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  1. for the best gameplay balance, p3h should be in at the start of the map which should be obviously more important than historical bobityblah
  2. should have it tier 0
  3. axis have always got the p3h teir 1...........
  4. 5 matty's per ab to start..........? what was it this map?
  5. yah.... content for noobs.... like how-to videos should be a thing...... and they should be promoted far and wide by CRS...... I would be willing to put some time and energy into making some anyone else?
  6. sigh...... we all understand what you are suggesting just no one but delems thinks its a good idea
  7. sure....... but who's suggestion would you rather listen to when opinions on changes are suggested More experience? or Less experience? yes and it annoys me that this isn't just common sense for everyone
  8. Im sorry if I get a bit flabbergasted in my replies to you delems I have to constantly remind myself that your style of play is about as far away from the average style of play that is possible...... and that your perceptions and advocations are focused threw the lens of that experience.
  9. again...... just cuz a player gets beat........ doesn't mean the game is broken......... it just means u got beat
  10. bro I have spent more time in this game in the last month then u have in the entire existence of the game........ yes my assertions are opinions but, I dear say ,opinions put forward with a wealth of understanding and experience
  11. 1 for sure.... I wish noobs took to this ideology 2) YESSSSSSSSSS kind of my main point ...... this is a problem..... most dont do it cuz its boring 3) yes...... but changing the game mechanics to make your style of play more enjoyable for you....... is a dangerous endeavor to advocate for
  12. Yah I agree that the tweeking of spawnlists could have a good impact on gameplay thats a darts-at-the-dart-board sort of thing though
  13. lol delems..... lets be real......... what do you care what direction the enemy is coming from?......... as soon as they get close ...... you run to the opposite side of town and yell on chat that the CP clear across town is under cap and u need help
  14. Your suggestion requires a PB we do not have. Mine would work with many or few
  15. I am glad that in your imagination there are 30 or more players on each side playing out your fantasy
  16. of course, they are not comparable....... they are complete opposites in the outcomes they would produce........ so suggesting they would have similar outcomes is absurd
  17. yes causing a complete failure in game mechanics that would be no fun for anyone
  18. I am saying.......... I dont care where you start from but u gotta get here u r saying............ I dont care where you go as long as I know where you are starting from
  19. a hardcoded point to get to is not the same as a hardcoded point to start from......... in fact they are the opposite
  20. I agree with the first part yes Time limits would be more work than MS's restrictions. But it would be work well spent in a gameplay direction that would foster a more fun experience for everyone. MS's restrictions would not. Time limits and MS's restrictions ARE NOT comparable in the OUTCOMES each would produce. Time limits would open up the battlespace and offer game mechanics coded chunks of time set aside for killing each other. MS's restrictions would limit the battlespace to the point of making battles nonexistence OUTCOME is the only thing that matters and the OUTCOMES of these 2 different suggestions would be DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT
  21. lack of player numbers = killing the game....... somehow you pondered this question and came to the conclusion that the lack of MS's restrictions is the cause/MS's restrictions will increase player numbers and fun all around if the reductio ad absurdum isn't obviously clear here...... then I don't know what to say Its like.... ok you wanna make some gameplay mechanics suggestions that will increase PB numbers? OK cool........ but at least make suggestions that aren't insane and ridiculous
  22. the calculus here isn't hard.......... A causes B But you guys obviously cant see that........ cuz all you wanna talk about is C even though C is irrelevant But yall are so singularly set and talk about C so much that the real topic of the thread "A" and "B"....... get lost in your "C" crusade for nonsense
  23. right now barely 1 out of 15 guys is willing to drive a truck........... but now you want to make that less rewarding and more difficult......... super smart guys *thumbs up*
  25. jesus christ........ the PB wants more action, that is easier to sustain. Basically every suggestion u and delems make would have the exact opposite effect