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  1. That sounds pretty cool. I live in the suburbs of Portland. Although i'm relatively new to the game and don't know any other players. Might be a little awkward haha.


    That's awesome man! I live on the NW Side in the Cedar Hills area, when I went to the convention in 2006 I met a lot of awesome people. It brings a reality to the game man, I encourage you if it is possible and this actually does follow through, to go.

    In any event thanks for posting :), starting to see Oregonians spring up left and right, and that is awesome.

    If you know anyone else from Oregon or S washington who plays this game, be sure to tell'em about this.

  2. So I've been thinking about getting a Mini-Con going up here in Oregon for neighboring gamers to come together and chit chat, have fun, etc.

    If you're from this area or interested in the idea up here, please post here or feel free to e-mail me at XoomXoom@playnet.com.

    This is all conceptual right now, as far as costs and if we want to get a place has yet to be determined, I'm just trying to see numbers interested.

    Look forward to your response!

  3. A poorer shot then Atlantis? :).

    Indeed it was a good fight, after an hour of waiting the Soldaten got a bit dulled out of the original motivation, the loss of the Luftwaffe was bad as well, and, the constant turn overs of towns and such didn't help a bit either.

    AXIS players got demoralized, and it was unfortuanete. They did however do an outstanding job, great initial set up, but no real invasion? No TT's? Could've been due to original LW (which was insanely hard to control), but a lot of our defensive work was for nothing. And this, was in itself, unfortuanete.

    The fight on the ground was immensly fun hoewver. Good fight to all, and until next time :), take care.

    A salute to the leaders who made it happen:

    47th DIV XO: Toro15

    49th CO: Atlantis

    18th CO: Stall84

    18th XO: Horble

    LW: Ryuujin

    And a MASSIVE SALUTE, to all of the outstanding players we had defending the lands.