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  1. Stats are very important. How else do we measure ourselves against each other without taking our pants off?
  2. First off I didn't bother taking a sshot because it's pretty easy to imagine once I explain what it is. Aachen-Maastricht depot I am a rifleman and I see a guy crouch by the window and raise up an invisible rifle. I was to his right and moved behind him and to the left side of him and once there I saw he was a french grenadier (rifle appeared). Saw at least one other friendly infantry like this in that depot, but I didn't stick around to see if they were also a grenadier and if the rifle would even reappear. Both instances I was positioned to the right of that infantry and just slightly back. Everything as far as the animations was fine except there wasn't any rifle.
  3. i was covering an alley with the lmg and killing ei as they ran across it. The only one I missed was one that sprinted and went prone and slid across to safety.
  4. I understand why spawn delay is here, but it shouldn't be here. That sucks for you man. I hate when I reserve something, like a rifle or whatever and try to spawn in when we have spawn delay. The "Enter World" button is clickable but nothing happens. THen it goes gray and I lose my reserved equipment. It makes warping to depots almost impossible.
  5. For some odd reason people think it's better for the game to piss off a bunch of people and keep them out of the game that already has dwindling numbers. It doesn't make much sense to me either.
  6. look at map, stand up last night every time I looked at map while prone I was up after i switched off of map
  7. and my mouse wheel is very sensitive in game. makes it difficult since i use it for adjustable sights.
  8. I have the ability to adjust my mouse sensitivity fairly easily because the controls for that are located on my mouse. If I did not have this capability I would be up **** creek. In 1.30 my mouse was almost always on the normal sensitivity setting and it was fairly easy to shoot with. With 1.31 I always have to turn it down. What was previously the normal sensitivity setting is very difficult in 1.31 to shoot a rifle on a fixated target not far away. I play on the lowest sensitivity setting now otherwise it's extremely difficult to hit anything.
  9. Anybody have an answer to this one? It completely reset all damage only a minute or two after 2nd sapper attack. But was able to be taken down moments later.
  10. I don't know if it's been discussed here but earlier I was sapping the hasselt -st. trudien FB. I blew the infantry spawn and inflicted 75% damage on the veh spawn (because 6 of 8 of my satchels were close enough to damage veh spawn. Infantry spawn blew after 7 but was not DOWN. So I placed my 8th on the tent close to me and it went off and took the inf spawn down. I respawned as sapper out of my msp and the fb was back to 0% on inf and veh spawn damage when I typed .own So me and another fella went back and blew the fb. The only thing that was different on the first run was that the 8th satchel placed on the inf spawn was placed on the outside of the outer tent but on the side closest to the center of the inf spawn.
  11. ****in people and their long *** names
  12. I killed a pak38 earlier today. He was pushing for a while until I let him push right to me then I shot him dead. He was all by his lonesome. He should have expected to die just like I did a few minutes later because I got too far away from any support.
  13. but there will be ragdolls soon