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  1. Vegas! or forget it.

    I'll toss in enough Marriott and Hilton miles to room atleast 10 people for free. Got to burn them or loose them. I also prefer a date before Oct 1. After Oct 1 I will be in Texas for a few months working the ranch and cant do a W Coast get together. If you ***** enough Xoom I'll bust out the AA frequent flyer miles for you.

    **Starts complaining furiously** :D

  2. Still no ideas....? I would really like to meet up with you guys! I wonder if this even possible at this time since summer is at a close? I'm available pretty much when ever.

    Great link for ideas: http://www.traveloregon.com/Explore-Oregon.aspx

    Below are some ideas I enjoy.

    - Harvey's Comedy Club


    - Bagdad Theatre & Pub (Drink while you watch a movie :))


    - Ton's of bars all over Portland

    - Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub

    - Tillamook Air Museum & Cheese Factory


  3. i want to join OKW when i get back home in 2 weeks to my desktop' date=' unfortunately my laptop cant play the game.[/quote']

    Great Petie, please e-mail me at "Xoomxoom@playnet.com" If you haven't watched the OKW Video please do so upon contacting me, it should answer the majority of your questions.