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  1. I get this while at the texture loading part. If I'm persistent enough, it will sometimes let me play.
  2. The game only uses 1 CPU and if you have a duel GPU video card, it will only use one core. Not sure about crossfire though. And the last patch just did more damage. ;/
  3. I have this exact same problem.
  4. Already a thread on this. I'm also experiencing this issue.
  5. I'm getting this problem as well... Toronto, Ontario
  6. For some reason the short cut will not work most of the time but when I go to the main file and open it from there it runs good.... so far... Really strange, I will have to look into this further.
  7. Hello. My problem is I can't seem to log onto the main BE server. The training server works fine. I tried CheckNet but it says I'm good with a ping of 40. I have an active subscription. I meet all requirements and played BE before. Only thing that changed is now I use windows Vista premium (32 bit). EDIT: I also got into BE for a second but I had to restart to make visual changes. Help?