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  1. Doc is usually quite active on these boards, maybe he's hiding because all the old timers are back?
  2. On the subject of the operation itself: My knowledge is not really that extensive on the subject, but here is a documentary from a youtube gamer's channel that I keep up with. He just recently made this documentary on Market Garden, which surprisingly, I thought was pretty well done for somebody who mainly puts out gaming content. Part 1/8 (click on it or his youtube channel to find the rest of it) ZMxgSp8fors His channel:
  3. Problem fixed, thanks Xoom!
  4. PLEASE reactivate. GSC is my squad mate and a very active player. I demand justice!
  5. The "fishbowl" effect only becomes clear when you are at very high altitude. In my opinion it's an extremely low priority issue in the air game. I find it strange that you would base your opinion on something sort of trivial, unless environment visuals are your main concern.
  6. Hey Lobjr, Welcome! Lob12 is a troll and imposter of a very well known player, Lobb12. He has been hijacking lobb12's identity for a long time now. You have to watch out for him, he may steal your identity next!
  7. Very good report Sajuk!
  8. I have started a new squad called "wiking." The name is German for viking. We already have a fluent German speaker and encourage more foreign speakers to join. The only rule is you must be loyal to the Axis! Current Officers- snipey walldo giblet15 wehrmachtO gsc4free
  9. S! Oselotl! Many active German squads. I am building a new Axis Squad and we have a handful of active guys so far. Squad is called "wiking," German for viking. Would love to have you, you are a good player!
  10. Nobody is ignoring the horrors of war in general. But your anti-German sentiment is based off of information that I believe to be a lie and distortion of truth.
  11. That is correct, but I was merely addressing ignorant comments about the SS.
  12. Anyone show me footage of the old "cornflakes" in the sky?