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  1. I'd like to request a channel for our Squad 1. Gebirgsjäger-Division: Channel name our shorttag : 1stJager Thanks!
  2. Just stop it and integrate with the one and only Jaeger squad : 1stJager!
  3. Can I zjoin you guyz I am allied only player I will not zzpy on yous..
  4. 1stJager has few new spots open for Axis Only Players after burning a few spies So contact us in game and join the path to where the Iron Crosses grow S!
  5. - featuring own ribbon and reward system for dedicated players!
  6. electronic interference on lcd screen? maybe interference on the graphic card.. or fault with lcd backplane perhaps but i suppose you would see it in other colors too then. My bet is graphic card something.. hope that helps
  7. You have included 5 images in your message. You are limited to using 4 images so please go back and correct the problem and then continue again. Images include use of smilies, the BB code tag and HTML tags. The use of these is all subject to them being enabled by the administrator. LOL Have so NOT used 5 Images! S! 1stJager is open towards recruiting Axis Only Players. Active Allied Spies Burn program Steady learning program for new recruits and veterans alike, home of veteran players loved by the Axis community! Own Ventrilo server. Forum Registration Required for membership! Active kicking out Trial and Inactive members. Try 1stJager and 1stJager might just try you! S!
  8. Yeah gift voucher would be best way to go. Sadly no more prob. I mean I like my squaddies, but not enough to hand them my CC heheh Thanks for the info, I guess I can better just wire some cash or so. S!
  9. Are you guys connecting the usb devices directly to the Pc or thru the other devices Like the G15). As that had me going a bit trying to make my x52 to work properly. I found out that some of the 3rd party hids dont supply a powertab so they arent fully functional USB drivers imho. And most of them are actually 1.1 USB thingies. Stuff like the X52 (nifty blue display )needs proper power to function correctly.
  10. Well dunno, but what I do know, is I got a game, that sometimes does run, and sometimes doesnt on Vista, me not changing any stuff! Its about the vista file protection addition imho Have you tried starting BGE three times in a row?
  11. S! I was wondering if its possible to play for another players account. EG I want to pay for a squadmate's account. I dont want to take over the account or anything. Is that possible? Has anyone done that? Thanks for any info. S!
  12. Thats caused by one of the special effects of the soundcard. In essence its intended to play the sounds over 7.1 surround, but your headset is 2.1. So it tries to fiddle the sounds in, sharing them over both earplugs so to speak. The advantage is that you hear a plane when it leaves the airfield, like its over your head. But then again, you have to aim (center) to get the right sounds hehe. In effect you are a sort of soundradar. But its not playable in essence tho. At least thats my experience.