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  1. CTD when i click spawn, 2 times in 10-12 spawns
  2. game works with ATI 5xxx serie??
  3. i bet u've got an ATI gpu with 9.7 or older Catalysts
  4. agree, totally agree :[ and btw, 4xxx serie CTD too with 9.8/9.11 Catalyst, at least for me ...
  5. BUMP pls, any update, how long for a fix ? :[ i miss BE action
  6. btw, Catalyst 9.11 out, any1 tested em? should I reinstall BE client?
  7. CTD with Catalyst 9.8+ it s an old bug this stiky post about Ati Catalyst it s old, i have a 4870 (OLD CARD SERIE)with 9.7 drivrs installed since 1 year, becose game crashes with 9.8-9.9-9.10.... Win Vista 64 real problem? no fix for 1 year, and new 5XXX ATI cards works only with 9.10+ Catalyst drivers
  8. hoo tnx for the update BLOO, i m happy you re working on it, i miss BE. btw, i had same CTD problems with 4xxx serie since 9.8 Cataclyst the problem is not for a brand new card, it's an old probl for ATI Cataclyst with this game. proof is a Sticky post about ATi Catalyst Driver Problems...This Needs a sticky
  9. accaunt closed today, impossible play the game with CTD every 5-15mins. and there seems not to be game support from devs. i ll miss BE, hope in a miracle in 1.31 patch
  10. bump..........
  11. semply, if u buy a new ATI 5850-5870 u can't play ww2online, there isn t support from RATs..........
  12. 9.10 still getting CTD... can t go back to 9.7 or 9.6 or wtf is, my new card 5870 coming next week. do Rats tests the game on ati cards or BE is supported only for Geffo???????????????????????????????????????????? gone crazy at 9.9, closed accaunt, rebought now with 9.10 and still getting multiple CTDs another 30 days or subcribtion wasted......