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  1. Any Panzer Lehr veterans bounding around?
  2. fixed
  3. What ever this stupid hitch is I can't find it, X3DAudiol_7.dll. I am a little frustated
  4. OS windows 7
  5. Game launchs fine just no sound.
  6. I guess I'll wait until tommorow when the patch comes thru. Hate to unsubcribe the first day..
  7. <S>dm still no sound. chk that
  8. No Luck tried everything so far. All other games are fine..
  9. still working on it..<S>Xan
  10. OKAY FINALLY FOUND WHERE TO INSTALL IT. Now I have no sound...
  11. it keeps on asking where to place the download. every place i try it rejects it..
  12. Three re-loads and Scking's ad and still no luck.
  13. ???????
  14. dm79, When did Alex pass away???
  15. Me Too,, still a little lost
  16. Being a computer idiot, I have a question. I was told that the controling factor for the amount of RAM you can use is the Operating System. i.e. Windows XP only recognizes 2GB but Windows 7 will recognizes more. So my question is if I bump up to 7 can i add additional RAM?
  17. " Shrinks down behind keyboard and shutters''...
  18. Sony VAIO VGC-RA830G I am currently running with 2gig of ram,4 slots 512 each. The ram is PC3200 400mhz DDR Windows XP Media edition Processor Speed 3.40GHZ 800MHZ FSB two hard drives 1 is 320gb SATA,the other is 160gb sata OOPs
  19. This kind of dumb, but since the new patch my radio bar sits lower on the screen then before the patch. I can't see what I'm typing in the send area. I have to manually move it up,but after every mission, I have to repeat moving it up. It's not a game breaker but it is annoying as hell. Any one else have the problem...??
  20. Thanks that did it.......
  21. ..Clear the ignore channel in one fell swoop? Over the years I have dot ignored alot of people, some seemed to have matured enough to be let back in,but I now have to do it one name at a time:D
  22. Same here.. All of the above problems.. Location: Arizona
  23. Does anybody know how?????
  24. Same problem...and i'm running a T-1..