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  1. Best wishes m8, be strong
  2. OMG... that was the funniest thing I've seen in this community
  3. To answer your question mingus.... No, we are working on 64 bit and are not buying time by stalling but thanks for the vote of confidence
  4. I play probably 15-25 hours a week and have a ton of fun, wouldn't bother with it if I didn't, I credit that to my squad, laughing and getting the job done is what makes the game. There are so many different things to do for fun in this game if you aren't having fun it's your fault
  5. weakfuel He's not Rambo'ing, he's running to a place he can go prone and fire in support of his real
  6. Welcome back fearny
  7. Nothing on the back, just a horizontal pin
  8. Welcome back
  9. This was my grandfathers and I think it belonged to my great great grandfather in the Civil War 15th Maine rifle regiment Can anyone identify it?
  10. I'll have to start watching the rooftops again, thanks for the warning
  11. 1. Name of Squad 91st Sturmbattalion 2. Names of Leaders (CO and Exec) CO CT123, XO Krazydog 3. Number of members that are active in the Squad 200-300 with at least 5-10 on every day especially Saturday 4. If you have a Squad night, and if so, what day and what time is the Squad night Saturday, all day 5. What your Squad's choice of mode is... i.e. Infantry, Armor, Air Force or Navy All branches 6. What does your Squad members enjoy doing the most. ( Some like to blow FB's, others like to run Armor, etc.) Lots of FB work and we guard them 7. Will your Squad want to be more involved in Operational Planning and Execution of those Plans. YES! oh and... will work for Iron Crosses
  12. Aupa amigo! Run the game in English for now, there is a language bug with other languages we are looking for Good to see you back, how old is your boy now?
  13. This post sent me scurrying through the internet and youtube for hours looking for an inside pic of the Churchill lol