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  1. ps... this is very niche insight..... but these omen's are very artificially underpriced on eBay....... walmart is stupid enough to put them out on the floor where they are easily stolen and resold for pennys on the dollar....... so even if you bought all the same parts and built a comp with all the same components you couldn't do it for 600 bucks
  2. Seems the like I am seeing an increase of vets coming back the last few days...... probably a "getting very close to 1.36" phenomena??? Anyone else noticing the same thing???
  3. yeah you dont need top of the line to run 5 by 5 anymore..... my omen runs 3 accounts at 130 fps no problem. or used is even cheaper
  4. So do something to balance that out.......... we have tried 100% fru fru dollar amounts to create spawnlists..... thats not the best approach...... we have tried letting HC have 100% control..... that didn't work. MAYBE WE TAKE LESSONS FROM BOTH EXPERIENCES AND TRY TO FIND SOLUTIONS GIVEN THOSE EXPERIENCES EH? Facts: HC should not have 100% influence..... they want to be effective CRS should not have 100% influence..... they want to pretend this video game is real life If both sides act as a counterbalance to each maybe some equilibrium can be achieved..... CRS should set strict limits on what can be traded, and how much..... These variables are much more game specific and will create much better aim's at control and balance then RL dollar amounts for 80 years ago...... I mean duh. We start with your price tags..... then let HC show you where you are wrong.... all the while keeping HC on a leash..... only let HC have so much power.... maybe only certain units can be traded, certain amounts of units exchanged..... there are a million ways to keep pandora in that box but at the same time refine equilibrium. Have each persona have its own separate dollar spending allowance so that one does not sacrifice the other. One allowance for AIR, one for army, one for navy. obviously, there should be at least some of every unit....... CRS should have most of the control and use HC as a way to efficiently refine values You ask for solutions..... This is a solution..... the total opposite of me just saying "waaaaaa i dont like this, I want something different" I am a firm believer in........ you don't have the right to complain if you don't have any ideas on how to fix the problem.
  5. AT least then any arguments about specifics will be of the constructive sort..... where everyone knows the rules...... which will make disagreement and suggestions less subjective and more constructive.
  6. CRS should hold constants like........... no more than 50% of any item can be reduced........... no more than 50% increase of specific items. OR baseline concretes like X,Y, and Z are to vital to noob functions and are well enough adjusted that they are not open to HC manipulation at all.
  7. This is why I think a hybrid HC/CRS supply system would be the best way to sort this out........ The best way to refine data on the in-game usefulness of any piece of equipment is to let those that have the most experience with the game sort through whatever concrete value sets you have erected and find the holes. If HC starts trading to much of "this" for "that"..... then "that's" price might need to be adjusted.... I suspect that had alot to do with crs 1.0's quantitative analysis
  8. very interesting! thanks for sharing syd
  9. maybe a hybrid system then........ HC picks half the stuff ...... well CRS holds certain constants ..... like x numbers of specific equipment for noobs and what not???????????
  10. so we traded a system that produces only limited but useful spawnlists..... for a system that produces both limited and useless spawnlists..... sweet
  11. much rather have that..... then this
  12. truthzies
  13. we should just go back to the system of letting the HC's pick how to use their RDP dollars
  14. IM sorry but it has to be said...... Bmbm your total nescience of how gameplay mechanics actually function in-game and in real time/situations is not just obvious..... its downright frightening. You obviously have alot of power over the spawnlists..... you ought to know how they actually function in game..... I very much appreciate your passion for the game, and the time you have put in to help make it something better and more fun......... but for the love of god man...... plz make some time to get in and actually play for a few hours every few days..... I think your perceptions will be much more attuned to the PB if you can find a way to make that happen.
  15. sigh bmbm........ go into the game for 3 hours tomorrow and test what you just said plz 1. can the stuH kill soft targets..... sure........ but will it? 99.9% of the time...... no.... because if you are shooting at ei with a StuH you either haven't played in 80 campaigns or you're a greentag. I literally laughed out loud reading Dfires post because he so perfectly illustrated the uselessness of the stuH.... but did it so specifically that it basically comes off as condescending to anyone that really knows lol 2. In 2,500 sorties I have purposely destroyed a building maybe 5 times..... and it's 100x more effective to do it with inf satchels ..... so again StuH is useless in real gameplay terms..... 3. Suppress spawns LOL...... its impossible to suppress a spawn without an MG in terms of realistic gameplay 4. Its ability to smoke things....... well isn't even worth a response 5. Please.... I will leave this as an open invitation..... I will meet you on the training server any time you wish...... You get the StuH ..... I get a Sherm 76..... if you can kill me 1 out of 30 times ill give you 100$