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  1. WB 73
  2. Every nationality has a bad ass gun and a sucky gun, the LMG 34 is pretty good, the grease gun is great and that is BALANCE Balance doesn't mean we all have the same guns, it means we all have a go to killer for each task at hand' Think about how hard that is to attain, I think it's pretty balanced as it is, if you disagree play both sides for a while and get back to me
  3. There's a bean farmer somewhere who's gonna be pissed about the condition of his field
  4. .report does work, GMs can quickly check a player for linked accounts and in seconds see if any accounts are on opposite sides All they need is a name, if you suspect someone report it. btw the fear and suspicion of this activity is FAR greater than the actual reality, it happens but it's kind of rare..... .report them and let CRS sort it out
  5. I'd like to see deployable bushes on tanks and smoke rounds too, maybe in 2.0... many WW2 pictures show armor using concealment
  6. By being more epic
  7. wait... you're not itarflak? I always just thought you were ignoring me
  8. Delems, they were increased after much discussion, just because you didn't see us discussing it doesn't mean we didn't, and we're still discussing it as well as a thousand other things, read OHMs message and there ye will find what thou seeketh
  9. They immediately return to the defender, not sure if I'd be happy seeing 75% of Antwerp in enemy hands then they go play ball somewhere else and I have to flip ownerships
  10. We are always observing the effects of our changes but the days of changing things on the fly without good data are over
  11. It was fun going to the top and shooting other roof monkeys halfway across town
  12. I'll bring this up at the next meeting, in my opinion an HC should be using all caps and mild spamming to get players attention, you have to stand out from the background chatter
  13. Steam players can't see our forums, you might try hitting them up on Steam
  14. Definitely a success, we went in with open eyes knowing the Steam Community and not expecting rave reviews, our game is unique and many many Steam players fell in love with it for the same reasons we did, many many more spent 20 minutes jogging and quit, look at the ingame time for the reviews, not many gave it the effort we all know it takes to really have fun here, no prob, we knew that going in. We got exposure, we grabbed a lot of new people, we never expected to be WoW, it's working out well
  15. Sadly I must announce the retirement of Rotschild from CRS. Due to his heavy workload at home he has chosen to step down as Axis HC liaison, Rotschild has been a great contributor to the game and especially to the High Command performing multiple duties and a few runs at being Commander in Chief when we really needed him, we are counting on his continued support as he finds the time
  16. CRS

    Thank you Ltarflak
  17. If you suspect or need to check that your link is valid ask someone to look at your mission in the brigade, if there's a red X in a box to the right it means you can't set an MS
  18. Happy you guys like it... mostly This was something we came up with without having to invest a lot of coding and just in time for the holidays, it's going to be thawing out soon, I hope you all enjoyed the surprise as much as we did. Merry Christmas and thank you for your support this year especially
  19. Keep in mind that intermissions sometimes are needed for patches, we have a few fixes in the works and deploying them during a campaign is always more risky than between them
  20. We are always analyzing events, some cool changes are coming that we found out about Tuesday (no... not parachuting dogs) Key points we learned from Steam: Most players don't want to pay full price every month Most Steam users are curious about the game but quickly run out of patience getting to battle Most Steam players are used to getting out of vehicles and have a hard time with using joysticks or simulator type commands/keys We're looking at solutions for these issues Our own Community has made stupendous efforts to teach, console and embrace Steam Players, I know our Community is our BEST asset and resource
  21. Boat placed mobile spawns, bigger the boat= bigger the supply i.e. Fairmile has a depot load and a Transport a Brigade I'm just testing the water so to speak
  22. You died like an indecisive squirrel flattened by a machine !S
  23. Yes, it is completely wrong to say "It will be this way" because we're still working on ideas , hell we may just give each player virtual dice