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  1. choad took the words right out of my mouth......... best video ive seen in a while........ and I have watched ALOT! lol
  2. Is spawn delay going to be shi**y like this during the campaign???? God I hope not.
  3. I like it!
  4. no I ment the ignoring part..... if you think its best to ignore something..... well ignore it lol don't post about ignoring it
  5. ...... basically the opposite of what you are doing? truth.... and from my perceptive its a long and tedious task
  6. yes and I like the 24 hour intermission..... anymore than that is to much
  7. No... it seems you are the one blinded by side bias. The negative rhetoric effects both sides and my point is valid regardless of side. The statistics of absorption for any promotion are between 1 and 10% .... and I highly doubt either side subverted the laws of statistical variance during WBS. Many came.... a few stayed..... on both sides. Negative rhetoric only compounds and exacerbates the problem........ we all agree there is a problem. I am only interested in solutions..... anything else is a waste of time typing. I was "there" for the whole WBS and did my best to entice some to say...... I know dasei88 stuck around and subbed...... a few others. The point is positive effort needs to be made to curb the numbers issue...... simply ignoring it, yelling in the forums about it are one thing........ but negative rhetoric actually increases the problems...... and that is one thing we can all personally make an effort to stop for the good of the game.
  8. When people feel they are contributing to something bigger....... they try harder and invest more of themselves..... psyc 101
  9. We do have control over that though. People come to try the game for X,Y, and Z reasons..... but they stay for the community and fraternity. This is why I think the most important thing to change is the rhetoric..... if I was new, or a returning vet, and all I heard in chat was how awful and negative everything is ..... I doubt I would stick around long enough to put down roots community wise.
  10. when can we expect?
  11. bummer
  12. I'd consider going allied next campaign as long as I dont have to leave GHC and will also have AHC privileges well over there.... Might have to talk it over with squad to though.
  13. listen brah
  14. well unfortunately it is squadaggadom without any overall organization that has the tools to be effective with squads..... i mean we have this thing called HC ..... but iono .... seems like crs isn't about that life.
  15. All ms's and marks should show up for all missions for an objective.