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  1. We're allowed to change our minds, It comes with owning the game, frankly intermission on a holiday when most people want to play sucks
  2. Even if you are a lonewolf and change sides get on voice comms with a squad from either side, play with them in their area of operations, you'll find the gameplay 100% more rewarding and you'll make some friends
  3. You have my 100% support, we'll advertize, spam, yell it from the rooftops, I totally agree this is a lot of fun for the players I've tried setting some up but mostly draw a blank, not my forte I guess
  4. We just recently regained some ability to make terrain changes, good things coming
  5. I could tell right away this was going to be a bit of a crazy campaign The Axis left a hole around Andenne to lure Allies into an attack but the memo didn't get out to all generals and there was a flurry of moves to close the hole leaving 1 division south to face 2-3 Allied divisions, the Allies took this as their cue to push east and they SOFTCAPPED (yes, everyone does it) Luxembourg and the surrounding towns Meanwhile Axis took advantage of the thin line along the Meuse and pushed west SOFTCAPPING (yes, everyone does it) to Laon It was a huge gamble by both sides and this time it seems the Axis came out on top but the campaign is still young, it can go either way, play hard, win, keep your morale up. MORALE is all that matters, not Shermans, not Tigers, not hip firing LMGs... it's morale
  6. WB 73
  7. Every nationality has a bad ass gun and a sucky gun, the LMG 34 is pretty good, the grease gun is great and that is BALANCE Balance doesn't mean we all have the same guns, it means we all have a go to killer for each task at hand' Think about how hard that is to attain, I think it's pretty balanced as it is, if you disagree play both sides for a while and get back to me
  8. There's a bean farmer somewhere who's gonna be pissed about the condition of his field
  9. .report does work, GMs can quickly check a player for linked accounts and in seconds see if any accounts are on opposite sides All they need is a name, if you suspect someone report it. btw the fear and suspicion of this activity is FAR greater than the actual reality, it happens but it's kind of rare..... .report them and let CRS sort it out
  10. I'd like to see deployable bushes on tanks and smoke rounds too, maybe in 2.0... many WW2 pictures show armor using concealment
  11. By being more epic