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  1. Feliz compleanos
  2. The 91st tells recruits to join on Discord to be made a member, this also separates the serious players from the non-serious and it gives the benefit of being able to train them much easier
  3. Please start a support ticket at
  4. We're listening and currently making changes to adjust as needed but any other revenue process (p2w, pay for rank etc) would require almost a rewrite of the game and if we're going that far we may as well write version 2 which costs money. This game was almost dead a few years ago, and with a huge effort on many volunteers part with the direction and passion of Xoom we have come MILES away from those days, what we're trying to do here is keep the game alive, bring in some money and carry on with the Dev map of rewriting it in a modern graphics engine. As for the current issues, we're working on them as much as possible.
  5. They'll learn and rank up like we all did and since they're not jaded they'll have a ton of fun doing it
  6. Only spawned in players count and there is a built in "sampling delay" to minimize SD bouncing around
  7. Paid subs drive results, we're doing the best we can with what we have which is a LOT of very dedicated volunteers who love the game You can help, for just $0.50 cents a day you can feed a CRS programmer, your small subscription can give a poor starving programmer a Hot Pocket and allow him to write and document a page of code, won't you please help? Xoom has been handing out news at least weekly, sometimes more, we are VERY close so...patience grasshoppas
  8. I'll take care of it this afternoon, sorry to hear about Sevendg
  9. I can't wait to confront this issue As Xoom said we are testing server loads, people wonder why aren't we on Steam yet, it's because there is SO MUCH prep work and testing so that we don't have a flop
  10. I missed all the chat due to a Discord issue, thanks for putting this together, well done RIP Sal
  11. I see nip! ban him! I bet BMW has that as his desktop wallpaper
  12. I spotted that last campaign, there used to be a Chinese flag at a fake fb
  13. Go there and DL or patch then launch by clicking the beta icon if you made one or go to the Playgate file in your C:/Program files (x86)/CRS/Battleground Europe-beta
  14. Go here: Patch your beta or DL the full files per your OS