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  1. Well.... Hopefully the rat's will take a look at win7 and how to EASY use it with the game. It's now just a couple months until release and A LOT of people WILL get it because its sooooo much better compared to XP/Vista.. We have lots and lots of people asking to buy it already ( Im working in a computer shop ) and I have a feeling that it will totally kill Vista when its released.. So hopefully the game will run on it when it is released or we will probably lose players. .
  2. Anyone else having problems to connect right now...? Only way I can connect atm is by using secondary in the settings. Best or primary refuses to connect to the game and redirects me to the error side.. Cant say if its only me, but if other have this problem atm try connect on secondary. At least that solved my problems.. .
  3. Great stuff.... Real nice to watch.. Also a note, many of those "greentags" seen where actually experienced players spawned as Navy groundunits (I took that fight myself to try get out of navy greentag stage, didnt quite make it, but got close )..
  4. Hehe... It was actually so nice to watch that it kept me from logging into the game until it was finnished .
  5. There are 2 EXTREME fps hogs. The first one is if you have a built in soundcard on your motherboard.. Changing to a "stand alone" card will give you a nice boost in fps. (I gained 35 fps by putting one cheap soundblaster in on one of my "sparecomputers"). Just remember to to disable the built in card in bios othervise you hardly notice any difference. Another FPShog is if you run the game in different resolution than you run your windows in. (I know it sounds wierd but ist a fact).. Dunno If this helps you, but it might be someone that read it and get some extra fps out.. .