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  1. On the subject of FMS. When you are mission leader, how do you "pull it" because nobody ever answers this question every time I've asked in game.
  2. Hey! I was in that Opel! I was reversing hoping to block you from putting down an FMS. I was trying to bring you closer to our FB so I could despawn and grab something to kill you!
  3. Doc is usually quite active on these boards, maybe he's hiding because all the old timers are back?
  4. On the subject of the operation itself: My knowledge is not really that extensive on the subject, but here is a documentary from a youtube gamer's channel that I keep up with. He just recently made this documentary on Market Garden, which surprisingly, I thought was pretty well done for somebody who mainly puts out gaming content. Part 1/8 (click on it or his youtube channel to find the rest of it) ZMxgSp8fors His channel:
  5. Problem fixed, thanks Xoom!
  6. PLEASE reactivate. GSC is my squad mate and a very active player. I demand justice!
  7. The "fishbowl" effect only becomes clear when you are at very high altitude. In my opinion it's an extremely low priority issue in the air game. I find it strange that you would base your opinion on something sort of trivial, unless environment visuals are your main concern.
  8. Hey Lobjr, Welcome! Lob12 is a troll and imposter of a very well known player, Lobb12. He has been hijacking lobb12's identity for a long time now. You have to watch out for him, he may steal your identity next!
  9. Very good report Sajuk!
  10. I have started a new squad called "wiking." The name is German for viking. We already have a fluent German speaker and encourage more foreign speakers to join. The only rule is you must be loyal to the Axis! Current Officers- snipey walldo giblet15 wehrmachtO gsc4free
  11. S! Oselotl! Many active German squads. I am building a new Axis Squad and we have a handful of active guys so far. Squad is called "wiking," German for viking. Would love to have you, you are a good player!
  12. Nobody is ignoring the horrors of war in general. But your anti-German sentiment is based off of information that I believe to be a lie and distortion of truth.
  13. That is correct, but I was merely addressing ignorant comments about the SS.
  14. Anyone show me footage of the old "cornflakes" in the sky?
  15. If he was a Waffen SS soldier, it does not mean he was fond of Hitler, nor does it mean he was a ruthless fanatic. There is not just one evil group called the "SS." There was the Schutzstaffel (SS) which acted on the domestic political side of Hitler's party. Then there was the Waffen SS, a multi-national military force working under the orders of the Wehrmacht. The Waffen SS were like an auxiliary legion of the Reich from all countries across Europe. They were arguably the best soldiers in the war and were trained to be ruthless and brave no matter the cost. Yes they were exposed to much of Hitler's ideology, but the assumption that the majority of them were heartless fanatics is far from the truth. Many of them were country boys who were hand picked based on their ethnicity and combat potential through medical examinations. Most of the German Waffen SS soldiers never chose to join the Waffen SS, it was them whom were chosen by the State. They could have just as easily been put in the Wehrmacht upon their military recruitment. Then there was the international members of which, many of them joined from eastern European nations because they felt that Germany offered them a better life than the Soviets. All this being said, yes they had a reputation for brutal atrocities, but to assume that every member of this organization was an evil fanatic is not true.
  16. Great idea, +1. However, I'm guessing that putting this feature into the game would be more difficult than we realize. I think the models on this outdated engine can be difficult to work with, but I'm not one to speak with authority on this matter.
  17. No matter how dark it is, isn't it all relative to how high someone cranks up their gamma under display options? I feel like these are hard dynamics to control with hopes of creating the desired effect of lower viability at night.
  18. I agree 100%. I have always paid full subscription when I have played, but I have carefully observed the difference that this campaign has made on the f2p community in combat. They are so much more focused on teamwork during attacks and defenses. Communication and team play is now engaging and serves a higher purpose. When a player is experiencing the synergy of teamwork, they are able to then actually experience the heart of this game. They will soon realize subscribing isn't just more toys to kill people with, but more equipment to add a higher level of strategy and excitement. Instead of being the rifleman capping the CP, they will eventually want to be the LMG cutting off the door to the bunker. By establishing the importance of infantry through first hand experience of capturing CPs, subscribing for better equipment will be even more appealing and satisfying to the new player. Once they taste the thrill of accomplishment, they will want to expand on this by subbing. Without the core understanding of the infantry player's purpose, we are just a bunch of chat spamming snipers and campers with fancy equipment to them. If they just want better equipment to kill people with, they will likely go to a different and more recent FPS game because they never will understand the big picture of ww2ol that makes it so unique. You gotta get them hooked on the REAL basics first. Now from a business perspective, yes I'm fine with reducing the equipment that f2p can use. All they really need is a riflemen unit, light tank unit, and basic aircraft unit to try things out. They don't need to start with an SMG, although I do like seeing f2p players mopping up close quarters combat more effectively.