ingame like a hawk


    • Increase player retention
    • Build existing squads
    • Provide direction for new players
    • Increase battle sizes

    How it works

    • Host Squad prepares current members for new sign ups
    • New player signs up on free trial
    • Current host squad (see rotation) assumes new player
    • Host squad engages new player
    • Mission complete

    Squad Preparation

    • Squad Leadership informs squad via forums/e-mail/comms of rotation
    • Information listed here is explained / broken down to your squad
    • All informative materials available for distribution
    • Tracking data: Current roster, new sign ups, how many trials now on TS, rough estimate of positive interactions
    • Note taking to improve operating system
    • Communication via Host Squad forum / collaborate with other Host Squads

    Initial player engagement

    • New player logs into game
    • Host squad members teaches new player how to communicate (F4 + .m/.r)
    • Host squad attempts to get new player on teamspeak
    • Phase complete

    Player Development

    • Trialer is on TS
    • Basic comprehension of brigade/map navigation
    • Understands how to join your mission
    • Phase complete


    • Tracking results of progress (player count, how many on TS, etc)
    • Remove players who do not play your side after 3-5 days of initial entry
    • Remove inactive players from roster after 3-5 days of initial entry
    • Retention of existing / newly added personnel
    • Provide notes / strategy to improve Host Squad system

  4. Please check-in with something simple identifying you here and have access. If there are other staff members not listed under the roster that require access, please identify that.

    This forum is used to discuss tips, strategies and results of the current Host Squad program. Welcome here, it is a great under taking to ensure new members of our game do not fall out and never experience what we have.

  5. Current Host Squad Roster

    • ON HOLD BY REQUEST: SAMCRO (Axis): Team - Sgtblunt-CO, Kbuzz101-XO, Maskine-XO
    • NOW AEF: 23rd (Allied): Team - Gambolo-CO, Thrance-XO, StankyUS-XO, Jsilec-XO
    • 7thAST (Allied): Team - B2k-CO, Lexfire-XO, Badger77-XO
    • ON STANDBY: 101stabn (Allied): Team - Shad0w64-CO, Raven4-Staff, Slatz-Staff, Trevor8-Staff, Vmlesko-Staff
    • DEACTIVATED: 88sqrn (Allied): Team - Bota12-CO, Bota11-XO, Tech605-XO, Lj-XO
    • FAILED TO FILE AAR: DDz (Axis): Team - Loonie-CO, Mrsnow5-XO, Wolfpup-XO, Gervleth - Staff, Mjd - Staff, Elfin - Staff
    • 1stAssault (Allied): Team - Ow-CO, Genxs-XO
    • DEACTIVATED FeldJag (Axis): Team - Lash13-CO, Kg26War-XO, Jak-XO, Sockeye-XO
    • 13th (Allied): Team - Bob1724-CO, Barbed22-XO, N1ckm-XO, Eddie05-Staff, Saintj-Staff, Wockawocka-Staff, Miketennis-Staff, Doctorit-Staff, Darius-Staff, Buckeyes-Staff, N1ckm-Trainer, Shi50-Trainer, Warspite-Trainer
    • Windhund (Axis): Team - Killerkal, Hyoslvr, Thetor, Rosshole00-CO, Ehstrike
    • 3CD (Allied): Team - Malus - Staff, Willytee - Staff, Ropo - Staff, Jea3 - Staff
    • ASOE (Axis): Team - timbo69, aces1212, xspiers, sharpboy, lockheed71, mikeaz
    • Lancers (Allied): Team - Ny75, Cdmattcdn, Drake1, Mozza1, Capco, Gangley
    • 7thPanzer(Axis): Team - Dell1939, Ltbren, Snisar
    • AEF Allied): Team - Vozz, Smythes, Sharpe29, Kyotee, Wdalanw
    • 40comm Allied): Team - Fox403, Boycey, Silky, Zerva01

    ***Current Host Squad: 3FJR ***

    Updated on 5-10-13 by: Xoom

    Current Rotation Schedule

    4/2 to 4/5 = 3FJR

    4/6 to 4/9 = 7thAST

    4/10 to 4/13 = 13th

    4/14 to 4/17 = 40comm

    4/18 to 4/25 = 3CD

    4/25 to 5/2 = ASOE

    5/3 to 5/10 = Lancers

    5/11 to 5/18 = 3FJR Current Host Squad

    5/19 to 5/27 = 13th Inf

    5/28 to 6/4 = 40comm

    Previous Rotation Schedule

    3/28 - 4/1 = 23rd AAR in - YES

    4/1 - 4/4 = SAMCRO AAR in - YES

    4/5 - 4/6 = 1st Assault AAR in - YES

    4/6 - 4/7 = 13th AAR in - YES

    4/8 - 4/9 = 7thAST AAR in - YES

    4/10 - 4/12 = 101stabn @ 256 - 336 = 80 New AAR in - YES

    4/13 - 4/15 = DDz @ 228 - 447 = 219 New AAR in - NO

    4/16 - 4/20 = 23rd @ 220 - 396 = 176 New AAR in - NO

    4/20 - 4/25 = SAMCRO @ 125 - 352 = 227 New AAR in - NO

    4/26 - 4/29 = 13th AAR in - NO

    4/29 - 5/1 = 1st Assault AAR in - NO

    5/2 - 5/7 = 7thAST AAR in - NO

    5/7 - 5/10 = Windhund AAR in - YES

    5/10 - 5/13 = SAMCRO AAR in - YES

    5/13 - 5/17 = 101st AAR in - YES

    5/17 - 5/19 = FeldJag AAR in - NO

    5/19 - 5/21 = 13th AAR in - YES

    5/23 - 5/25 = DDz AAR in - NO

    5/25 - 5/27 = 1st Assault AAR in - YES

    5/27 - 5/29 = Windhund AAR in - YES

    5/29 - 5/31 = 101stabn AAR in - NO

    6/1 - 6/4 = 88sqrn AAR in - NO

    6/4 - 6/6 = 13th AAR in - NO

    6/6 - 6/8 = 7thAST AAR in - NO

    6/9 - 6/13 = SAMCRO AAR in - NO

    6/13 - 6/17 = 101stabn AAR in - NO

    6/17 - 6/18 = FeldJag AAR in - NO

    6/18 - 6/20 = 13th AAR in - YES

    6/22 - 6/23 = DDz AAR in - NO

    6/24 - 6/25 = 1st Assault AAR in - NO

    6/26 - 6/28 = Windhund

    6/29 - 6/30 = 88sqrn

    7/26 = Weasels

    8/7 - 8/9 = 7thAST AAR Needed

    8/10 - 8/12 = 13th AAR Needed

    8/12-8/15 = DDz AAR Needed

    8/15 - 8/22 = Windhund AAR Needed

    8/22 - 8/26 = 88sqrn AAR Needed

    8/27 - 8/30 = 7thAST AAR Needed

    8/31 - 9/3 = 13th AAR Needed

    9/4 - 9/7 = DDz AAR in - YES

    9/8 - 9/11 = Windhund AAR Needed

    9/14 - 9/18 = 3CD AAR in - YES

    9/18 - 9/22 = 7thAST AAR in - YES

    9/23 - 9/26 = Lancers AAR in - YES

    9/27 - 9/30 AAR in - YES

    10/1 - 10/4 1stAssault AAR Needed

    10/4 - 10/10 Windhund AAR Needed

    10/10 - 10/14 3CD AAR in - YES

    10/14 - 10/18 ASOE AAR in - YES

    10/19 - 10/25 AEF AAR in - YES

    10/25 - 11/05 = 3CD AAR Needed

    11/05 - 11/07 = 7thAST AAR Needed

    11/07 - 11/11 = Lancers AAR in - YES

    11/12 - 11/15 = ASOE AAR Needed

    11/16 - 11/20 = 40comm AAR in - YES

    11/21 - 11/28 = AEF AAR in - YES

    11/28 - 12/01 = 3CD AAR Needed

    12/01 - 12/03 = 7thAST AAR Needed

    12/03 - 12/06 = Lancers AAR Needed

    12/07 - 12/12 = ASOE AAR Needed

    12/12 - 12/21 = 40comm AAR Needed

    12/21- 12/24 = Lancers AAR Needed

    12/25 - 12/31 = 3CD AAR Needed

    12/31 - 1/4 = 7thAST AAR Needed

    1/2 - 1/7 = ASOE AAR Needed

    1/7 - 1/15 = 13th AAR in - YES

    1/15- 1/21 = 40comm AAR in - YES

    1/21 - 1/24= 3CD AAR in - YES

    1/25 - 1/27 = 7thAST AAR Needed

    1/28 - 1/31 = Lancers AAR Needed

    2/3 to 2/9 = ASOE AAR Needed

    2/9 to 2/14 = 13th AAR Needed

    2/15 to 2/19 = 40comm AAR Needed

    2/20 to 2/27 = 3CD AAR Needed

    2/27 to 3/1 = 3FJR AAR Needed

    3/1 to 3/6 = 7thAST AAR Needed

    3/7 to 3/10 = 13th AAR in - YES

    3/11 to 3/14 = 40comm AAR Needed

    3/15 to 3/18 = 3CD AAR Needed

    3/19 to 3/22 = ASOE AAR Needed

    3/23 to 3/26 = 7thAST AAR Needed

    3/29 to 4/1 = Lancers AAR Needed

    Trainer Tools Access:
















































    Gagsy - 40comm

    7th Panzer Division




    Allied Expeditionary Force (AEF)















    Trainer Tools (PENDING) Access:

    Raven4 - Needs to update subscription

  6. S! Host Squad Leadership,

    You've made the first major step in positively impacting WWIIOL:BE and your squad individually. Below is some information about what the Host Squad is, how it is beneficial to you and the game, and some in depth explanations.


    We're excited to announce that we now have strong plan to help boost pre-existing squad numbers, while providing our new gamers a direct opportunity to get in the battlefield. If your squad is ready to make a positive impact on the game, and the battlefield, then read more!

    As you know the Weasel squad has been the introductory squad for new gamers joining the Battleground Europe community. It's like a normal squad that most of you are in, with the exception of every time a new trial account is generated, it automatically becomes apart of this particular squad.

    We've been able to determine that we are able to adjust our Squad ID # to the squad of our choice. This simply means nothing but great things for the squads who are ready to support the game in the biggest way possible. But it's not just the game you are supporting, that sounds like you don't get to wreak any of the benefits. This means that your squad size is going to go up, you're going to have access to fresh recruits, and they are already in your squad from Day - 1. Can you say, holy battlefield explosion batman?

    Once we gather more squad applications to take part in this exciting endeavor, we're going to generate a schedule that emphasizes proper distribution of personnel, and that each side is having a good influx of people. Do note: That Free Trial players are welcome to play either side, so while a squad may be allied at the time, their free trial accounts are welcome to explore axis.


    • Must have an existing / active structure
    • Must be willing to help direct new players
    • Must use CRS TS servers

    Squads interested in expanding their numbers, operational impact, and positively promoting the game to new players should contact: AGM@Playnet.com

    Please identify the following:

    • Current active member count
    • Command team
    • HC member count (if applicable)
    • A brief paragraph describing why your squad would be a good fit
    • Any questions you might have

  7. i clicked on the battleground ICON 21 times and EVERYSINGLE time it says the battleground europe launcher has stopped working and closes...

    Is that another feature??

    its very inconsiderate

    Try completely un-installing the game, then re-install a full executable if this persists.

  8. hmm damn i really want to play now' date=' do you think if i pay to subsribe to my proper account for a month now so i can play, and when they get back they may just put the rest of whats left on my old account ontop of my new account giving me 2 months. if that made any sence lol[/quote']

    Degrono, please e-mail Bloo@playnet.com he handles all billing matters. I will be sure to get his attention to your post. How soon he can respond is up to his availability as it is vacation. Hang in there trooper :)!

  9. Road To Success

    WWIIOL Tips

    Taking the Initiative:

    In order to be successful in this game, you must take the initiative. You must be willing to do what it takes for your side to gain advantages that would not have been there had you not decided yourself, "I want to do this for the team."

    Examples of "Taking the Initiative"

    • No FRU is up, you get one up
    • No ATG's are up, you get a Truck and call for ATG's, then deploy them
    • HC Needs help, you volunteer as a temporary OIC
    • Generalization: When something is lacking, you fill the void without the need to be told

    General & Situational Awareness

    While you may not be a High Command officer, it is important to be strategically aware. If you notice an FB has recently been busted, EWS is lighting up on a town, and the strategic value of that town is high; you should know what is coming.

    On the defensive, check the brigade for missions, if there are no missions this is a key indicator that no one is aware of the situation. You should then create a mission, immediate check the army base. If an AO has already been placed, you should then check the linked Depots to ensure no one is capping it (IE: Spawnables).

    1 Man - 1 Mission - 1 Call

    While it may be commonly viewed as 1 trooper cannot make a difference in this game, I would challenge that and say, "WRONG." There are many cases where a single player can rise to the occasion. In the above "Situational Awareness," once you've created your mission you can CALL FOR HELP.

    Quick Key to Display your mission: $miss <---. Anywhere you are, you can type this command in to a specific channel and it will show your Division - Brigade - Mission leader, enabling quick response for others searching to help you.

    Instances to use this command:

    • You are calling for sapper help to bust an FB
    • You are letting your squad members know your position
    • Generalization: You are informing others to help assist you at a priority location

    Educating Those Around You

    When you take a moment to help educate someone about this game and its mechanics, you help build loyalty, appreciation, friendship and you actually start to build a better team in general.

    If you do not educate those around you, their learning curve will be difficult when you could've made the difference. This increases teamwork, retainment rates and understanding of how to strategically place oneself in multiple situations.

    Encouraging & Praising Others

    Encourage your fellow trooper when he is down or struggling, this motivation will again positively re-enforce your side and this member so he/she may fight harder and help the team.

    Praise your comrades when they accomplish minimal or huge tasks! There is nothing better then peer recognition for a job well done.

    Generalize Your Orders / Communications

    If no one is stepping up to the plate, YOU DO IT! Don't be afraid to help your team become more successful. You pay to play sure, but if you are not contributing and immersing yourself in the full spectrum of events, then you're missing out on some of the greatest parts of this game.

    VOLUNTEER, because you yourself have the drive and desire to kick some arse! When times are down, pick each other back up and keep the ball moving.

    Target Channel: Anyone in Spawn CP? What's its status?

    Side/Ops Channel: Town Origin needs INFANTRY HERE! $miss <-- (Mission command)

    Responding to High Command requests for help

    It is important to react to the High Command messages you see over .Allied and other priority channels. They have them there for a reason, not to make you bored, but to help push the team positively.

    High Command is only as successful as you the players help make them. It's a relationship that goes hand in hand, if one is lacking the other is. So do what you can to help when you can, it will go a long way on both parts.


    This game is complex and amazing, my observations indicate that there is some general need for understanding of how the standard player needs to focus. While I am not here to dictate to you what to do, I am here to say here are some great ways to get started in the direction of building the foundation of your team.

    Key Points:

    • Take the Initiative
    • Educate each other
    • Rise to the call
    • Be proud of what you do, and take pride in your achievements & efforts
    • Remember this game is tough, help each other out
    • Have fun!

    Support The Battlefield

    The World War II Online battlefield is dynamic, it's shifting constantly and you need to know how you can support it. Have you ever sat back and wondered, what can I do that would make this battle change in our favor? Maybe you've wondered if there was anything a single person can do?

    Well the short answer is YES! Logistics on the battlefield are huge, you can be towing guns (aa or atg), you can be setting up FRU's, and you could be re-supplying friendly tanks or artillery guns all within the same sortie.

    Some people really enjoy doing this, but they are a small percentage of the community. The strongest word of advice that I have to any gamer who really wants to make a difference here, is INITIATIVE.

    You have to be willing to take on duties that other people may not be willing to do, some folks just want to spawn in and be happy. And this is a good contribution and all because it holds / pushes the line in your favor, but there are other means of contributing to the field that support almost everyone on it. Let's work on some scenario's to suggest to you how best you can deploy yourself to support your teams battlefield.


    Your team is setting up on a town, maybe you've deployed a FRU and infantry are flowing, nine times out of ten the first thing that will happen is engine noises, and tanks rolling, guess what they're looking for? That FRU you deployed. It would be wise to have an ATG with you initially while setting up that FRU, but just in case there is a remedy.

    Spawn a heavy tow truck (Morris - Halftrack - Laffly), go to your side & army channel, and say the following: "ATG's / BOFORS needed, TOW IS UP: $miss" <--- Command will place your Division - Brigade - Mission Leader automatically. Set up those ATG's around town and spread them out.


    Nearly the same way to handle this, heavy tow truck, call for help, but specify that you need 40MM Bofors. When you state to people that there is a "TOW" already available, this entices them to spawn in, and overall supports the battle.


    The best way to do this, go to the most heavily populated mission with no FRU, spawn a truck (Bedford - Opel - Laffly) and click Z once you are in range to deploy the FRU, a transparent box object with a flag on it will turn green when you are ready to place. Anything over 1KM out of town may not be something people want to spawn on, so try and make it 500-800M if possible.

    Sometimes it is important to have a FRU a bit more distant, so you can begin to create a perimeter. This is effective only when the opposing forces have enemy infantry scattered around the lines.


    It's part of the game to do this, it requires heavy manpower doing these things to impact the battlefield. If you want to make a difference, this is how to do it on every occasion, it doesn't mean you can't join in on the fight. It means that maybe at this town, you did everything you could to support it, then others will join in to help support.


    This game is all about teamwork, if it is non-existent, the other team will have a greater chance of exposing your weakness and capitalizing on the field.


    Because there is so much human interaction, communicating is essential. Generalize the priorities, example: P1 = ZOC facing E, P2 = Town X Depot, P3 = More FRU's, etc.


    You all have the ability to be a leader, all you have to do is speak up and try and help. This game is about passion and immersion, take the next step into that realm.

    For information on the High Command, or for comments / more advice on battlefield logistics, e-mail: Xoom@playnet.com

    Application of the above will turn into positive results on any land battle in this game, give it a shot and you can work wonders! Thanks for reading.

  10. Is this going to happen again any time soon? I live in Vancouver (WA) and I have squad mates that live in Camas and Battleground. Would love to meet you.

    We never got it off the ground tbh, I still am interested myself, we might have the ability to make something quite exceptional and put it as an article / news letter assuming we get something ironed out thoroughly. If we want to do something kinda mediocre, we can plan something real simple, if we want to do something epic, will cost some $ and advanced notice.