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  1. Update your video card drivers Update your sound card drivers If still not working, can you post the results of your DXDIAG: Your English: Is better than my Portugese!
  2. Lots of players getting that, on and off. Sometimes is worse than others. Probably nothing you can do on your end.
  3. DOC posted over in barracks (a day or three ago) that - once BB was underway - he was writing a "Current Plans" type article that he hoped would be published late this week or early next
  4. 1. Check that you aren't download pr0n (or ITunes, or Windows Updates) 2. As above ^^^ check the Nvdiia and ATI Tweak posts in the STICKY 3. If it persists, email your ISP and ask whether there is an issue But network problems sometimes occur - at RAT end - but are usually temporary. If that was the case, then nothing you can do your end.
  5. Chrome DL problem then ... seen same reported on other forums ... seems to hang on to large files until machine is restarted ... Google, only any use for seaching (Glad is sorted )
  6. slim, I seen your post over in Bugs. I got no ideas how/why you can play on Training but not Live ... Can't see how it is anything your end. Link the logs above in your Bugs Forum post ... maybe RATs can see something in them that will help. I have seen a few other posts (one in MAC) that might be related ... So it may not just be you with the problem. But everyone isn't getting it ... So I got no ideas ... sry slim, hope it gets a fix
  7. Does chrome report the download as finished? If it does, then it must be a bad download? (File not completely DL, even though chrome says it is). Try with a different browser, if you have one. Or just try with chrome again.
  8. Try again If it is still the same, email (Chances are your account is not properly activated ... Are you trial or full premium account?)
  9. Might help one of the RATs who looks at it ... so post it (if you get one on reinstall) (Won't help me ... Because I don't understand what they mean ...but I'm hoping full clean install sorts it out)
  10. 1. Copy your My Documents - Battleground Europe folder to somewhere else 2. Unistall BGE via Control Panel (delete everything, if/when asked by uninstaller) 3. Download a Clean Installer 4. Install and Run the Game ... Login and see if it works If it does: Your keymapper files are in the directory you copied in Step 1, under the cfml folder, copy ONLY those back over the new ones that setup will have made All should be good.
  11. 1. Driver Date/Size: 8/10/2011 Are those the latest ATi Drivers? (idk, I am Nvidia user) 2. 1280 x 960 Desktop Resolution Is your Game Resolution (in BGE Settings) set to the same? 3. Are you running Win7? If you are, is it set to run in Admin Mode? 4. What error message do you get? Same as OP? 5. If it will run offline, but not offline, it is usually firewall .... but I thought I saw you post somewhere else that you had checked that ... ... Someone else (long term player) recently had a similar weird issue, where everything checked out ... but I cannot remember who, nor exactly how he fixed it ... I'll keep searching to see if I can find him/it
  12. If you still have problems post ... ... but here is the nuclear option: Just do to STEP 5 then RESTART laptop What that will do is disable the Onboard gfx chip working ... So hopefully you don't need it. But it's there if you do. Hope you enjoy the game
  13. If you select it in CCC and then restart your laptop, does the ATi remain selected (in CCC)? If it does, after the restart ... can you now select it in BGE Settings? (Let me know ... Don't give up yet ... You have a card that will work ... I'll figure something out)
  14. Should now be able to follow this: (I can't verify, I don't use ATi)
  15. O.o Try to see if you can figure out what the poster above means, I don't have ATi, so I'm not sure If that doesn't work, or you can't figure it out: Are you getting the same error as the one listed at the top, slim? If not, can you post "roughly" what you do get? Can you also post a DXDIAG? Can you post the make and model of your machine? But I'm a bit puzzled. The only difference between offline and online is that your firewall needs to let BGE through. I don't see any reported problems with the launcher itself ...