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  1. Well done.
  2. RUN!!,While you still can !!.
  3. Killing the commander,cripples the tank ,not being able to hear or see around sucks for tankers,,tracked tanks are renderd almost useless when you keep dropping smoke nades to blind them.smoking tanks gives away their possition...if they deside to move,others can hear them move about,dropping smoke nades to blind camping tanks is nice too...Like you allready found out,recon and marking ennemies can make huge diffirence to the teameffort,recon is fun and productive especialy if you are part of a team and when other players respond to your effort--:>calling out EFMS trucks inc to an FB,,,Spotting leaving planes around AF,s,calling out ET,s that move about during attacks&defences ,can do alot of damage to the other side and can be very rewarding...
  4. Good to see you guys are having fun. What kind of armored car was it? a green[ British-Daimler armored car] or brown [French-Panhard] ? Both have diffirent "sweetspots" were you should place your shatselcharge.there are some sapper movie guides out there-and hopefully Parasit,s printable sapper guides are still around,you realy want to uptain those . Both armored cars can be killed with a rifle...The DAC has a driver hatch which has to be open when driving.you can shoot the driver in the face when the hatch is open.The pan you can kill by shooting [UPCLOSE] into the "driverslit" on the left side when looking at the pan from behind.You wont see anny effect when doing this but it works ,*SMG never worked for me btw [odd] The Anti Tank Rifle is also very capable of killing both armored cars [and some other ET,s] If you know were the crew and vulnurable spots are. *The commander was ded probably but he wont disapear afther he died Here are two links to guides i once made,perhaps there are some spots shown that perhaps wont work annymore [but it will give you some ideas about how sapping allied tanks works] Sapper guide ATR guide Enjoy... Here is a link to "some" of our old [crapy] AAR & Guides movies -------:>Watch at own risk---:> Strong Axis [And very bias] flavor inside https://www.youtube.com/user/mrtijn1/videos?shelf_id=0&view=0&sort=dd
  5. First FMS will disapear...no timer ,so you can just replace the FMS when you feel like it... Cya at the pixel front .
  6. Welcome to the pixel battlefield... Tune into channel 10 if you play on the Axis side...To tune a channel---:>open map [if ingame] use mouse to open one of the free F1 to F6 channel slots above the txt bar and add nr 10....you can then monitor that channel and stay uptodate about what is going on...Channel 10 is the main HEER [ground army] channel,,Channel 20 is LUFTWAFFE [airforce] 30 is for the KRIEGSMARINE [navy] Use those channels and the side channel if you have questions
  7. Nice! Thanks for the effort...
  8. http://propaganda.ucoz.de/001musik/Ich-hatte.mp3 *Made by Propa..
  9. @de4thadder Sorry to hear that you and your family had to go trough that. Good to hear that you are recovering.. Be well!
  10. Lets not forget .TheWench.Imbrutus.and ofcourse Katonka who was the first female cinc to win maps
  11. Wenchy !-----:>Welcome back