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  1. Couldn't have been articulated better and exactly same approach/view point from me, garrison supply should be gone after AB cap, only linking towns CPs with active FBs should be spawnable after AB falls and draw supply from them (I know delems doesn't like this magic (mechanic), but i feel it is one we understand and works better/cleaner). Until that is the case.. it is double dipping for everyone and makes "[censored]-block" operations even more possible ([censored] block operations are those, when an underpop side (often severely) ends up holding against the hordes and denying what SEEMED like a CERTAIN TAKE and pissing the [censored] out of everyone involved in that attack and making their emotions run so high as to need a break (i.e.sometimes referred to as rage quit!) (before had to do this with FB busts of active AOs (can still do) but now can do alot more with booting AO more often as well), it was also possible for HC to do before by endless flag rotation into a defense and boring attackers to death (now thankfully in 1.36 that is a more or less gone, still too many flag supply for my taste, but cant have it all ) This ability to be able to [censored]-block in a way could be seen as a plus as those are the ones that turn the tide of pop.. regrettably by making the overpop side mass log and lose their overpop as oppose to making more reinforcement log in to other side. Then the underpop side gets a chance to regroup after boot of enemy AO and can create their own AO and grow their pop while making the previously overpop crew log for a little while till they calm their nervs or come back for revenge later/ next day with fresh will to fight.. my 2 cents potthead
  2. This is potthead checking in from Japan !!! Going to have to order some turtle soup for dinner tonight! Never actually had it before. hope u guys are all well and not missing me too much... historically speaking me and @matamor are the biggest turtles in game... so now that I am away he has to double turtle for both of us! Miss u all.. be back in 12 more days with some new authentic turtle soup recipes! Potthead
  3. Well said... there is room for everyone in this game but long term subscribers are usually ones who care for the unique elements in this game not the FPS component alone which can be found in many other games often with better / newer quality. that being said I think those that care about the overall result of map can also put the FPS players / killers in good use, motivate them and benefit from their skill set to help the cause. Fun is the most important element of the game and good leaders create opportunities for others to have fun as that’s how they gain their own fun of being able to role play as a leader and win the objectives whether in tactical or strategic layer., it is all about the relationships one cultivates.
  4. Yes please.
  5. Some good numbers! Thanks Capco.
  6. I honestly don’t mind what methodology is used if the outcome is above ... I want to log in, work with others online, attack or defend and kill and attrit for 2-4 hours and have an outcome for that battle most of the time .. stalemate sometimes is ok but not most of the time.. The reason I am so hell bent on about 1.36 is the end to JWBS (supply rotation that ruins tactical game play at price of strategy for few hc players) I am sure it is far from perfect. it will make it so large organised groups will dominate Via teamwork and will bring its own issues but my god the end to the thing I have hated most maybe in sight! I think that alone should see attacks be made much more doable not easier. Suggestions to make attacking easier in tactical sense are not what I am in favour of.. (I.e. Inf FRU) Defending is easy because attrition really does not matter as much as it should which is the OP for the thread... I agree in current state attacking is much harder to have outcome and hence being done less and less in organised fashion. I think town supply will solve a major part of the root cause not the symptoms... it will still take time for teams / squads to form again and benefit from being organised and setup attacks. potthead P.s I have been and remain to be a huge fan of tournament PN idea.
  7. Waisted so much time on stupid photobucket... even searched ages to find the old account log in hehe.. I have to say two things: A. It is unsustainable only because it has been made so that many other leaders don’t find it is worth to setup due to brigade movement making attrition muchmuch less more important than it should be... I mean why spend 45 min to setup and 4 hours to fight only for it to be all rinse and repeat with one brigade movement click of HC ( I am aware of how long it takes for brigades to move and how fast supply trickles in) B. No idea why I have been singled out on the pedestal guess Merlin really had fun in the Mouzon AO couple of weeks ago as he helped cover a ZoC we had setup between 1-2k and kept it for hours with ATGs/Bofors/Air Tank and inf ... there have been and are many more effective tactical leaders than me that I have learned from and still learning each week as I tag on their squad nights and have fun being led by amazing folks and play my part in the team. I will name some NON HC and HC ones that come to mind quickly but list is much much much longer, Fasjr02, Aunghouse.., ..Dinker..Vagnluv, Vonik, Gagamel, Sw1, Larslot, Fenir, Cometus, Jamm40, Catfive, HG, Kilemall, Aeropaus, Monashy, Mundegarri, Lipton, Stankyus, Cse644, darthmarty, Martigan and many many many more.... Potthead
  8. That is my utopia as well... battles last 2-4 hours on average ... every now and then a quicker attack and sometimes a longer 6-8 hour battle... buts that’s it... each time zone taking a few towns or losing few towns and everyone having fun battles using the simulated equipment we have in a combined arms mode and nothing truly awesome possible without teamwork! We must be forced to evolve to use team play or lose towns... or fail to take towns if attacking without teamwork (includes and most absolutely requires leadership as well so leader have a role to play as well whether HC or not) potthead
  9. To me, if a town is under attack NO supply should be able to get in unless it is moved by players and fight their way through the terrain (at least for duration of an average fun attack I.e 2-4 hours minimum)...in an average players gaming session there must be an outcome at a tactical level. Either defender wins and attacker runs out of supply or attacker kills the defenders and caps the town. if the defender holds and kill atrackers supply then attacker should run out as wel and should not be able to move a whole new batch of new supply by just clicking a button and wait x amount of time (which is very short in our game) and then keep hitting the poor defenders... I enjoyed the Strategic layer of ToE but I think it makes the tactical scene much less valuable which I find more fun than playing the flag game. the strategic layer is nowhere near close to real world time scale... it is sooo fast paced (1 hour flag timers and few min trickles at a time) only to be impeded by capture of the link CP.. maybe at least if there was FB to blow to stop that link of supply by defending an Fb that takes 30 charges to blow ... way too easy on most towns to recap a cp and hold for 3 min till new flag moves in. also the fact that movement of supply is in players hand, the expectation will be to always have best toys.... whereas when we did not have the option we had to fight with the supply that was left... attrition was FELT and accepted... I made a post years ago about the disparity between time scale of tactical battles (I.e when a player drives a tank it moves same as real life speed) and the strategic side ( trickle timer and flag movement) .. strategy if it was to be kept (even as hybrid supply) should be much much slower. Like 12 or 6 hour timers.. you order a unit to move... they got to take time as much as it would in real life to mobilise and move to next town.. maybe half as much at least... but all that are too complicated to code and all it does is serve a small group of HC players.. as opposed to the tactical side which everyone is part of. town sequencing and advancing on the map is still quite enough strategy element for the game... my 2cents anyways. Potthead
  10. Thanks BMBM. Potthead here on my phone (wife’s account)- yes she needs an account to hang out with me ok I think you misunderstood me re ToE. In the context of this game I refer to ToE as movable supply by HC via clicking on flags and ordering them to move and then supply follows. A change introduced now over about decade ago and believed it is going away in 2016 but got frozen for steam release and still patiently waiting for it to come. The AMOUNT of supply, composition of the list is NOT really my concern too much(albeit not a huge fan of unequal amount of SMGs for a side etc It is very much secondary and small concern for me) what I refer to is... you do all the things I have said above, setup on the terrain properly, cut off roads to the town with ATGs... set scouts far out to hear of any new enemy coming to support... you have killed all the enemy tanks and heavy ATGs and now decide to advance to cap.... then the enemy HC just moves another brigade to that SOUROUNDED town... and supply just keeps coming into AB via a magical tunnel underground that you can not stop ( capping link CP did not prove to be sufficient enough solution) thus creating near infinite amount of supply in that said location.. you can play in same town for 10 hours and still have stalemate... have to either Super camp or fet Bored.. this is what is coined by matamor as Jesus another warping brigade... this alone made the incentives of doing all the HARD work of setting attrition attacks be much less valuable than having 1 single map oic that can rotate supply and play god with supply... imo you are sourounded... the only way should be to FIGHT your way in and reach the sourouded units. i thought that is why we going back to town supply ..by no means do I endorse an unlimited supply situation as an alternative to TOE. Hope that makes more sense. Of course with town based supply there is still need for a Table of Equipment list... but ability of that supply to be stacked and moved won’t be in HC hand (sort of will be but they have to ask players to Drive and move that supply for them. As opposed to them just clicking on a flag and move all of it in one go without need to get help from any actual players)... same for Air of course.... use all the good planes from say Bertrix... and the only option should be to now fly them from WiltZ not just magically move all the supply in wiltz into Bertrix making the CAP work of hours of pilots on enemy side useless Potthead
  11. I personally like variety... some massive attrition battles some ninja special operations some huge town battles some battles with hills in terraine some cut offs ( high risk) some days of stagnated front line ( low risk) some fast campaigns and some mid length and some super long ones above all... fun with other players....
  12. Thanks @choad ! can only open this my phone for some reason not sure what is wrong with my PC browser. It gets stuck on loading. Yes would be great to see at the end of full maps and a total tally of absolute number of unique players during course of map aggregated. I think what you mentioned from last few days of map is type of limited observation I have had that gives me the hypothesis. I.e. mostly equal numbers log in but TOM is skewed due to engagement when side is not having momentum. Really appreciate you spending time on this sir! potthead/bongohed
  13. Ok I see the issue with underpop side challenges on making AO. I also fully see where Krazydog is coming from. And I also think if ML inf FRU were available majority of spawn points will turn into them as they are sneakier. ——- How about overpop or balance side normal FMS only... underpop side gets to do ML FRUs for only their AOs So as primary means for attacks and defenses are ONLY truck FMS based (fine with hc one barly can fi d use for it personally) but in situations of extreme pop imbalance the underpop side gets an edge by being able to attack with inf FRU. In principle I agree with @krazydog . The inf fru almost killed the game of ZoC setup.... which is what game should be... less instant action, more team based play. But I am also for giving the underpop side an edge along side spawn delay and dynamic cap timers.. etc etc..
  14. and RIP JAMMYMAN , a great loss with heavy heart. Potthead/ Ozsheila
  15. I think F2P has enough equipment for sure in general... However, would be nice if there was a way to direct their behavior toward doing roles that are needed or help the underpop side for example: give them access to an ATG for 1 day for every 100 min they defend a spawn..... give them access to a plan for every 100 min they defend a FB give them access to LMG for 1 hour for every 20 soldier spawned in from the MSP double these rewards for when they do it while playing the underpop side.... give them access to a top tier tank for every 3 hours for every 10 kills in the FB of an AO ... im just throwing ideas out there but hopefully you get the direction im thinking of...