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  1. I'm going to give you a tip, don't tell anyone else but..... Always shoot crewed weapons below the waist, I know instinct says drill them in the head but the greatest damage is done below the waist, shoot yourself in the nuts sometime to get a vivid demonstration of this.
  2. More thanks back at you all that continue your support of the game and keep it alive
  3. He's counting me, the Axis HC liaison and JCD04 who is Axis this campaign Not a big surprise that i'd be playing Axis even though I do play Allied sometimes Not sure I sway a lot of players because of my choice of sides to play, there are far more that play opposite me just to kick my ass (wstriker!)
  4. The 91st auto-recruits new players, informs them to get on Discord or be auto-pruned in a week and gives them this document Talking to most recruits is usually like talking to a cat but we've had great success with this system in getting new players over the initial hurdle of comms and moves
  5. sgthenning you still have all the access to all the toys you had for years, just because we're adding a DLC for players who want a different option than paying full subscription price doesn't change your world in the slightest, I'd hardly call that bending over the long time paying customer, I've seen your comments all week and I've tried to understand your reasoning but I fail to see a valid complaint. Your game hasn't changed We're addressing any new bugs that have popped up, none are game breakers.
  6. I have for both sides many times
  7. Thats cool to watch
  8. They aren't doing it on purpose, in their view they see over the berm, that's why you think you can't do it, to another player you might be partially in the berm. I's a rendering issue caused by the way the terrain draws
  9. even a caveman could do it! lol
  10. I went with the Onikuma K5 for $27 This will get me by for where I'll be using them, sound is good and the squad says the mic sounds fine.
  11. Whats a good one for under $50 that plugs into a laptop
  12. I have a Blitzkrieg T shirt
  13. The reason we don't discount subscriptions or offer special weapons for HC is because too many would join HC just for that reason and we'd have to track activity etc... the people we need in HC are players with a volunteer spirit, players that want to make the game better for their fellow players just because it improves their game. If you base the discount on activity like moving units you'll get some clowns that come in move 5 brigades at random screwing up all measure of gameplay just to fill their quota... nightmare The only people that will join and stay in the face of adversity are players that genuinely want to help their team, it isn't a perfect system by any means but until we shift to a town based supply it is what it is. I had fun with it, I was in HC for years, I was CinC for 2 campaigns, I had a full HC roster and that made it easier. I salute the guys who do it now and stick with it thick or thin