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  1. agreed..... but there seems to be an obvious contradiction here? The goal is for a computer game to be fun.... the most fun possible. Yet the current dynamics foster tactics that do not support that concept. Wasn't the whole idea of the current supply system to create and foster the idea that cutoffs would be a "fun inducing" new addition to game dynamics...... yet it seems to have proven the opposite to be true..... given that soft caps, cut off units, and therefore quick campaigns all create a less fun gaming experience in total?
  2. LOL I think I understand enough of it to be confident in bringing up the subject..... there aren't enough technicalities to make the subject irrelevant (evidence is found in the fact that you even commented here). Give or take 5, 10 hours or even 2 days of time..... there are plenty of variables to make what I was talking about work. Whether its good for the game or not..... that's a very good topic. Whether or not the plan is possible..... well that isn't relevant either. I'm not the one that put this plan into action, it was the AHC commanders online at the time. I agreed with their logic, the spirit of innovation, organization, and player-base-morale-influence that was behind the idea and action that resulted in the strategy that took place. We had a ton of fun putting this plan into action. The end result should have been different is my main point here. The wider subject here is whether or not strategies such as this are good for the game. Obviously not, if the allies had cut off the factories then Dfadd would be a hero. Another map would be over way too quickly. Player numbers would plummet for at least a few days. Yet again tier 2 and 3 would have just been a desired dream..... etc Given that these facts are relative (as is punctuated by B2K - a Rat - commenting on the topic) to the most recent game dynamics.... is well concerning. Adding brigs, divs, and the whole flag supply system have basically made the game, as a whole, less fun by the logic B2K has summoned. 1) the supply system creates a need for soft caps. Yet soft caps are not very much fun for the player base. 2) One of the basic concepts of even having the current supply system is to create the possibility of cut off's and there for soft caps.... but none of this is of a positive influence on the game in total. 3) It is obvious that the system is very complex and creates a dynamic where HC's have to be very fluid in their communication and strategy les the player base suffer. 4) The complexities of the supply system are above the average players head (possibly even the average HC's head). When game dynamics are more complicated than most of the players can/care to understand...... the totality of the game suffers. Most players want to spawn fast, get lots of kills, and win..... and that's pretty much it. lol Cap..... This is a computer game bro lol it's not that complicated. I'm not gonna sit here and say I know everything or even more than many of the HC leaders...... I don't, that is very obvious. My issue is with game dynamics..... and lack of communication and planning when it comes to HC (Of both sides honestly. This just happened to be an allied issue specifically this time)
  3. I agree that soft caps aren't good for the player base as a whole. I'm a win at all costs sort of guy. But I didn't make divisions and brigades, and supply movement the way it is.... I was under the impression that implementing these concepts into the game dynamics was an intended design, no? Otherwise why even have soft caps, supply lines...... just go back to ab supply. If I'm being honest..... the game was more fun then..... and the coordination/player base numbers probably support that reality.
  4. I might not know what im talking about though.... I haven't played in like 9 years so im no expert on all the supply rules
  5. especially if the remaining divisions were moved in such a way as to support the cut with a total map movements of divisions and brigs
  6. granted.... a good majority of those 15/20 towns could be taken before those divisions would actually be cut off.
  7. what does that mean?
  8. 2 divisions and 6 hours are plenty of supply and time to soft cap 15 towns...... no risk.... no reward. The bait for the axis to cut off the 2 divisions north of Antwerp is whatever..... let the axis have it..... that would leave 2 allied divisions technically cut off if the axis capped threw north of Antwerp..... who cares..... allies only have to soft cap 15/20 towns before axis is cut off from the factories..... 6 hours before those 2 divisions are booted off the map (right?). 15 mins to move the brigs and HQ pure town that's 225 mins / 360 mins before divisions are booted..... leaving 135 mins for caps and unexpected delays. Even IF supply ran out in those 2 divisions before the factories were cut off..... oh well, finish the rest with para's.... its only soft caps. Even if this attempt FAILED MISERABLY the map is enough of a choke point between Brussels and Antwerp that the allies would have a pretty decent shot at holding the line there even with 2 divisions off the map and Axis still connected to their factories. To many people are stuck in the old way of thinking..... adapt or die
  9. Dfadd knows what his is doing. He understands the game dynamics better than anyone I have run into in AHC. The allieds took a big gamble today in the north in an attempt to break threw German lines and make a b-line to soft cap the way to cutting off the axis factories. Great plan..... I mean really great. The only problem is once Dfabb logged off and the late night AHC guys logged on..... well everything went to [censored]. They decided it would be better to try and reconnect the allied divisions that had broke threw.... instead of soft cap to factory cut off. This "defensive" mind set.... cuppled with a lack of imagination..... and probably a lack of understanding of the game dynamics (relative to normal trends) is very disappointing. This map could have been won by tomorrow for the allieds..... instead they have sealed an axis victory..... mark my words
  10. Im having trouble finding all the info to jump on TS. Any help would be great?
  11. I bought a second account, originally for my friend, but he has long sense givin up on this. Well I openned a second account. Started the billing. But when I tryed to load the game under the second account. I would drop out at the loading screen. I can run my Kgarner account on this computer. So it wasn't a problem from my end. Anyway, I opened a support ticket, twice I got a respones back saying the problem was fixed try logging in. But I could never log in. Then one day I try to log into the forums using the other account, and it says the account is invaild. I try to log into the account through the "account editting options" to unsubscribe the second account. But it says the account never existed. But Im still getting billed for it lol for the last 4 sigh....... I emailed badger and got nothing, I call the number on my bank statment, and get nothing........for the love of god, quit taking my money for an account I cant even play the game with!!!! Maybe now that its in the open Ill get something to show for this retartedness.