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  1. Still haven't tried the fixes but meantime here is my tracert Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001] Copyright © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\CPAC-Cesar Laptop>tracert Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms 2 7 ms 6 ms 9 ms [73. 151.152.1] 3 9 ms 7 ms 5 ms [68. 86.214.221] 4 9 ms 9 ms 7 ms [] 5 7 ms 9 ms 10 ms [] 6 9 ms 8 ms 11 ms [6] 7 17 ms 14 ms 14 ms [68.86 .208.46] 8 22 ms 16 ms 15 ms [6] 9 24 ms 65 ms 20 ms et [] 10 20 ms 21 ms 20 ms 11 18 ms 17 ms 20 ms [75.14 9.228.30] 12 331 ms 24 ms 20 ms [154.54.26. 129] 13 47 ms 45 ms 45 ms [ 2] 14 70 ms 117 ms 65 ms [154.54.25. 217] 15 64 ms 69 ms 63 ms [154.54.26. 34] 16 62 ms * 61 ms [] 17 * * * Request timed out. 18 * * * Request timed out. 19 * * * Request timed out. 20 * * * Request timed out. 21 * * * Request timed out. 22 * * * Request timed out. 23 * * * Request timed out. 24 * * * Request timed out. 25 * * * Request timed out. 26 * * * Request timed out. 27 * * * Request timed out. 28 * * * Request timed out. 29
  2. I'm having same problem and it's a little late to try all the fixes right now but reading reminded me of something. Did I see a message somewhere relating to comcast subscribers having a problem? I also see that people with McAfee are having a problem. Guess what? Comcast distributes McAfee with their service. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck so it must be a rhino. vonBeeg
  3. Well, my mission was quick and dirty as on arriving off the English coast and encountering the first wave of Spits I somehow got myself in an unrecoverable spin leading to my untimely demise. I suspect that the excrement flowing out of my pant legs while screaming, spinning and pulling extreme G's may have jammed the controls in such a manner that no matter what kind of spin recovery technique I tried I couldn't recover. I suppose it was realistic enough as undoubtedly this may have happened to a lot of real life LW. I see that some are somewhat dispappointed by a lack of planning and other like issues. Ain't gonna happen! These are the same type of people who like to have "fun" and they just can't bring themselves to make this work nor should they. Back in my old RL flying days we would spend substantial time plotting wind triangles, time, distance, altitude and air speed problems etc. etc. just like the real life LW would have but my 6.5 years in here have convinced me that there are very few realism nuts like me around. If you're like me and like ultra realism drop me a line. von Beeg
  4. Please sign me up as an Axis Fighter Pilot vonBeeg
  5. Oh Man, Poor Den, dicisions, decisions. Let me give you some additional input from personal experience about some of the squads suggested. One squad had a bunch of cry baby officers assigned to HC who lost out in a blood purge, quit and went to play space games. This left a bunch of people holding their puds with no leadership. Imagine the dedication to the historical concept of the game when they leave and move 3000 years ahead in time. I couldn't figure that one out and attributed it to the fact that they were more interested in a shoot-em-up than any kind of historical interest in the game. Another squad had a somewhat megalomaniacal leader who was cool as hell but would set us up with absolutely suicidal missions in such a way that he survived but most of the rest paid with their lives. Not good. Oh yeah, and then there are the sophomoric little boys who like to make jokes about bestiality and sexual acts that would get you thrown out of one of the political parties. To each his own but personally, I don't make innuendoes that might make anyone think that I'm less than straight. Next thing you know people don't want to go with you on night patrols. Don't ask-Don't tell! Overall, it's still pot luck. Really depends on how you want to play. von Beeg ;-)
  6. Know what's even lonelier than lone wolfing. It's when you pick a squad because somebody extended the BS they give themselves to you e.g. Yeah, we always work together, with coordinated missions etc. etc. You join and find that they don't even talk to each other. Who do you sue? I would suggest you determine the kind of play you like and then do some searches of the various forums to find people that express the same opinions. Join up with somebody you find in whatever squad they're in. You'll soon develop a comradeship with that guy and then both of you can rinse and repeat until you find other people who think like the both of you. Pretty soon you'll have a group of like thinkers who can then break off and do it the way they want to. Anything else is a coin toss. I'm sorry to say but my experience has been that most squads seem to want numbers as opposed to people who will think and work together. That might be too much like a real army. All this being said, good experiences in here are built one battle at a time and what might be a miserable day will surely be followed by a great one. von Beeg
  7. Caber; Don't mean to offend but if it doesn't matter why would Vista go out of it's way to give you the ugly message that you haven't installed it in an approved directory? Did you see the message when you installed to the default directory? What's their reasoning? vonBeeg
  8. Check for updates to the touchpad drivers. Have you also tried a separate mouse or just the touchpad. FYI I purchased a Vista Home Premium PC in early January. After a bit of tweaking game runs fine (see my Vista Work/No Work post below and also one about a G15 KB for additional insight about Vista). However, I'll tell you this, every single night when I shut the beast down I first have to let it update itself. Your time may not have come yet. Ol' Vista I suspect wasn't released ready for prime time and there seem to be at least a zillion updates out there for it. von Beeg
  9. If you have G15 you don't need Schmads TS applet because the keyboard has it's own aplet that shows the TS info to the keyboard screen intead of it being superimposed on the monitor. Try it!
  10. Vista installation of latest patch (1.28.4) Wassup with this. 1. Requested full download of latest program because I read that Vista doesn't like update patches (security no doubt - if Vista was a chastity belt and you put it on one of them papparazi bait actresses - they would all be like Mother Theresa) 2. Installed BFE under Vista to default directory suggested by CRS - 3. After install got Vista message saying this was installed to wrong directory and would I want to re-install to correct directory under this (Vista) version of Windows? 4. Punch drunk I agreed and re-installed to whatever Billy G. suggested (Can't remember directories for 3 and 4 but they were different - Remove programs only shows 1 installation of program and Playgate) 5. After last installation went to play game and SURPRISE! SURPRISE! I get the update box which previously had diverted me to the Playnet non-connect page and I then downloaded the 1.28.4 patch just as I had previously in my XP machine. Me thinks things can run ok but there must be a method to CRS madness in not supporting a MS OS that will soon be on millions of machines. I want to know what those reasons could be before I find out the hard way. Does anyone know why? Which directory should we choose (you have option of refusing and telling Vista that the program DID install correctly) von Beeg
  11. Muchas gracias. Te he enviado un mensaje privado con mis preguntas. S! von Beeg
  12. I know Vista isn't supported but I see that the original notice says that it would be supported sometime. Any idea when? Considering the speed with which people are buying new PCs (vs building them) I would think at some time it would be imperative to support it. In any case, I works on an HP N9040 with 3GB Ram, Windows Vista Home Premium, Direct X 10 and GS???? new Nvidia cheapo card that supports DX10. I brought this for my wife but like so much I've somewhat appropriated it. However, it doesn't work on an HP Turion64 laptop upgrated to Vista Ultimate with only 1 GB RAM and an ATI Radeon Xpress 200M graphics chip. Please use this thread to report what works or doesn't if you suspect it's related to Vista. Thanks vonBeeg
  13. I came in here when I experienced the same no visible joystick problem with my X45 but thinking it had something to do with the Vista HP on my wife's HP. When I saw the HID reply from Sgt. Spoon it hit me that I had experienced this problem on my Dell XPS machine as well. Bottom line; Trust Sgt. Spoon's insight. His solution worked for me on XP and now on a Vista system though this time I had to reverse the process and disable every single HID to get to see my Saitek x45. What's interesting though is that each time this has happened to me it's been with a combination of Saitek and Logitech. This time the Logitech product I had installed was a Logitech 2.4 wireless joystick. When I instaled the Saitek software it asked to install a Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse and I don't know why because on this system both the KB and Mouse are wireless HP. My Dell does have a Logitech G15. Anyway things are working now so the HID solution is most valid. Thanks SgtSpoon. vonBeeg 3 PzG
  14. Sarge; Thanks a million. Your fix worked and I only had to go to the third HID device, disable it and bingo there was my keymapper, settings and everything else I need to continue my frustrating journey through WW2OL. Needless to say neither my friends at Saitek nor Logitech have said peep so far about the issue. vonBeeg