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  1. We haven't determined that yet, everything is up for discussion and review, we welcome ideas but we have a general direction
  2. As to the OP, the population trigger was added to keep a heavily overpop side from placing a bunch of AOs that the low pop side couldn't respond to The AO/pop ratio is based on the amount of players on the low pop side
  3. /facepalm sorry, didn't see the giant quote I'll be going ingame now hehe
  4. Wow... you completely misunderstood me, I'll write this off to a language difference because you read it completely differently than my intent
  5. After over a decade in HC I think I have a perspective Back when I was CinC I had to place new applicants in the Navy until a spot opened in the Army, the roster was full but even then once a side started losing towns it was hard to find an HC taking control, nobody wants to be blamed when the front moves east or west, we had LW guys complaining about non LW moving their units etc... so I created the Map Officer in Charge system, this allowed a volunteer to watch the campaign, assign an officer to be in control of Navy, Air and Ground leaving him to think, originally we had an RO to communicate for the MOIC. This took a load off of the guy in charge and spread it to his team, it also improved the movement of units because each department had an OIC and it wasn't up to 1 guy to manage everything. This worked great when we had a full roster, it really suffered after the economy tanked and the game fell on hard times. We are constantly discussing the whole system to find ways to improve it, one of the things we are trying to address is burnout and retention, all who have been in charge of the map when it's moving quickly can agree it's stressful, managing fallbacks, supply, comms with players... it'll make you bald. So we're trying to come up with a system that relieves the burden, this game should be all about having fun, not wringing your hands and pulling your hair. One of the most stressful things is supply and brigade movement as any general in the real world will tell you, logistics is hell. Changing to a hybrid system with town based supply can improve HC retention because officers will be freed from a chore and can focus more on setting up and leading battles. Keep in mind that we don't want to expend our limited resources in completely patching this game, better to keep it playable, fun and adding new toys as we explore the possibility of version 2.0
  6. This should be in the next update, we're on it
  7. I've learned never to shoot ATGs above the waist, their heads don't even take damage if I recall, I always aim for their butts, I think it was modeled this way early on (my opinion) to increase their survivability, if they died right away from any bullet to the head nobody would use them, it's a way of simulating them ducking behind the shield since the crew doesn't actually move btw I agree a visible damage state would be great
  8. I'll bring this up at tonights meeting, should be an easy addition
  9. We don't look down on them, we analyze and attempt to improve them, kind of like our wives and girlfriends do to us
  10. I love working with a squad or large group but unless you know their voices it can be difficult to know who is saying what, the overlay in Discord is a buggy bastage but here's a way to get it working (Thanks to usmfan08 for this) Open Discord Go to Settings/games and delete all the record of found WWIIOL games, close discord completely at the "Hidden Icons" ^ right side of toolbar Start WW2, tab out open Discord, go to Settings/games and click "add it" scroll down that list a bit and click WWIIOL, go to the added game and turn overlay ON Go to Settings/games and click Overlay then turn Overlay off and On back to the game and voila! Oh and keep a browser open on the desktop so you can tab out
  11. Would you prefer to drive everyone to battle? we used to and it was still fun.
  12. Zombie
  13. One mans solution is another mans ragequit Balancing teams by force means telling players they can't play their team, there are Axis squads and Allied squads that only play their side, if you force them to play the other side they won't play and then they won't pay, I welcome ideas that encourage balance without pissing off more customers, spawn delay sucks, we can all agree on that.
  14. If you've hit the lottery loan me a few grand Thank you for your continued support
  15. There are no plans to return to Inf placed mobile spawns, backpacks do not contain a brigade, silly notion
  16. Hamburgers? *perks*
  17. Naaa just the last few, we usually have some 60-100 day campaigns separated by some short ones but the last month and a half have been a bunch of short ones
  18. None of us like short campaigns but I think things have settled down this campaign and it looks like it'll go the distance. The game is nicely balanced after years of incremental changes which is why we're reluctant to make changes that could upset that balance and throw things into disarray.... and dataray I believe after the last long campaign the Axis took a break, I know my squad did and that resulted in a very fast Allied win and still Axis were at minimum effort resulting in a few Allied wins then some Allies changed sides last campaign because they love the game and care more about the Community than the win at all costs crowd. That created a quick Axis win, now I see numbers more balanced and the pendulum isn't swinging as wildly so this campaign is making slow and steady progress with great fights instead of either side steamrolling (does anyone even know what a steamroller is anymore?)
  19. Feliz compleanos
  20. The 91st tells recruits to join on Discord to be made a member, this also separates the serious players from the non-serious and it gives the benefit of being able to train them much easier
  21. Please start a support ticket at
  22. We're listening and currently making changes to adjust as needed but any other revenue process (p2w, pay for rank etc) would require almost a rewrite of the game and if we're going that far we may as well write version 2 which costs money. This game was almost dead a few years ago, and with a huge effort on many volunteers part with the direction and passion of Xoom we have come MILES away from those days, what we're trying to do here is keep the game alive, bring in some money and carry on with the Dev map of rewriting it in a modern graphics engine. As for the current issues, we're working on them as much as possible.
  23. They'll learn and rank up like we all did and since they're not jaded they'll have a ton of fun doing it
  24. Only spawned in players count and there is a built in "sampling delay" to minimize SD bouncing around