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  1. I'm not talking about historical deployment or equipment. This game will never be historical in terms of grand strategy or deployment. I'm talking about damage models and equipment. Axis equipment has been nerfed since 2001. What I'm saying is the answer has always been to make this game balanced to help allies win more campaigns. You can't control who plays more or the quality of players that plays a side. In the old CRS days the answer was to always nerf axis equipment. Not much has changed in that regard. Same song and dance for years. The game should not be about winning campaigns. Should be about having equipment and simulation that makes sense in terms of what they did on the battlefield historically.
  2. Problem with the game since the early years has been that changes are made to balance sides for the sake of winning campaigns. Focus more on the simulation and design rather than balance. The entire game's history has been a snowball effect of "help allies win more." Now you have equipment that is "overpowered" and a fantasy with horrible damage models. You can't and never will control who plays which side. Let the cards fall where they are and cut the bias for the sake of balancing one side or the other.
  3. On the subject of FMS. When you are mission leader, how do you "pull it" because nobody ever answers this question every time I've asked in game.
  4. Hey! I was in that Opel! I was reversing hoping to block you from putting down an FMS. I was trying to bring you closer to our FB so I could despawn and grab something to kill you!
  5. Doc is usually quite active on these boards, maybe he's hiding because all the old timers are back?
  6. On the subject of the operation itself: My knowledge is not really that extensive on the subject, but here is a documentary from a youtube gamer's channel that I keep up with. He just recently made this documentary on Market Garden, which surprisingly, I thought was pretty well done for somebody who mainly puts out gaming content. Part 1/8 (click on it or his youtube channel to find the rest of it) ZMxgSp8fors His channel:
  7. Problem fixed, thanks Xoom!
  8. PLEASE reactivate. GSC is my squad mate and a very active player. I demand justice!
  9. The "fishbowl" effect only becomes clear when you are at very high altitude. In my opinion it's an extremely low priority issue in the air game. I find it strange that you would base your opinion on something sort of trivial, unless environment visuals are your main concern.
  10. Hey Lobjr, Welcome! Lob12 is a troll and imposter of a very well known player, Lobb12. He has been hijacking lobb12's identity for a long time now. You have to watch out for him, he may steal your identity next!
  11. Very good report Sajuk!
  12. I have started a new squad called "wiking." The name is German for viking. We already have a fluent German speaker and encourage more foreign speakers to join. The only rule is you must be loyal to the Axis! Current Officers- snipey walldo giblet15 wehrmachtO gsc4free