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  1. I have for both sides many times
  2. Thats cool to watch
  3. They aren't doing it on purpose, in their view they see over the berm, that's why you think you can't do it, to another player you might be partially in the berm. I's a rendering issue caused by the way the terrain draws
  4. even a caveman could do it! lol
  5. I went with the Onikuma K5 for $27 This will get me by for where I'll be using them, sound is good and the squad says the mic sounds fine.
  6. Whats a good one for under $50 that plugs into a laptop
  7. I have a Blitzkrieg T shirt
  8. The reason we don't discount subscriptions or offer special weapons for HC is because too many would join HC just for that reason and we'd have to track activity etc... the people we need in HC are players with a volunteer spirit, players that want to make the game better for their fellow players just because it improves their game. If you base the discount on activity like moving units you'll get some clowns that come in move 5 brigades at random screwing up all measure of gameplay just to fill their quota... nightmare The only people that will join and stay in the face of adversity are players that genuinely want to help their team, it isn't a perfect system by any means but until we shift to a town based supply it is what it is. I had fun with it, I was in HC for years, I was CinC for 2 campaigns, I had a full HC roster and that made it easier. I salute the guys who do it now and stick with it thick or thin
  9. Hacking earns a 2 day ban, we like to think adults can learn from their mistakes After returning from that ban if they hack again it's a permanent ban because we ain't got time for slow learners
  10. Squads come and go, my old 1st Totenkopf squad has scattered to the winds but the 91st has grown immensely in the last 10 years
  11. More unsubstantiated gossip fake news
  12. I'd really like to understand you but you need to understand the thread first BLKHWK8 updated Bierbaers post about GMs busting cheaters with recent data the post is 6 months old, there is no BOOM here we are, this has been an ongoing effort by CRS for years and it was made to inform the playerbase who often get (or create) misinformation. Not sure what you mean by playing grab ass, please explain, you sound like a very misinformed player and I'd love to show you the light
  13. I don't see the issue, your drivetrain is damaged (track, drive sprocket etc) so you won't get even propulsion, the shooter might not get points just for tracking you but it ruins your mobility so it's a win for the shooter
  14. I'm a "just the right amount" shooter which is why I usually miss I've killed 10x more flying planes with an LMG and semi-auto than an AA gun (mostly because I'll shoot at anything and that's what I usually carry)