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  1. 3 hours ago, Mosizlak said:

    Sorry, but that doesn't make a fun and balanced game. 

    Go for history then. The BEF was the only true mechanized force in the world. Let's model horses for everyone else.  When the US gets in, lets have the real tank to tank ratio, and plane to plane ratio.  Let's model mechanical breakdowns and see how that works. As tiers go by, Germany doesnt have enough fuel. 

    Not fun. Neither is what we have ingame at the moment. 

    I play probably 15-25 hours a week and have a ton of fun, wouldn't bother with it if I didn't, I credit that to my squad, laughing and getting the job done is what makes the game. There are so many different things to do for fun in this game if you aren't having fun it's your fault


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  2. 1. Name of Squad 91st Sturmbattalion

    2. Names of Leaders (CO and Exec) CO CT123, XO Krazydog

    3. Number of members that are active in the Squad 200-300 with at least 5-10 on every day especially Saturday

    4. If you have a Squad night, and if so, what day and what time is the Squad night Saturday, all day

    5. What your Squad's choice of mode is... i.e. Infantry, Armor, Air Force or Navy All branches

    6. What does your Squad members enjoy doing the most. ( Some like to blow FB's, others like to run Armor, etc.) Lots of FB work and we guard them

    7. Will your Squad want to be more involved in Operational Planning and Execution of those Plans. YES!


    oh and... will work for Iron Crosses :)

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  3. May 2001 in beta

    Bilton and I were playing Fighter Ace when we got news of this game, he got into the beta team and got me in the last week before launch

    First squad was big, had a 3 in the name and the CO was Misery but I can't remember the name but it only lasted a year

    Then the 1st Totenkopf with Shilling for a few years after that the 91st Sturmbattalion for life

  4. 2 hours ago, BLKHWK8 said:

    I know that I play Allied most of the time and I'm CRS, I also see Chimm allied as well as B2k and Westy. So I'm not sure your hypothesis floats.

    He's counting me, the Axis HC liaison and JCD04 who is Axis this campaign

    Not a big surprise that i'd be playing Axis even though I do play Allied sometimes

    Not sure I sway a lot of players because of my choice of sides to play, there are far more that play opposite me just to kick my ass (wstriker!) 

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  5. sgthenning you still have all the access to all the toys you had for years, just because we're adding a DLC for players who want a different option than paying full subscription price doesn't change your world in the slightest, I'd hardly call that bending over the long time paying customer, I've seen your comments all week and I've tried to understand your reasoning but I fail to see a valid complaint.

    Your game hasn't changed

    We're addressing any new bugs that have popped up, none are game breakers.

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